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Last updated: February 24, 2021

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As a business owner, you have goals and objectives you want to achieve. To reach these goals, certain business tasks need to be effectively managed and accomplished. These goals can be easily managed and delivered by using the best project management app as it streamlines your project management process. This article discusses project management software and how it can benefit your business.

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Project Management Software: An Overview

Project management is defined as the process of planning and managing the process, scope, time, and success of a specific project. With a rise in technology, the project management process has become simplified and easily manageable by specific tools, software, and resources.

When working on a project, four elements that need to focus on are,

  • Scope: In a nutshell, scope refers to the size, goal, and requirement of the project. The scope is initial, and one of the most vital phases of a project in which its foundation is laid.
  • Resources: It refers to the resources that are involved in the project, i.e., people, material, and equipment. It is essential to ensure the right number of people are assigned, and correct materials and types of equipment get procured. 
  • Time Management: When it comes to business, time is money, and time management is a quintessential aspect of project management. For effective time management, all tasks are listed and allocated with the right resources.
  • Money: All projects come with a cost, but it is essential to limit the cost and increase profits. Vital statistics, including the profit target of the company, the cost of each task, etc. is critical to analyze.

In a project of a bigger size, these tasks become more time-consuming and complicated. Therefore, the best project management app is essential for streamlining the project management process to provide more value to the business.

Benefits of Using the Best Project Management App

Many small or medium-sized businesses don’t use project management software and end up working for more hours to gain fewer profits. In 2020, everything can be automated, including your entire project management process. Some advantages of using the best project management app are,

1. Collaboration

In large-scale projects, various tasks are assigned to multiple individual teams. However, in many cases, the project outcome is not ideal because of a mismatch among different teams. For making any project a success, it is essential for all teams working on that project to stay on the same page and work with the same mindset. Therefore, seamless internal communication is necessary, which makes it easier for the teams to contact each other and share information. The best project management app provides collaboration features like,

  • File sharing
  • Team communication
  • Customer data sharing
  • Team dashboard

2. Scheduling and planning

Scheduling and planning are essential pillars of any project. In the absence of a system in place, the teams can find it challenging to stick to the designated schedule and managing their tasks properly. With the help of the best project management app, you can outline the crucial responsibilities to make them visible, and set deadlines and priorities to get the best out of your team. Some features you get from project management software are:

  • Task priority
  • Shared team calendar
  • Time slot

3. Resource management

Apart from establishing communication and managing time, it is essential to regulate the resources available for a project. Apart from the teams involved, resources like materials and types of equipment used in the project are imperative and need to be regulated. With the help of the best project management app, you can outline the resources that will be used in the project. Project management software also allows you to cost of different resources. It also enables you to use the resources efficiently by avoiding their overuse.

4. Budget management

Each project has a cost, and as the project manager, it is your responsibility to manage the cost of the project efficiently. Your aim should be to keep the project cost as low as possible to maximize the profit earned by your company. Some budget management features offered by the best project management app are,

5. Documentation

Keeping track of the whole project is essential. Some businesses use Excel sheets, whereas some companies still rely on pen and paper for documentation. However, either of the two methods is vulnerable to significant errors that hinder the project analysis for an organization. With the help of the best project management app, you can improve your documentation process in the following ways.

  • Central data storage
  • Quick access
  • Reporting

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The Best Project Management App in 2020

There is a lot of different project management software that offers a broad range of features and functionalities. However, the more the number of options you have, the harder it becomes to choose. Here is a list of the best project management apps to look for in 2020.



One of the best project management solutions in the market,, offers comprehensive collaboration and communication features to help you manage workloads. The platform is customizable and allows constant and easy monitoring. is ideal for both SMBs and freelancers.

2. Wrike


Wrike is designed for boosting efficiency and team collaboration. This software improves productivity by providing people by providing them the right pieces of information instead of waiting for others’ help, making people self-sufficient. It is also packed with business collaboration and data management features.


3. Asana


Asana is a widely used project management software used for tracking a project lifecycle. It is used by various companies, government bodies, and non-profits for facilitating collaboration and team communication. 


4. Clarizen


Clarizen is a collective work management solution used for managing projects. It is an enterprise-grade solution that is used to combine social collaboration and task management features. This software is, therefore, used for driving your ideas into execution.




JIRA is a software development solution used by various agile teams for planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting the progress of a project. This software is used mainly for managing workflows. It also offers integration with various developer tools.

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