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Though human resource management operations do not sound like much of a hassle, HR managers often have a tough time acting as a cushion between employees and senior management. Today’s HR teams take care of the hiring process and manage a gamut of operations from employees’ recruitment to retirement. Thus they require a specialized set of tools to streamline operations like payroll, tax, employee benefits, attendance, and staff redressal.

Until a few years ago, most organizations had separate tools for employees, HR personnel, and top management. Data had to be imported, collated, analyzed, and distributed manually between departments, often resulting in chaos, confusion, and errors. While organizations wanted to free themselves, their employees, and HR managers of the above hassles, most HRMS solutions in the previous decade were standalone one-size-fits-all applications with little or no flexibility. Thus they could rarely cater to organizations or multinationals with different salary structures, leave and attendance policies, or payroll components.

Besides having to work with multiple clunky and expensive HRMS tools in the past and limited employee insights, organizations also had to deal with the fact that few or no integrations were available. Moreover, such solutions were primarily designed to help the HT team and not the management or employees. This made the senior management and staff heavily dependent on HR teams and made reporting extremely stressful. Luckily, today, many integrated HRMS solutions are designed specifically to unify all HRMS functions, simplify the data flow, and offer better assistance to staff. Pocket HRMS is one such new-age application that has made it easy for corporations to manage and assist their workforce, gain insights and process their payroll smoothly.

This review will focus on Pocket HRMS software and will enlighten you about the following topics:

  • Introduction to Pocket HRMS
  • Key Features of Pocket HRMS
  • USPs of Pocket HRMS
  • Our Final Verdict

So let’s get to know this innovative software in a bit more detail.

Introduction to Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a cloud-based human resource and payroll management system that scores high on configurability, flexibility, and convenience. This AI-powered solution automates several HRMS processes, improves organization-wide data accessibility, and manages the entire life-cycle of an employee from recruitment to off-boarding. This browser-based solution can be accessed from anywhere only using the internet and yet provides advanced features like different user types and configurable dashboards and reports.

Pocket HRMS is highly configurable and can be implemented differently for different company units/departments. For example, you can have a different salary structure for your sales, finance, and HR teams, all within the same organization. Besides offering all core HR functionalities, Pocket HRMS also offers a multi-company management system, allowing you to configure different leave policies, payroll components, and fields for different ‘company’ units. Each such unit can have four different user types with configurable user rights.

Pocket HRMS Dashboard

Since different companies need to monitor different key employee statistics, Pocket HRMS allows you to create your own dashboard, charts, and widgets. All of these dashboard components are interactive and coupled with analytics; they help organizations extract the exact data insights they need in real-time.

Another unique feature of Pocket HRMS is that it assigns individual cards to employees with all of their information in a single place. Right from their documentation to their payroll and attendance can be managed from a single screen. Moreover, different approval requests can be routed to different authorities for the same employee through its Approval Matrix Manager option.

Employee List

Pocket HRMS allows managers to select multiple employees at once and modify their details in one go. It offers role-wise dashboards and updates to help you stay on top of things with a huge list of smart features, which we will be discussing in our next section.

So let’s dive in to discover some of the salient features of Pocket HRMS.

Key Features of Pocket HRMS

1. Customizable/Future Ready

The biggest difference between Pocket HRMS and other HR software is the amount of configurability it offers. Besides offering advanced modules to take care of basic HR needs like Payroll, Recruitment, Income Tax, Leaves, Attendance, Performance Management, Employee Benefits, Travel, Analytics, and Employee Self-service, Pocket HRMS elevates the HR experience to a whole other level by offering greater flexibility and personalization in every department. The solution is designed in a way that allows organizations to adapt quickly to change and resume operations swiftly.

Customizable Future Ready

2. Instant Global Search

One of the unique features of Pocket HRMS is its Smart Search (smHRt searcHR) feature which allows users to search for anything in the system. Once you start typing in your query in the search bar, the system automatically predicts what you are looking for and shows you the results. You can search for anything from menus, employee IDs, mobile numbers, and names and receive instant results. This feature has received much appreciation from Pocket HRMS’s global clientele due to its ability to reduce the workload of HR personnel. Besides being able to find information quickly, users can also find items quicker by creating their own favorites, minimizing the need for remembering sitemaps or menus.

3. Smart Chatbot

Pocket HRMS has an inbuilt chatbot that is aptly named ‘smHRty.’ It works both as a self-service and employee engagement feature, helping employees find what they need in no time. smHRty responds to both voice commands and text, automatically detecting what you want and provides suggestions. It also routes queries to the organizational HR team via email in case of complicated queries to address the employee’s concerns.

4. Contactless Biometric Attendance

Keeping up with the current times, Pocket HRMS helps in making workplaces safer through its facial recognition-based employee identification feature. It lets employees update their attendance with its mobile app with geo-tagging, including geofencing, multiple shift management, and flexible work timings. Moreover, the application helps managers calculate overtime, create and process rosters, and consolidate the overall time spent by an employee on a particular task. Additionally, this solution is encrypted with AES-256 bit, which secures the data entered into the system.

5. Intelligent Survey Management

Pocket HRMS enables HR personnel to configure questions for employees and notify them of the same. The system captures the responses provided and stores them securely for further calculations.

6. Performance Management

To help HR managers appraise employees better, Pocket HRMS offers functionalities for importing and exporting employee data. It lets HR teams create custom qualification criteria for appraisals. Multiple stages can be configured for appraisals, and the individuals can be given access to this data.

7. Employee Self-service

With Pocket HRMS, employees get a dedicated portal from where they can view their own details, set up reminders and notifications, and personalize their dashboard. It also helps employees track their leaves, expenses, payslips, tickets raised, and benefits received.

ESS Portal

8. Mobile application

Pocket HRMS also has a mobile application that offers users real-time data regarding the following:

  • Salary Calculations 
  • Leaves
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Timesheets
  • Biometric records
  • Pending requests
  • Loan Information
  • Increments
  • Confirmation
  • Travel desk
  • Appraisal
  • Loss of pays
  • Shift Timing Management
  • Late Punches
  • Calendar 
  • Recruitment, Onboarding & Training

Apart from the above features, Pocket HRMS can be customized to make calculations based on only one year or include multiple years. For quick and easy financial dealings, the application has been made compatible with both the old and new tax regimes and enables users to import previous tax data for accurate calculations. There are also several unique features of Procket HRMS which are discussed in the next section.

USPs of Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS offers a range of features that make it stand out from the rest and puts it in a league of its own. They are as follows:

1. Smart (smHRt) features

  • smHRty chatbot: In addition to boosting employee engagement, this AI chatbot also allows for seamless applying of leaves, tracking leave balances, checking attendance details, getting salary slips in one click, and even has its own knowledge repository to help employees.
  • smHRt searcHR: This unique feature eliminates the need for navigation training or getting to know the entire layout of the application’s features. If you know what you want, smHRt searcHR can get you there- instantly! Also, the option to add Favorites enables super quick access to your most-used features.
  • smHRty IDentify:  A standalone app that can be used in kiosk mode that is designed for the modern workplace. It aims to promote workplace social distancing, contactless attendance, and digital biometric attendance. Employees can punch in/out or clock in/out for the day – in a completely touchless manner.
  • Selfie Attendance with Facial Recognition: This option makes marking attendance fun. Easy reports for HRs and a dedicated portal simplifies marking attendance for employees and reduces the workload of your finance & HR teams. 
  • Survey Management: Completely customizable questionnaire configuration and real-time feedback monitoring to help gain insights of your workforce. HR Analytics enables real-time data visualization with the help of innovative dashboards.

2. Hybrid working enabled HRMS for 2021-22

Pocket HRMS keeps organizations future-ready by providing features like mixed mode of attendance, flexitime, multi-shift, and roster management. These are some of the most sought-after features in the new normal where a hybrid balance between work from home and office ensures consistent productivity across the board.

3. Attendance 360

Pocket HRMS offers a 360-degree attendance management approach with Attendance 360 that comes with:

  • Geo fencing: Allows setting up a GPS based fence for approved locations from where employees can clock in such as their home or office address.
  • Geo tagging: Stay informed about employees’ location on the field. Especially useful for on-field employees such as in sales.
  • Selfie Attendance with GPS: Fun way to clock in attendance that provides an innovative and portable way of marking attendance to the employees.
  • Facial Recognition based attendance: This allows for contactless biometric attendance from within the employees’ app itself.

Our Final Verdict

Pocket HRMS is more than just another HR software due to an impressive list of features and customizations available. It empowers staff, senior management, and HR teams through an integrated platform and facilitates better synergy. Going beyond the confines of traditional HR management platforms, Pocket HRMS aims to improve the employee experience through a great deal of configurability.

Pocket HRMS comprises several unique and intelligent features of the software (like the smHRty chatbot and smHRt searcHR), and the best part about the solution is that it allows you to add your own features, fields, and criteria to different modules. Pocket HRMS offers a 15-day free trial, and pricing starts at only $22 per user per month.

We noticed no limitations on the solution and are therefore inclined to give Pocket HRMS a perfect 10 as our final score due to its flexibility, pricing, functionalities, attention to detail, user-friendly UI, and a host of smart features.

Don’t agree with our final score? Let us know why in the comments below.

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