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Last updated: May 2, 2021

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Projects are the lifeblood of any business organization – managing them through cost-effective, timely, and productive trends is absolutely critical for any company to enhance the overall bottom line. The future is here, and 2018 is going to be the year of innovative trends for project management software trends that are surely going to keep the business world buzzing with excitement.

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Every small to medium-sized organization needs to be in touch with futuristic industry project management software trends in order to achieve its deliverables within the desired time frame. The scope of new project management trends is booming and it’s time to quickly adapt to some brand new project-related movements that will shape the coming future.

Check out some of the Latest Project Management Software Trends Shaping in 2018:

  • Agile Technology

Agile project management methodology is the future – a diverse lot of industries such as marketing, finance, and construction have adopted this radical framework to accrue maximum organizational benefits! It’s surely the smartest business move as research has proven that using Agile project methodology can enhance internal business communication, make teams quickly responsive to external environment changes, and give a better return on investment. Agile is the way to go for small to medium-sized businesses and the millennial workers find it a far more flexible system than traditional work processes. Also, there is a multitude of compatible tools and applications that make working on Agile easy and user-friendly. We have to understand that Agile is simply not a current passing trend or something that is here to stay in the short run- it’s a new way of doing business and we are definitely geared up for its widespread application in the coming year 2018!

Project Management Software

  • The Mobile Revolution

It is the age of business dynamism, and the modern project manager wants to have access to information on the move! Everyone is nowadays hooked on to their smartphones and mobile devices can now be utilized as an essential communication apparatus. The new-age project management solution can now be leveraged to provide access to real-time data, while team members are traveling to office or construction sites. That is a valuable feature that saves a lot of time, keeps the productivity levels at an all-time high! Team directories, chats, and discussion forums make sure all members remain connected to each other throughout the day, which enhances the quality of organizational decisions. The best project management software app trends are loaded with sophisticated features that will keep all your project management teams working efficiently regardless of where they may be at any given time. 2018 is the year of the mobile movement and your project management teams will be able to gain access to the click of a button!

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  • Artificial Intelligence Will Rule

Artificial intelligence systems that have emerged in project management software trends are a great help in interpreting organizational data, and there is definitely going to be a massive boom in the internet of things implementation projects. The Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are the buzzwords that will reign supreme in 2018 – transforming project management software trends to the highest levels of automation and efficiency! These ground-breaking technologies are going to change how project management is effectuated in a number of industries. It’s going to completely automate a number of existing project management software trends processes such as matching talent to tasks, reducing calculations for level-of-effort (LOE), providing a hub spot for knowledge management, and creating reports with absolute objectivity. 2018 is surely going to be the year that commercially accessible IoT and AI-enabled project management software trends will actually become affordable- so make to invest in the best!

  • Wearables Tracking Software To Enhance Project Efficiency

In the coming year, we are going to witness a dramatic rise in the usage of wearables by organizational employees’ and this will lead to a huge optimization of project efficacy levels! Various software is being specifically designed to monitor the usage of organizational wearables such as RFID badges and it will help management keep track of daily transactions and monitoring traffic flow in specific areas of a building. Project management software trends will become smarter as it will be able to track employees in real-time, thereby making sure that the workforce is at their designated place of duty during work hours. Project Management System trends will be enabled to ascertain personnel movement through wearables such as smartwatches, chip implants, sensors in clothing, and ID badges. This new customized software is definitely going to rule the modern futuristic workplace and you need to harness this transformational technology in the coming year 2018.

  • Emotional Intelligence Will Lead the Way

It’s no longer necessary for project managers to possess only hardcore technical skills – it’s the age of emotional intelligence and modern project teams will need to score high on this internal competency! 2018 is going to focus on developing emotional intelligence capabilities in project management teams – in today’s work environment it is essential for managers to be adept in relationship building, team development, collaboration, and negotiation. Project managers function in complex environments, hence it is imperative for them to remain in control of their emotions to harness the best work quality from their teams. A high level of emotional intelligence has proven to lead to streamlining of work processes, problem-solving and timely delivery of projects. It can also help senior managers coach their subordinates to extract maximum engagement and efficiency from them. 2018 is the year to channelize emotional intelligence in your workforce and position yourself for success in any project management role!

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Source: Birdersunite

Increasing productivity levels is an unending essential goal for project managers, and the evolution of the project management industry is positioning project teams for success through better methodologies. It is vital to be aware of current industry trends and to establish how they can be incorporated into your mainstay projects and organizational functioning.

These innovative and fast-paced trends are going to have a huge impact on project management in the near future. Make sure not to ignore these trends, instead embrace them as a means for improving output within your organization!

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