Key Marketing Problems a Call Tracking System Can Solve

Rohit Rajpal

Rohit Rajpal

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Last updated: December 29, 2020

Call tracking is a feature in sales software that allows you to track information about incoming calls. It also makes it easier for you to determine who is calling you and which campaign is driving that call.

Here are some data that a call tracking system gathers for you:

  • The number from which you received the call
  • The geographical location of the call
  • The marketing campaign that drove the call
  • The time and duration of the call
  • The number of calls your business receives 

Given the plethora of information a call tracking system provides, it does solve a lot of problems. 

5 Marketing Challenges a Call Tracking System Can Solve

1. Proving Marketing ROI

Proving ROI is one of the top marketing challenges marketers face. Not only are CEOs demanding justification for every dollar spent, but they restrain from providing the required budget if they are not satisfied with the explanation. 

With call tracking, you can easily combat this situation. It provides complete insight into how each of your marketing campaigns is performing. You will also be able to know which ads and keywords drive the most quality leads. 

You can then use this data to better understand your results and clearly determine which campaigns are working and which need to be reviewed. You will also be better able to justify the spending and why (and if) you need an additional advertisement budget. 

2. Knowing the Customer

Apart from identifying what marketing channels are bringing customers, call tracking enables you to know who those customers are and what motivates them to buy. You can also track other factors, such as call time, social media activity, and past customer experience (if any). 

You can then upload these marketing insights into your CRM or pass them on to the relevant salesperson before routing the call. This will enable the salesperson to offer a personalized call experience, increasing the chances of converting. 

Besides, modern call center software allows you to listen to the call or analyze the transcripts, providing you highly valuable insights about the customer. 

This will further help the salesperson better prepare to answer the customer’s questions or concerns, thereby driving higher conversions and happier customers. 

3. Understand Your Customer’s Journey

Once you have a good understanding of your potential customers, it’s time to map the customer journey. When you know each step your customer goes through before making a purchase, you will better qualified to optimize them. 

When a visitor lands on your website, the call tracking software drops a 12-month cookie on their browser to track their online journey. You will then have information about the keywords they type, the campaign and the channel they have arrived through, and the pages they are viewing. 

And when they call your business, the whole journey is pieced together. You will see all the channels and touchpoints that drove the conversion. 

For example, a visitor arrives on your website via a search engine. He views your product, then leaves your site. He then sees your ad on Facebook and revisits your website. He exits your site again and comes back when he is ready to purchase via direct traffic. He just types your website domain and calls your business. 

What call tracking will do is bring the entire journey together, so you know the first touchpoint was a search engine, the second was your Facebook ad, and the last one was direct traffic. 

With this information in hand, you can create better campaigns or landing pages to reduce the number of steps involved in converting a customer. 

4. Increase the Conversion Rate

Now that you know your customer and understand their journey, you will be better able to serve their needs, thereby increasing the conversion rate. 

You can also use whispers to deliver information to agents before they connect with the customer. This will enable the salesperson to identify concerns and close sales faster through descriptive customer profiles. 

Additionally, modern call center software offers keyword spotting analysis features, which can help spot trends and insights. This also enables you to learn about customers’ concerns to better prepare for the next call. 

5. Better Control Your Ad-Spend Budget

Advertisements are expensive, and if you don’t have any other lead generation channel, the cost of customer acquisition becomes increasingly more competitive. 

Call tracking provides you easy access to the data reports that matter the most to your business. This allows you to identify exactly which keywords, advertisements, or search queries led to higher sales margins and conversions. 

You can then use this information to optimize your campaigns, re-allocate your budget, and stop the ones wasting your budget. Besides, when you know what exactly drives leads, you will be better able to create high-performing campaigns. 

Wrapping Up

Call tracking enables you to justify your marketing spendings, know the customer better, understand their concerns, spot trends, and increase conversion rates. If you have not started leveraging the call tracking system, it’s high time to do so. 

Did we miss any critical problem that a call tracking system can solve? Let us know in the comments.

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