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Last updated: September 25, 2020

Formerly known as Sky, Flutter has become a buzzword across the mobile app development sector. Known for its open-source nature and cross-platform framework, Flutter is currently counted amongst one of the most innovative and highly preferred UI software development kits (SDK) available in the market. 

Launched in 2017, Flutter has been devised to simplify the process of mobile app development. This highly flexible and scalable SDK is used for developing apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, as well as the web.

Flutter is currently the most sought-after SDK in the mobile application development industry. This high-tech mobile app development tool offers seamless user experiences, regardless of the device you are using. Since Flutter is supported by Google XD, it has already been embraced by big industry players, such as Google Ads, Alibaba, App Tree, and many more for developing mobile apps. In this post, we intend to throw light on the various benefits of using Flutter for mobile app development. 

9 Reasons to Use Flutter for Mobile Application Development:

We have compiled a list of the top nine reasons why anyone should prefer Flutter over other mobile application development solutions. They are as follows:

1. Easy to Learn and Use

Flutter’s contemporary framework makes it super easy for users to develop mobile apps. Additionally, mobile developers can also learn Flutter quickly and easily. 

Flutter helps you build beautiful mobile apps without the need for coding.

It leverages Google’s client-optimized programming language ‘Dart’, which is fast, productive, highly scalable, and easy to comprehend. 

Flutter also offers training to its users via documentation. Users can refer to the training documentation available on Flutter’s official website for improving their Flutter skills.

Last but not least, Flutter can also be used on low-end devices seamlessly.  

2. Helps Build Versatile Mobile Applications

Flutter comes with a host of inbuilt widgets that can be customized and combined for building mobile apps. These widgets are used for developing eye-catching user interfaces (UIs) to provide users with a native experience. Additionally, Flutter also allows you to build your own widgets based on your choice. 

With Flutter, your newly built mobile application will appear just the same on even all the old versions of iOS or Android systems. That’s why Flutter is used by major brands across the world for developing high-performance mobile applications in various domains, including health, fitness, wellness, education, eCommerce, utility, entertainment,  and much more. What’s more, Flutter does not charge extra for supporting older versions of devices. 

3. Reactive Mobile App Development Framework

For mobile app development, Flutter makes use of a reactive framework. With this high-tech software development kit, you can do away with the need to manually update the UI content for modifying the interface. However, it allows you to change the variables for making any modifications to the UI. Whenever you update a variable, it is automatically reflected in the user interface.

4. Offers Single Codebase for Different Platforms

This is one of the primary reasons why Flutter is counted as one of the best tools for developing mobile apps. Since Flutter has its inbuilt widgets, it does not depend on the platform, thus, helping you build a mobile application quickly and easily. Therefore, with Flutter, you do not have to write two different codes for native iOS and Android platforms. You need to create only one codebase for running your application on multiple platforms. Both novice and skilled app builders can use this feature-packed SDK with ease. 

Flutter Codebase

5. Inbuilt Animation Library

Animations are an essential aspect of mobile app development. Animations are inserted into mobile apps to enhance user experience and make the apps look more attractive. Flutter comes with a built-in animation library to help developers create stylish and unique animations so as to make the mobile app more beautiful. This hybrid mobile app development framework offers different animation packages, such as Animator, Simple Animations, Flutter Sequence Animation, Animated Widgets, Flutter animation set, Tweener, Sprung, TweenMe, Flutter Steps Animation, etc.

Animation In Flutter

6. Eliminates the Need for Third-party Integrations

Flutter for mobile app development offers multiple inbuilt libraries. It enables testing, smooth navigation, stateful management, UI rendering elements, etc., due to which one does not feel the need to use third-party integrations.

7. Adds Scanning Features to Mobile Apps

The Flutter Scanner tool provides app developers with a broad array of features, such as barcode scanning features, QR code, optical character recognition (OCR) tools for digitizing and storing paper archives, and advanced data extraction features for extracting data from ID documents or identifying data in invoices.

Flutter for Scanning

8. Goes Beyond Mobile

When you rely on Flutter SDK, you don’t just have a tool for mobile application development, but you can also use Flutter to generate web content using CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Moreover, you can also leverage all the features offered by Flutter without a browser plugin. Thus, Flutter is counted as a comprehensive cross-platform application development solution, which can also be operated in a web browser in a hassle-free manner without altering the source code.

Flutter SDK image

9. Offers MVP Features

Also known as Minimum Viable Product, MVP allows you to build a simple version of your app with minimum features so that you can share the app with your potential customers and test it to see if they are satisfied with it. It also lets you collect user feedback so that you can improve the app. MVP proves to be extremely helpful if you want to provide your clients with a precise idea about your app in a short time. 

Last but not least, Flutter is backed by a brilliant support team consisting of over a thousand app developers who work enthusiastically to assist you and make Flutter world’s no.1 mobile app development tool.

Flutter For MVP Development

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Wrapping it up

Flutter for mobile app development helps you build hybrid apps that are not only good-looking but also offer the most useful features that users generally need. It also supports the Fuchsia platform, which, according to experts, will replace Android and Chrome in the near future.

If you are aspiring to enter the cross-platform development space, Flutter SDK is definitely worth a shot. So what are you waiting for? Try out Flutter’s stunning features and get ready to take your business to the next level right away!

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