17 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: May 21, 2021

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The real estate industry had some interesting ups and downs over the past decade. However, since its rock bottom in the past few years, it has been observing a steady growth. Today, the competition among the realtors is heating up.

According to a survey, 87% of home buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent. So, being a real estate agent, if you are looking forward to growing your business in this fierce competition, marketing plays a significant role in capturing potential clientele’s attention. Real Estate Marketing is all about promoting your brand as an agent. You can secure buyer and seller leads by sharing your listings on social media, advertising your agency, and building your website content.

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The real estate market continually evolves and grows. Though cold calling and sphere prospecting will never fail as marketing approaches, the evolving technologies make agents utilize advanced real estate marketing ideas. A study showed that 92% of buyers use the internet to begin their house hunting quest. So, to stay ahead of the competition in this digital age, it is crucial to remain active with the latest trends.

Here, we have listed the top 17 real estate marketing ideas that will help you surpass the competition.

Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agents

1. Create a Professional Website

Buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants use the internet to make a purchase and lease decisions. So, to have a strong first impression, it is essential to build a professional website. It forms a powerful foundation for all your digital marketing efforts. An up-to-date website helps you gain brand visibility, acquire new clients, and boost sales. Moreover, the user experience of your website will also encourage prospects to come to you.

2. Maintain Active Blogs

A company blog can serve as a great real estate marketing idea. It can significantly impact search engines and social media visibility. Blogs help you portray your expertise in the industry and position yourself as an authority. You can share tips, advice, company updates, industry, and local market trends, and more with your potential clients through blogs. Make sure you always invite comments and suggestions from your readers.

3. Keep your Company Information Up-to-date

Creating a News section on your website is an innovative way to keep your client base updated about the recent transformations. It will demonstrate that you are highly active and growing. Your clientele can thus develop trust for your firm. Maintaining this section is easy and demands less commitment from your side.

4. Develop Email Marketing Strategies

One of the most effective forms of strategies for building customer relationships is email marketing. You can collect emails from your website, local outreach, real estate CRM software, or any methods you can leverage. Send your email subscribers the things they are looking for. Send them informational blogs, upcoming seminars, new houses on the market, etc. You can target specific clients based on their geographical locations so that they receive only relevant information.

5. Provide Newsletter Sign-Up

If you don’t have a robust email marketing strategy, you can easily build your database by letting clients sign-up with a newsletter. You can lure clients to sign up by offering access to exclusive deals and content that can benefit them.

6. Implement SEO Strategies

To drive more traffic from Google and other search engines, deploying efficient SEO strategies is a must.  Targeting keywords related to your business helps increase your visibility. As more and more investors are using the internet to search properties, ensure you don’t miss out their searching list.

7. Make Yourself Easily Contactable

If your clients find it difficult to approach you, you are at a loss. Therefore, be sure that your contact information – email, phone, address – is easily accessible – be it on your business card, website, print collateral, or email signature. You can create an impressive Contact Us page that grabs the attention of your clients.  

8. Set Yourself Up for Social Media

In this digital era, clients can contact you from any channel. So, be active and engaged on all the social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and all the mediums you think can help you connect to potential clients. Share pictures of properties, latest updates, and interact with users. This aids you develop a good client base.

9. Run Ad Campaigns

With Google Adwords, you can target potential house shoppers, investors, and tenants online. Such advertising campaigns lets you display your services or offers in specific locations in search results. Most people visiting your website won’t take any action. So, you can even retarget the ads for visitors to your website and recapture the traffic.

10. Make Use of Local Pictures

To create an extraordinary impact on prospects for your property, add high-quality images. You can even showcase the best that the area has to offer in the photographs to grab the client’s attention. After all, your property’s photos will be the first impression for your clientele and the best real estate marketing idea for you. 

11. Create Irresistible Content

Capture your prospect’s attention by publishing exceptional blogs, informative articles, PDFs with interesting data, and other educational content on your website. You can create free eBooks like ‘features to look for while buying a new house’ and ask for their email in exchange. It is a great way of capturing leads.

12. Refurbish your Print Collateral

Print collateral is a collection of printed leave-behind marketing materials that you can utilize to support the products and services of your company. Make sure that you send quality print collateral to your clients as it speaks a lot about your company. If you haven’t updated the collateral since some time, update it with your latest information and social media links. You can also make it more realistic by inserting graphics.

13. Host/Support Events

Giving back to the community is always a noble deed. You can support local organizations or events occurring around you. It can bring out your name and allow you to engage with clients that might not be possible adhering to strict business perspectives. But, see to it that the events you support match your brand as well as your business goals.

If you find it comfortable, you can even host a webinar. It can drive massive traffic for your website. You can reuse this webinar as YouTube videos with quality content. You can host mini-seminars to impart your knowledge about the industry to your prospects. It will help you nurture client relationships.

14. Partner with Local Businesses

To give a boost to your real estate marketing ideas, you can consider partnering with the local businesses. It would be best if you choose food joints as your local partners. You can ask them to set a logo of yours on the mug or reserve a place for your firm on the placement.

15. Automate Your Property Marketing

Deploy real estate property management software to streamline your property marketing activities. It lets you reduce the production time by following a process-oriented approach. You can thus stay focused and organized. 

16. Ask for Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing can help enhance the customer base tremendously without spending on marketing materials or advertising. For this, you can create a referral program that offers exclusive benefits to your clients. 

17. Make your Website Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, consumers spend a considerable amount of time on their mobile devices. So, it would be beneficial if your website is mobile friendly. You can also create a mobile app where your clients can easily navigate through your services and also provide reviews.

You can leverage these real estate marketing ideas depending on your company, market, and lead management approach. Maximize your web presence and reach out to a pool of potential prospects. Develop appropriate marketing strategies and deploy above mentioned real estate marketing ideas for real estate agents.

Nilam Oswal
Nilam Oswal is a Content Marketing Head and Brand Strategiest at SoftwareSuggest. When she's not hard at work, she can be found wandering, reading, and just generally having a good time in life.

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