6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in A Biometric Attendance System

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Last updated: May 21, 2021


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In today’s hyper-competitive business world, every organization has to harness their workforce productivity to the maximum possible limit. Time is money – if your employees are wasting time, it is surely eating into your profit base. Since the average worker steals 4 hours and 5 minutes every week, you definitely need to keep a check on how your employees are spending their time at work.

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Technology is a real game-changer that can help organizations to escalate work efficiency. Organizations are now utilizing biometric technology and managing employee time through attendance management systems.

There are various advanced and sophisticated mobile apps for attendance tracking. The role of biometric systems is gaining popularity in calculating attendance as it is highly accurate, flexible and transparent.

Managers have a range of diverse factors to consider before making an attendance policy. However, there is no denying the importance of biometric identification systems in measuring the actual working hours of employees. This is the prime reason that organizations across the globe are investing in the best attendance management software tools. It is a must-have asset that can enhance overall output and enhance task flow management.

So, why exactly does your organization need a biometric attendance management system? Well, for starters it is a huge improvement over the traditional paper spreadsheets that were used to track workplace attendance. Antiquated manual methods of attendance management often lead to wrong practices such as buddy punching, hence result in a loss of precious working hours.

Biometric attendance systems work on automated technology. They may recognize unique employee fingerprints, face shape or iris – a foolproof system that prevents workers from clocking in for one another.  Biometric time clocks offer a secure and convenient medium to track employee time. They can also be used to restrict access to certain work areas, and scanners ensure that only authorized personnel enter such offices.

The biometric attendance system simplifies the entire process of record-keeping and attendance marking. Here are some great reasons why companies should get the best attendance management system at the earliest:

Top 6 Reasons to Invest In a Biometric Attendance System

1. No More Buddy Punching

Companies lose tons of money each year in financial losses due to the illegal practice of buddy punching. Employees easily sign for their colleagues in manual registers or check-in automated software by entering their passcode. However, biometric attendance terminals detect the unique physiological makeup of an employee, hence only those workers will be marked present who have actually reported at the workplace.

It is the ideal tool to prevent punching in or out of workers who are not physically available at the office premises. There is no need for managers to worry about activities such as buddy punching as the main role of biometric systems to ensure complete accuracy in employee identification. 

2. Track Remote Workers

Nowadays, many firms employ workers who are in different geographical locations and work remotely. Organizations want the best talent in the market, and that could translate into a mobile workforce. It is very difficult to keep track of their productivity as they cannot be monitored at the actual work site.

Investing in one of the best attendance management systems can help companies record the time spent by remote workers on various tasks. Internet connectivity enables biometric clocks to keep tabs on real-time output and improve performance if results are not up to the mark.It facilitates employees working from remote locations to remain highly productive, engaged and connected to their workplace.

3. Boost Accuracy

Time and attendance calculation is a tedious and cumbersome task that involves tons of manual calculation. This often leads to human error and inaccurate results. It is easy to manage employee time through attendance management systems as they are foolproof. Since the biometric physiological characteristics of each employee are highly unique, there is no chance of any data fraud or time theft.

There is no chance of any forgery or duplication in attendance matters, making the whole process highly transparent and accurate. Biometric time clocks ensure that employees don’t arrive late or leave early as all-time records are maintained with utmost precision.

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4. Increased Level of Job Engagement

It is important for organizations to care for hardworking employees and reward them well for all their efforts. Biometric Attendance System assures workers that their time is being calculated accurately. They get due recognizance and managers get to know if they are putting in extra hours by working overtime.

Employees who work overtime can get privileges such as an extra day off or financial benefits. The biometric attendance system and time tracking platforms can differentiate excellent workers from the average ones. It is an excellent tool that can enhance job satisfaction and make sure that an organization’s workforce remains highly engaged.

5. Top of The Line Efficiency

Employee productivity is an aspect that worries all business owners. They want to extract the best performance from their workforce while keeping them happy at the same time. Biometric attendance systems reduce the manual effort in recording attendance. There is no requirement to maintain a huge staff base for keeping time as the whole process becomes automated through biometric time terminals.

It decreases the staffing overhead and escalates operational efficiency. Existing employees do not need to spend time monitoring the attendance or tracking time. They can focus their attention on core strategic functions and facilitate better decision making in the long run.

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6. Higher Level of Employee Accountability

Workers need to be accountable for their performance at the workplace. By eliminating practices such as buddy punching and time theft, biometric attendance software enables business firms to attain a positive return on investment. It checks the time trails of workers and holds them responsible for the various tasks allotted by managers.

Biometric time clocks identify workers who take long breaks at work and spend too much time on extraneous activities. It is a smart automated platform that puts an end to discrepancies or loopholes in traditional timekeeping systems. Getting one of the best biometric attendance software is a must in the current competitive business arena as it can build all key productivity parameters.

Biometric attendance solutions are safe, easy-to-use and convenient. They do not require any kind of technical expertise for use and can be operated immediately on installation. No complicated passwords, ID cards, badges or documents need to be carried by employees anymore – all they require to turn up at the workplace at the right time.

There is no doubt that biometric time and attendance software is a necessity as it offers a diverse range of advantages. All kinds of organizations can benefit from it, right from new start-ups to giant multinational corporations. A whopping 19 percent of employees admit to punching in for their buddies at work – now that shows the extent of time theft at modern organizations.

It could account for 2.2 percent of cumulative payroll losses. Companies can save on precious business revenues and dissuade workers from misusing the time/attendance policy by adopting biometric time clocks.

Turning a blind eye on time theft is not a solution. Invest in the latest technology and get biometric time terminals for your organization to witness a drastic change in bottom-line results in all key functional areas.

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