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Last updated: October 1, 2021

The fashion, lifestyle, and home decor industry is growing at a rapid pace. It is an exciting space and companies need to remain at the top of their game to provide a great customer experience.

Technology is a game changer in the fashion and lifestyle industry. This is the prime reason most organizations are investing in automated solutions to manage inventory, orders, finances, and customer relationship management. 

Today, we bring the spotlight on Prêtture – a holistic and affordable platform for fashion, lifestyle, and home decor manufacturers as well as retailers. It is a simple and user-friendly solution that streamlines workflows and empowers team members with relevant real-time information to make smarter business decisions quickly. So let’s dive deeper to learn more about Prêtture and how it can help your organization gain an instant competitive advantage in the market.

Introduction To Prêtture

Having bootstrapped in 2018, Prêtture is a new-age smart SaaS ERP system that caters exclusively to fashion, lifestyle, and home decor SMEs and startups. The company is growing at an accelerated pace and has an impressive client list of some top fashion brands in India that include House of Masaba, Anamika Khanna, Daily Objects and a host of smaller manufacturers and retailers.

The team behind Prêtture wanted to develop a flexible solution that was robust and capable enough to handle organizations of all sizes and variants. Prêtture was developed with the vision to provide an intuitive and user-friendly ERP software to all stakeholders of the fashion and lifestyle industry such as the store owners, merchandisers, inventory managers, and branding partners.

Prêtture has gained rapid popularity and has a growing clientele across all major tier-1 and few tier-2 cities across India. It is the only SaaS solution adopted by all the prestigious Woolmark Prize Achievers of the country i.e Rahul Mishra, Suket Dhir, and Bodice. It is targeted for all kinds of manufacturers and retailers in the field of apparel, footwear, jewellery, accessories, and home decor.

Scaling up at a fast pace, Prêtture has shifted its focus towards providing an all-in-one standardized platform. Clients can choose specific modules based on their business requirements and budget, making it highly flexible in its approach. So read on to find out its various features and functionalities in detail. 

Key Features Of Prêtture

Prêtture addresses the lack of smart, navigable, and affordable ERP solutions for small and medium-sized fashion manufacturers and retailers. The system has a range of innovative features that automate repetitive actions to save time, money, and manual effort. Some of its significant modules and features include the following:

  • Order Module: With tons of things to manage, it often becomes difficult for fashion and apparel manufacturers to keep track of orders efficiently. Prêtture informs users of what orders need attention and at what stage. The order module has two options – client order and corporate order. The system stores important details such as client data, design details, date of the order, measurements, and due payments.

Prêtture simplifies workflows by integrating orders from your websites, showrooms, stockists, and wholesalers. Users can create their own tracking stages and set automated time & action plans to ensure there is no delay in order delivery. Prêtture gives visibility to important order information such as advances so that there is complete operational visibility. 

Since the system is permission driven, you can give access to pricing information to specific users to ensure data privacy. Prêtture also supports priority order management so that your team adheres to timelines for important orders to prevent delays. The urgent orders are always displayed on the top of the list so that you get to know pending orders at a quick glance. Prêtture is linked with leading portals such as Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce to facilitate the seamless flow of data and integrate order tracking information.

  • Product Module: The USP of Prêtture, the product module is a must-have tool for fashion and lifestyle retailers. The biggest advantage is that it shows all inventory data in real-time so you get to  know how much stock you have in hand and for how long. With Prêtture, you get a visual summary about inventory trends so you can gauge which colours are prominent and which styles are missing.

Prêtture enables fashion and apparel manufacturers to know what are the non-moving items so they can plan future business strategies better. It has a smart point of sale (POS) that empowers retailers to scan the barcode or QR code, print the label, and stick it on the specific pieces. Users can also scan the barcode on the in-built scanner of the application without any hassles.

With Prêtture, you do not have to worry about staying compliant with existing laws. GST compliant billing and auto-calculated taxes ensure that you do not default at any step. Another smart advantage is that you can send your clients their bills on email to go paperless and boost efficiency.

  • Material Module: With Prêtture, you do not need to worry about wasting lots of time checking your inventory physically. A boon for fashion and lifestyle product manufacturers, the material module gives real-time data on all the material inventory with threshold mapping. This ensures your organization remains on schedule with production and simplifies vendor payment tracking. You can define the Bill of Material (BOM) to specify the quantity of various materials required for production. 

The material module gives complete visibility on the available material inventory; hence you get a clear picture of required material vs. any shortfalls while receiving an order. Users can easily add stock units and also transfer inventory to a showroom, exhibition, or stockist. You can also set customized alerts to get to know when inventory falls below a specific threshold to prevent any stock shortages that may lead to production delays.

  • Production Module: Undoubtedly, production is a core activity for any fashion apparel manufacturer that can make or break business success! With Prêtture you get up-to-date information about the purchase cost of all materials used at different stages of the manufacturing process. It is a useful tool that gives you the complete breakdown of costing so that you can plan production better and stick to a pre decided budget.

The Prêtture production module is comprehensive in approach and can handle all aspects of in-house as well as outsourced production activities. It is an innovative tool that can help manufacturers keep a real-time track of job work orders, job received notes, and costing. It provides alerts and notifications to give information about any possible delays. This helps you take proactive action to make sure products do not remain stuck at any stage of production and facilitate timely order deliveries.

The Final Word

Prêtture is an exceptional platform that has been designed from the user perspective to fulfill all the requirements of fashion, lifestyle, and home decor manufacturers and retailers. Highly flexible and intuitive, the system has a range of innovative features that streamline routine tasks to drive automation and enhance smooth workflow management.

With Prêtture, you don’t need to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands. The system is completely permission-driven; hence A customizable platform, Prêtture empowers you to analyze your business model and purchase specific modules or features according to your business requirements.

One of the best aspects about Prêtture is that it is highly user-friendly so your team will not require any complex training sessions and will be able to adapt to its features quickly. It has an excellent support team that curates a program of multiple sessions that include the entire setup, data import, training, and creates dummy entries to help team members navigate the interface.

Overall, Prêtture is a great investment! You need to go ahead and check out this versatile platform that can help your fashion, lifestyle, and home decor business reach the pinnacles of success and increase all vital bottom-line results instantly! Check out how Prêtture can streamline your operations by booking a quick demo now! 

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