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Last updated: May 18, 2021

While all businesses aspire to achieve process automation to simplify tasks and get work done more efficiently using software, seamless automation, and process improvement still remain a distant dream for many. This is primarily because all businesses are unique and require unique solutions. The problem has persisted for decades despite the gigantic strides taken by technology in recent years.

Quixy is one such tool that has finally addressed the needs of such businesses by helping them create custom solutions for themselves. With very less coding involved, the company has helped many businesses draft custom solutions for themselves, helping them simplify and streamline multiple processes. It has, therefore, gained much acclaim for its unique solution-driven approach and ease of use.

We are fortunate to have interviewed Mr. Gautam Nimmagadda, the CEO of Quixy, and know about his mission, vision, and journey so far.

In conversation with Mr. Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO of Quixy.

Would you please share with us your professional journey? How do you relate the work you are doing today with the past professional learnings? 

Ans: For my professional journey, I will break it into four parts:

I’m a computer science engineer by education. After finishing my Master of Computer Science at UIowa, I joined Cerner Corp. as a Software Engineer. I worked under a fantastic manager who navigated me away from pitfalls and made me push what I thought were my limits. I learned the importance of working hard and delivering value to customers at Cerner.

Next, after about 2 years at Cerner, I returned to India to join Navayuga Group – a diversified business conglomerate, with Navayuga Engineering and Krishnapatnam Port being their flagship businesses. I was working out of the corporate office. Here, I wore numerous hats – implementing ERP solutions, preparing cases & presentations for bankers, coordinating with Finance & Procurement Teams for acquiring equipment from China. I also was involved in preparing a case for Green Tribunal, understanding dispute resolution mechanisms, and more. Being a software engineer, I was exposed to numerous avenues of doing business, and this really expanded my horizons of thinking. It made me understand the dynamics of running large businesses.

After another 2 years at the corporate office of Navayuga, I moved to Navayuga Infotech. At that point, the business was going through some tough times. My initial role was to acquire and execute a project which could revitalize the company. Through the sheer determination of the team and some luck, we won the project and executed it so well that the project was rated as one of the best by the client (a multi-billion dollar company). This success instilled confidence in the team, and after that, we executed many more projects and built many products. Wherever I saw a vacuum in the company, I started taking up the responsibility. This led to me and the company grows organically. I learned the nuances of doing business, building teams, acquiring business through the years.

Ultimately, I started to build Quixy as a side project in 2016. In 2019, I felt that it was finally ready to be a business. We incorporated our learnings into it and then took off on another adventure, learning at a super-fast pace and quickly adapting and adopting the learnings. The journey has been exciting and interesting so far, and I am sure that it’ll keep getting even better.

How did the idea of Quixy originate? What was the driving force behind the inception of Quixy?

Ans: Through the years of B2B software project executions, I saw a familiar pattern:

– Clients would have all the business operations knowledge share their business requirements with the business analysis team (product or bespoke development)

– The requirements are converted into specification documents, which are then shared with technical teams

– Technical teams make changes or develop and/or configure the product as per the specification document

– QA teams test the changes made by the technical teams and provide clearance

– Finally, the implementation teams get the software after QA clearance, and they take it to the client for acceptance and implementation.

Due to a gap of understanding and not envisioning all possible scenarios, which is common in all software projects, every software project goes through the above process multiple times, leading to time and cost overruns, frustrations & loss of enthusiasm and momentum.

Very rarely, there would be a situation where the customer is delighted at the end of a software project. This bothered me immensely, and I saw that this situation was not unique to us and was prevalent in the software world.

I realized that there were two crucial causes for this problem:

  1. Business users did not have the necessary skills or tools to build the software themselves. Therefore, they had to rely on others who will never understand the business nuances as the business users do.
  2. The current tools & methods of building software are expensive & time-taking and have to go through multiple hoops to make even small changes to the software.

This became the foundation idea for Quixy – provide customer delight by providing a platform that business users can use to build software themselves (without relying on others) and build the software at break-neck speed.

What differentiates Quixy from its counterparts?

Ans: When we did a market analysis, we saw that there were two kinds of low-code &no-codetools/platforms:

  1. Platforms that allow building highly complex solutions. However, they are tough to use and require experts to build anything on them. This is akin to the old wine being presented in a new bottle.
  2. Tools that are very easy to use but are very limited in their capabilities address a minimal set of problems.

With Quixy, we have built a very easy platform while still being capable of building fairly complex solutions. Our customers and experts have acknowledged this innovation to bring the right balance & combination in the low-code & no-code space.

What would you credit as a secret behind your success in achieving brand credibility in this swiftly transitioning competitive business environment?

Ans: Our continuous focus on customer delight & innovation has been the driving force in our rapid growth and market adoption. Within a year, we are recognized as one of the top platforms in this space.

Customers from various industries have adopted Quixy for many use cases, demonstrating the wide-range capabilities of Quixy addressing problems irrespective of industries and use-cases. Our customer success team has done a brilliant job of making this possible — many compliments and credits to them.

Is there anything exciting that your users can expect from Quixy in the coming years?

Ans: We are in the business of going beyond customer satisfaction. Making our customers happy, excited to use our platform, and delighted while using it is what we are all about. Quixy will add exciting features to make it all the more easier for users to build and use the software. We are also continuously adding more features to further enhance the platform’s capabilities to handle more scenarios.

We will add elements of AI & RPA, which will significantly enhance the platform’s capabilities. There are definitely going to be exciting years ahead!

What is your vision and plan for taking Quixy to greater heights in the next 5 years?

Ans: There is a massive problem of shortage of software talent supply to meet the business world’s demands. The problem is enormous, and so is the market. We are addressing it and are steadfast in our mission to focus on customer delight &innovation continually. We have already challenged the norm, and now we shall continue to chart new territories in the future.

What would you advise and suggest to the young entrepreneurs and other aspirants in the industry?

Ans: Innovation, speed, customer-centricity, empathy, patience & persistence. These five aspects are the key. Continuously improve on these aspects as an individual and as an organization.

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