13 Questions to Ask Before Designing Customer Feedback Form


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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Customer feedback is crucial for any organization. It can help you understand the requirements of your target audience and the strategies you can undertake to improve your overall website experience.

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It reduces the guesswork and can increase the revenues by up to 15%, according to McKinsey Research. Insightful feedback can help in the improvement of product services and can explicitly state what the customers demand of a certain organization.

13 Questions to Ask Before Designing Customer Feedback Form

It can help us alleviate the problems, people providing wrong feedback help an organization to do a better job. The next goal is to set your goals in motion. To get valuable feedback from your customers, it is essential to design a customer feedback template and ask the right questions to fulfill your business goals and objectives.

Unlike surveys, online feedback forms will help you understand the issues the customers are facing and also give an idea of the reasons which are preventing them from converting.

1. Why should you use Feedback Form Templates?

Feedback form templates are one of the easiest ways of getting your forms. Depending on the content of your feedback, how you want to achieve it, you can choose feedback form templates. These templates answer important questions that help you to answer important and meaningful questions.

2. How to design your Feedback Form?

Before generating a feedback form template, it is essential to understand the designing and usability which must be taken into consideration before making the template.

  • Keep Plenty of Space: Inserting enough spaces between questions, an uncluttered and easy to read feedback form will be encouraging and inviting for the customer.
  • Easy Language: Frame the questions in a simple language so that anyone with a basic understanding of the language can give their feedback.
  • Number of Questions: Customers are generally opt-out of answering questions if there are several pages of them. To grab the user’s attention, the fewer the questions, the better.
  • Feedback Form Templates: There are a few feedback form templates that you can adapt, to make the customer experience satisfying.
  • Goal Satisfying Rate: It gives us an idea of the number of visitors who have completely achieved, partially achieved or have completely failed to achieve their goals on the application or website.Goal Satisfying Rate

3. Where should you use Goal Satisfying Rate?

Customers generally use Goal Satisfying Rate, when the customer is trying to make a purchase. Hence there is no point in using it on the homepage or any other pages.

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4. What Follow up Questions should you ask?

You should ask very simple questions as “Did you achieve your goal” followed by some interesting follow-up questions which would help the company comprehend why was the purchase successful or unsuccessful. This could help them understand the customer’s needs and make changes as required.

  • Customer Effort Score: It indicates how much effort the customer had to make to achieve his/her goals.

Customer Effort Score

5. Why use Customer Effort Score?

This helps to understand the effort the customer put in to achieve their goals. If the customer puts in more than the average report, then the customer isn’t likely to be the demand to the app or website in spite of achieving their goals.

6. Where should you use the CES?

There are several ways to use the CES as in a post-purchase and ask them how difficult the process of purchasing for the visitor. You can also use it in combination with the GCR and can ask them a simple question as ” On a scale of 1-10 how difficult was the customer buying experience”.

7. What kind of follow up Questions should you use?

You can always take the user’s suggestions and comments to improve the business. For example ” What suggestions would you have to improve the customer experience?”

  • Net Promoter Score: Net Promoter Score gives an idea of the loyalty of the customer. If they score you on the higher end they are likely to rote you, if they rate you on a lower end they are likely to detract you whereas if they lie somewhere in between they are assumed to be passive.Net Promoter Score

8. Why should you use NPS?

This scheme helps to understand your detractors and can turn them into valuable promoters. It also helps to build customer loyalty over time.

9. Where should you use NPS?

This form template should be put forward to new customers, customers who have been a part of the website for a while should be able to give better recommendations.

10. What follow up Questions to ask?

In case a user has recommended you highly or vice versa, you can always follow up by asking them to give their comment or feedback which can help you comprehend the needs of the customer better.

  • Website Customer Satisfaction(CSAT):

It is the top method for understanding the customer’s requirements and experience. It tells us to what extent the customer’s value and satisfaction are met. To measure customer satisfaction businesses use a scale of (1-10), with 10 being an indicator that the customer is extremely happy and content.

Website Customer Satisfaction(CSAT)

11. Why should you use CSAT?

This helps in identifying the overall satisfaction of the customer level.

12. What kind of follow-up Questions should you use?

It depends on the kind of questions you want to ask regarding your website. It can be as simple and straightforward as: “How satisfied were you with the experience?” followed by a number scale.

13. What kind of follow-up Questions can you use?

You can ask your users to give valuable input to the website, suggest ways of improving their experience which in return can be used by the company to enhance the user-site interaction.


Online feedback is all about timings and relevancy. You need to ask the user the right questions when the user needs you. Feedback templates that cover both of these bases will help you develop a better insight into the requirements of the customer ad help in incrementing revenues as well as the loyalty of the customers. It also helps to enhance the overall business model and implementing schemes that will turn out to be profitable in the longer run.

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