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Last updated: March 4, 2021

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Project management is not just something to do with large enterprises only. It is now a concept that finds application in medium and small enterprises as well. SMEs should look beyond the costs and definitely consider an investment in project management software. If the budget is an issue, there are some great project management tools available at a very affordable price range.

Be it any kind of organization, the project team’s ability to collaborate effectively while bringing their specific skills to the forefront is what can make or mar a project.

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A project management system will improve organization and collaboration in your team. It will enable you to reach your business goals on time and have everything related to every project in one place. You will be able to track your time and costs and evaluate ways that your company can improve its project completion rates. Also, the accessibility and ease of use of today’s project management tools make them very conducive to teams of any size.

8 Project Management Tools to Boost Team’s Performance

So without further ado, let us get into the best project management tools that can change the game for your project teams.

1. TeamGantt

Project management tools-teamgantt

TeamGhantt is a software that promises ‘intuitive and beautiful project planning’. It’s easy to see why. It makes project planning through visualization a breeze. You can map out the entire timeline of your project with Gantt charts that can be created very easily on this online project management software. Its best feature is its easy-to-use interface, which even non-project managers have a great time working with.

It has a nifty drag and drops feature through which you can create seamless Gantt charts in no time. It’s great for team collaboration too, as it brings the entire team’s conversations, files, and tasks in one place.

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2. Zoho Projects

Project management tools-zoho projects

Zoho Projects is a very widely used project management tool. And for good reason. It has just about everything a project management system requires. It has milestones and task lists that help to break a complex project down into understandable parts. Moreover, you can have even more refined control over tasks with subtasks and/or recurring tasks.

Zoho Projects has in its arsenal: project coordinator, timesheets, advanced reporting tools, kanban board, collaboration software, G-suite integration, you name it. Moreover, it integrates easily with a slew of other Zoho offerings such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoices, giving you a seamless project management experience.

3. FunctionFox

Project management tools-functionfox

FunctionFox claims to be the leading choice for creative professionals. With this software, you can create a personalized management dashboard with your most-used features. Its streamlined and aesthetically pleasing interface is an added bonus.

Keep track of your hours and your to-do lists on one screen. Schedule unlimited tasks. Report in real-time interactively. Reduce time and expenses spent over admin and achieve greater profitability and productivity to find more time to be creative in your work.

4. Nutcache

Project management tools-nutcache

Nutcache is perfect for small project teams. It was developed specifically for small project teams that bill their clients on a project-to-project basis. It provides a plethora of project management tools all on a single page.

It gives you the right tools to support your project whether the project is made using the Agile approach or the Scrum framework. It gathers all the relevant details for each project and puts it in one place, making it easier for team members to access and track it. Track your budgets, boards, hours worked, invoices, expenses, and files without ever leaving the project screen.

5. Workzone

Project management tools-workzone

Workzone was built keeping in mind ad agency teams. So, it can streamline your workflows and organize your projects in a simple but creative manner. With Workzone you can create subtasks and task dependencies, individual and personalized to-do lists in a manner that the entire team can access, enabling each member to stay on the same page.

Especially useful if your business is in the creative field, your team can impress clients with amazingly precise and effective presentations that you don’t have to break a sweat over because of how easy it is to ‘work’ on Workzone!

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6. Apollo

apollo project management tool

Apollo offers the user benefits of both project and contact management. So your team can track customers and leads in addition to being on top of each project.

Apollo is easy to navigate and allows you to schedule and prioritize tasks, update their status, set up recurring tasks, and assign responsibility to multiple users. Use the project plan template or create one of your own to standardize different types of projects. Create and modify milestones easily. Interactive time tracking and logging will keep you on track with your projects. Enjoy a host of other features such as Writeboards, email integration, file management, and image proofing on Apollo.

7. Podio

Project management tools-podio

A project management software to elegantly structure your workflows, Podio makes team collaboration ultra-effective. Users get everything related to a specific job on one page and relevant team members can attach files, view the status of tasks, and provide comments on that same page.

This makes collaboration easy and interactive for the entire team. Integrate Podio with a slew of applications ranging from Freshbooks and EverNote to ZenDesk. Share information in a manner that encourages peer-recognition. Use Podio to foster a healthy work culture.

8. Workbook

Project management tools-workbook

Workbook combines project management with resource management, CRM solution, forecasting, and accounting module. A fully loaded project management tool for teams of all sizes and in any department, if there ever was one.

It allows the organization to choose the modules that they need, removing the ones that are not of use to them. Get financial forecasts and set up automatic billing. Also, handle the marketing side of things with the sales pipeline and the client portal. With Workbook, keep a tab on all areas of your business.

Bottom Line

So there you have it! A concise list of the most useful project management software that will bring out the best in each individual member of the team, along with enhancing the quality and efficiency of each team as a whole.

Each one has certain characteristics that your company might just be on the lookout for. For smaller teams, one of your major concerns is your budget, most of these project management tools are light on your pocket and your conscience. Regardless of the costs, this project management software is guaranteed to embellish the best aspects of your team.

We hope that we have provided a comprehensive overview of each of these project management tools to make your decision easier and more informed.

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