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Last updated: February 23, 2021

There is a pile of problems in inventory, sales, and revenue that occur around restaurant operations. Then what is the way out for a restauranteur?

Experienced restaurateurs are well acquainted with the fact that a plethora of administrative, management, marketing skills, and insights are mandatory for making your business a big success. That’s why they opt for POS software for providing an error-free service.

This computerized software helps you track sales, revenue growth, food inventory and effectively keep all the reports and insights safe. Implementing a well-organized point of sale system (POS) goes a long way toward securing that your whole business performance runs seamlessly. The POS serves as the warehouse of your restaurant. It’s the core where everything integrates – sales, inventory, customer acquisition, and much more.

Every POS software consists of software and hardware components that work simultaneously to provide the restaurant’s flawless and swift operations. However, not all POS software is crafted for restaurants and has a set of prerequisites that need to be considered for the business.

But with thousands of models out there, how will you choose a perfect POS system for your restaurant?

When your point-of-sale system gets slowed or doesn’t work properly, most of us get frustrated and worried, leading to frustration from the front end to the back end of your restaurant. Moreover, an irritated employee will never provide a great service to your customer. We all are familiar with the high competition of the food industry and just a few mistakes can even make your business fail forever.

This is why you should focus on investing in the right POS system for your business. Here we bring some key features that might help you purchase the right point-of-sale system for your restaurant business.

  1. User-friendly interface

A simple user interface and easy navigation are some important factors that help in the growth of takeaway orders in your restaurant. A complicated interface may create nothing but irritation for your customers and staff and cause your restaurant business to a screeching halt. Remember, you are investing in such systems for enhancing the overall performance and not getting more complications.

For restaurant owners who give priority to the takeaway orders should implement a system that puts forward the exact dining experience of a restaurant experience, in such cases, a simple interface system helps in bestowing a streamlined service within just a few clicks. This user-friendly system helps new staff get a hold of the tasks associated and master the POS system’s basic operations. Thus it helps in saving your time as well as money. A simple user interface also helps in providing fantastic customer resources and services. To prevent lurching through different paces to receive payment or losing valuable time when the system takes a lot of loading time, then you need to find a POS system that is effortless, facile, and quicker.

  1. Efficient inventory tracking

Handling and tracking inventory is one of the major problems addressed by a lot of restaurant owners. If your point-of-sale system makes that hassle process flawless for you, you can blindly trust in it. Usually, tracking and taking a result-driven decision on inventory management is an unglamorous and not a whole lot of fun process, and your restaurant POS software is making the whole look easy, then it is mandatory for business visibility and success.

An accurate POS system maybe doesn’t provide solutions for all your queries, but it makes the process easier and helps you make data-driven decisions for your business. Many of the finest systems will analyze and provide insights and reports on your ingredient orders and usage, let you know the shortage of any raw material or even unnecessary spend of money on certain food ingredients, and keep a tracking daily report about the overall expenses, positive cash flow and the areas of imp movement. It helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the whole function.

  1. Flexible payment processing

Keeping your business in a “payment processor box” is a big mistake many people do without proper planning and awareness about it. Many restaurant POS systems are only cooperative with a single payment processor. Say a big ‘NO’ to such systems. Studies show that offering multiple and convenient payment processes helps in boosting the buying cycle. Implementing diverse options will help in establishing more independent business structures. It stops your dependence on just one or two sources. It also makes your restaurant dining as well as a takeaway process more professional and reliable.

You should invest in point-of-sale systems that offer multiple options for credit card processing providers. However, installing the system with its suitable service provider will lead the way to a seamless working process. Also, buyers’ ultimate aim of buyers purchasing your system. Customers will feel more secure when purchasing at an online store if it appears permissible. To uplift your business globally, you need to access multiple currencies and consider their payment methods, but some payment gateways only provide services to some particular countries and currencies. But having a system that provides access to different options will attract global customers and permits you to deal with multiple currencies.

  1. Online ordering

Online ordering changed the entire game in the food industry tremendously. Now, most of the restaurants are prioritizing their takeaway orders because of the significant growth it bestowed in the revenue within a short period of time. So to keep up with the competition in this digital world, you need an online ordering solution. A POS software that allows online orders will help you expand margins and enhance productivity while effectively diminishing human errors and wastage of time. It makes the day-to-day operations of your restaurant more flawless. POS software for restaurants helps the customers to select from a wide range of options within just a few clicks.

Online ordering includes 3 major steps:

  • An order gets placed by a customer through his/her phone or and handheld device.
  • The order is directly sent to the system with the help of your restaurant POS software.
  • With the effective reduction in the manual order entry time and human errors, your profit will increase.
  1. Efficient customer and order management

The right POS system will provide an effective end-to-end customer relationship by providing an entire sales insight with data about top-selling, new, and least selling food items along with the positive cash flow, customer feedback, etc. It also offers an order management system that organizes the complete ordering process starting from placing an order to delivering the dish to the table.

Frequently sending your staff to ensure the availability of free tables is a conventional method in the restaurant business which is changing now.

Digital is the new normal!

With the innovative and advanced restaurant systems, organize reservations and waitlists easily. It also gives real-time information on the availability of tables in your restaurant. Another important feature it focuses on to give rise to customer service by automatically allocating servers to tables. Every time customers place an order, a well-organized online ordering system generates alert messages through email or SMS to help the employees in your restaurant make the order procedure quicker. On the other hand, such a system is also furnished with GPS systems that help you to punctual and quick deliveries.

  1. Free and cheap marketing

A strong online presence always exemplifies that you are in the lead to grab the big success.

So what about getting that strong online presence without the support of expensive advertising media?

Sounds great, right?

But how?

The Internet is a free circle. Your basic requirement to use it is through a user-friendly website and a satisfactory social media involvement on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach an N number of the target users. Simultaneously, it just comes with a fraction of costs than that of a conventional marketing method. You can even invest your quality time in shaping a robust company profile on Google My Business to get more local business through the people taking heed to place an order in your location or in your delivery radius and notice your business with a quick search. These marketing methods also offer you to analyze the current trends and needs in the ordering system and customer preferences extensively to personalize your catalog, gifts, special deals prices, and bestow a customized experience to your customers.

A smart POS software for your smart restaurant

You don’t need to address your hectic problems in managing your restaurant again and again. We understand! You are well aware of the fact that the food industry is the most competitive, and to thrive on it, you need something best and smart. In fact, the reports by the National food association shows that 65% of restaurant start-ups got failed even in the initial period because of the lack of knowledge, inability to keep up with the growing customer needs, and changing trends, and the unawareness of incorporating the latest and innovative technology to grasp your space in this domain. 

Well, there’s no secret recipe for success. Quality and delicious food, excellent service, friendly ambiance, perfect location, and more amalgamate together create a successful, long-running restaurant. You can make the entire tasks easier, more instinctive, and enhance time management by choosing the perfect POS software for your restaurant. To improve the sales and reduce the time consumption from placing an order to delivering the food to the table, each and everything is made possible by a perfect POS system.

For restaurants, cafeterias, and even small pubs, POS software offers everything that needs to organize operations seamlessly. The system bestowed merged smooth online ordering, wireless table-side ordering and secure payment, inventory management, real-time insights, customer acquisition, mobile application managing, marketing tactics, and strong back-office management to positive revenue flow and narrow down expenses. Even if you are still managing the restaurant with a simple cash register and other small tools, it will be very difficult to survive the restaurant business without the smart Cloud-Based Android POS Software for Restaurants.

Most restaurateurs now are ready to invest a few dollars in the right software because of the pile of benefits it offers. In turn, it helps them easily manage and structure the orders from their computer, iPhone, or in-store iPad. When you select the right POS software, it will do all the major work and lift the burdens from your shoulder and leave you with more time to aim at the restaurant business’s factors that you love and do well.

Is there any drawback in investing in POS systems?

The most significant disadvantage to any POS system is that it is a computer and will have the same technological ideas. Without a proper backup, you may lose your important data if the system suddenly crashes or even stops working. Since it is a deployment model, SaaS will not provide customization. So for small organizations or for start-ups, it may not provide a tailored solution. Also, the limited support alternatives it provides to customers sometimes make the purchase awful. Sometimes, restaurateurs need to contact the call center or service providers across the world for support services.

Technology has changed the way we used to eat. More and more people, particularly millennials, choose to spend their money on unforgettable and shareable experiences rather than material possessions. And the best place they consider for this is restaurants. If your restaurant is not functioning efficiently, it will disturb customers from their special moments, and you will lose your customer there. So whether it is for flawlessly managing all your operations or surviving in the competitive world, the right POS system is a perfect companion for the restaurant business. Choose it wisely, and you’ll be on the path to success.

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