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Last updated: June 22, 2021

Instagram has reached over 1 billion users who are regularly active on this platform. Gradually, this photo-sharing application is even more popular than its peers like LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are a business and wish to use Instagram for your advertising, you should deploy effective Instagram optimization techniques that reach out to the targeted audience. 

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Most business owners are not even aware of how to optimize their Instagram profiles properly. They fail to engage their targeted audience and so lag in the market competition. Some business owners are not even aware of the right SEO techniques to use for their Instagram profiles. 

Experts in the above field state that every business is unique. So, what might work for one company may not work for you. You need to understand your audience first and deploy the correct optimization techniques for them to notice your brand. However, they add there are little-known secrets when it comes to Instagram optimization that works for all businesses. If you use them for Instagram optimization, you will witness a positive difference over time. However, before discovering what these secrets are, first-
  • Register for an Instagram business account
  • Make your Instagram profile public
  • Include a working link to your business in your Instagram bio
  • Create a business name that can be searched easily online
  • The brand profile picture should be colorful

These steps are simple, and most businesses on Instagram know them. However, to improve customer engagement and sales, you can move on to the 5 Instagram search optimization secrets that are little-known for giving you greater success- 

Top 5 Secrets to Double Instagram Engagement

1. Use the primary keyword in your user and display name

Instagram is a mini-search engine in itself. This means if you are searching for a bakery store, you will use the keyword “bakery” to get access to all the local stores in the area. So, if you are a bakery owner, using the word “bakery” helps you to catch the attention of the targeted audience when they search Instagram with the keyword. If you include the primary keyword of your service in your display or user name, you get a higher chance of showing up first on the search results. 

2. Include secondary keywords in the Instagram bio

After taking care of the primary keyword, the next step is to use your secondary keywords in your Instagram bio. The secondary keywords will revolve around your primary keywords. Like in the previous example of “bakery,” which is the primary keyword, the secondary keywords used here can be “bakery goods,” “bakery biscuits”, “birthday cakes,” etc. When you include secondary keywords in your Instagram bio, you make it more informative and fun. You can increase automatic IG likes with them as well. Anyone who looks at your profile will be keen to contact you as you match their search intent better than others in the same niche.

3. Use hashtags as keywords

 Once your Instagram profile has been optimized, the next step is to optimize your Instagram posts completely. Note, this process, unlike the first 2, is not a one-time process. It is a continuous process that needs full attention. Many users on Instagram will not search for you directly. They will discover your services through hashtags. It would help if you created an effective hashtag strategy where you treat them like secondary keywords. In short, you must focus on creating hashtags that are post-specific to get better awareness. When you are using hashtags for your posts, ensure you pay attention to relevance and variety.

4. Include secondary keywords in your Image captions

To attract new followers and satisfy your present followers, you must create captions that are captivating and engaging. A good caption will ensure you catch the attention of users and help your business to show up in the search results. As mentioned above, Instagram itself is a search engine so similar to using keywords in your profile, bio, hashtags, and posts, you should use them in your Instagram captions too. Using the correct keywords in the caption will help you to bring in the right targeted audience. In this way, you can convert leads to sales better.

5. Use the Instagram Alt Text

This is a new feature on Instagram that most users do not know about. It should be included for writing captions on your photos. Instagram created this feature to help the visually impaired to enjoy a unique experience on Instagram; however, it can be effectively used for boosting search engine optimization of your Instagram profile as well. Instagram automatically populates the options for alt text for profile photos in case you do not do it yourself. It is prudent to do this on your own so that the caption matches the image that you have posted on your profile. You will find this feature under the “advanced settings” option just before you share an image on the screen. Once you have selected the feature, you can choose to write the alt text, and you can create the perfect description for your image. Once done, share the photo on the Instagram profile. In this way, your photos are able to get a better ranking on the platform.

Therefore, when it comes to increasing sales and attracting more targeted audience to your Instagram profile, ensure you incorporate the above 5 secrets for greater success. You should track the progress of your posts with the help of analytical tools on the platform. In case, you are incorporating something for the first time; you should ensure your new Instagram strategy is working. It should make a positive impact on your social media objectives and goals. Last but not least, ensure you never use any kind of black hat SEO techniques to boost Instagram optimization. It is true that search engine optimization is a long process, and you will not get instant results. However, be patient, and gradually you will find your Instagram posts doing well helping you to reach out to your targeted audience with success and get a competitive edge in the market with success!

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients at stormlikes by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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