4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Buy Marketing Automation Software


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Last updated: April 16, 2021

There aren’t enough hours in the day if you plan to do everything yourself in a newly established business. Business owners have to wear so many hats at once and deal with so much. In the case of large enterprises, much of the workforce wastes their energy on trivial tasks that take a few hours every day to complete. By the time one gets to ‘actual’ work, all focus and energy has already frizzled.

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In such a situation, you must have wondered if someone could take over for just one day while you relax and unwind. What if there was a solution to this daily grind, especially when it comes to Marketing? Luckily, the geniuses in the tech world have already thought about it and created a very befitting solution – Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate different tasks. In a study by Software Advice, top buyers of marketing automation software said that their main reason to automate the marketing process was to cover more ground in less time.

If you are a business owner and are struggling to execute multiple marketing tasks at the same time, here are some reasons why your business needs marketing automation software:

Lead Generation

Nowadays, buyers educate themselves online before making purchase decisions. To do so, they visit a number of websites, actively read reviews and other recommendations about whatever they wish to purchase. It gives you, the seller, some important ground to play at. You can use this time period to send marketing messages which can attract the attention of potential buyers. This way, automation can get you leads in bulk.

Lead generation gets easier if you use the right tools to automate your marketing process. Marketing automation software helps businesses generate leads and nurture them. The software also integrates well with Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). For example, the newly launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) can sync your lead, contact, account and opportunity information on a single platform. 

Managing Campaigns

Managing Campaigns

If you are a small business, marketing automation software will cut down your costs associated with hiring an employee to oversee the campaigns. Nowadays, it is easy to automate an entire campaign using the latest tools provided by the automation software.

From budgeting, scheduling, event-marking to program management, the software can efficiently handle all aspects of a marketing campaign. The analytics dashboard of the software will let you know how your budget will score in the estimated timeframe.

Task distribution enabled by the software will help you distribute work to different people and also monitor their performances in real-time. Maintaining a calendar, collaborating on a file, and streamlining the whole marketing campaign become easy as a breeze with marketing automation software. The software also enables social sharing on popular social media channels, so your ads and posts can never go unnoticed by your target audience.

Marketing Campaign Personalization

When it comes to marketing messages, every person has different likes and dislikes. In this scenario, sending out the same message to everyone won’t yield desired results. That’s where marketing  automation software comes in to save the day, with its “personalization” feature.

Personalization is the new way of marketing products now. Your product is displayed only to a relevant audience that cares for it. A combination of automation and personalization is deadly and it can earn you better results in a short period of time. It saves money and hits right at the target.

People love to receive personalized emails in their inbox and marketing automation software has the right tools for you to master this art. The software will help your Company approach the audience on the basis of their likes and dislikes.

You just have to spend some time figuring out the buyer’s persona and their journey. Using this research, you can start a campaign that will resonate with the right audience. Automation software sends out a series of messages, emails and posts that will show up at your target audience’s preferred channel and consequently persuade them to buy your product.

Analytics and Reporting

Seriously, it is very boring to make reports and then get them on the manager’s desk on time, isn’t it?! But automation software has got a solution for this too! You can opt to choose the pre-built templates for reports provided by the software or create your own template. The analytics dashboard will cover almost everything for you when it comes to report creation and generation, eg: email performance report, landing pages performance report, web activity report, PPC activity report, social activity metrics report, etc.

With the help of the accurate reports provided by the software, you can analyze your lead flow through channels, measure stage-to-stage conversion rates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You just have to set it up once and then the software takes care of the rest. Analytics specially help with SEO campaigns, because they indicate how your keywords perform on the search engines. When you monitor progress, it is easier to keep track of your campaign and understand what works and what doesn’t.

Final Word

When it comes to marketing, it all comes down to what you need. Automation software makes it easy for you to prepare new ideas while it takes care of documentation and execution. You also don’t have to worry about using new technology, because these software are user-friendly. With a little tutorial, you and your teammates can feel at home with these software and use them to propel your business forward in the right direction!

Audrey Throne is a mother and a professional blogger by choice. She has completed her masters in English literature from the University of Birmingham. As a blogger, she has written quite a few posts on Health, Technology as well as Management. You can find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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