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Last updated: August 26, 2020

According to a research study, 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its existing customers. And, 70% of the customers leave, because of a poor or delayed redressal to their complaints. This means that any mechanism to effectively redress your customer complaints will provide you with increased profitability & competitive advantage for your business.

A Help Desk Software is one such solution cum opportunity for businesses all over the world. So, what is a “Help desk software” and why should you use it? Simply put, it is common knowledge that web help desk helps your business and so most organizations today have customer care complaint forums in the form of toll- free numbers, email – ids or online forums. These are called the Help Desks, that connect a customer with the company directly. But, a majority of the conventional help desks, are manually driven. A modern help desk management system, on the other hand, uses a help desk software that provides a company with tools and environment to effectively tackle all the customer complaints by reducing the manual intervention to a minimum, and hence, increase the efficiency.

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Generally, it combines various aspects of an effective complaint handling mechanism or as they are commonly referred to as, “the help desk operations” into one single platform. These operations, performed under an effective help desk management system are stated as below:

1. A mechanism that fetches all the customer complaints, reviews and suggestions from different platforms like the customer service email id, toll-free number or the social media page, to a single platform. This helps the company, see and manage all the complaints, at one place and respond accordingly.

2. A mechanism that helps the assigned responder to interact with the customer and log the interaction on a cloud database for future references.

3. An automated response mechanism that redirects the customer complaints after sorting them on various parameters to the company employees that are most capable of solving them, by making a match between the employee skills and the nature of the problem. This reduces the manual labour of sorting the complaints or forwarding it to a wrong individual, hence increasing the efficiency of the entire help desk management system.

4. A good help desk management system also has automation in place that keeps track of all the unsolved problems or new developments on an existing problem from the customer’s end, and reminds the concerned employee via various alerts, as predefined by the user. This fulfils the objective of assisting to each and every complaint, without missing on any grievance.

5. A mechanism that keeps track of the turnaround time of a complaint, by recording the timelines from the date the customer lodged a complaint to the day it was finally resolved by the company operator. It is also used to record the nature of the problem and the kind of solution provided by the concerned agent.

Apart from the features that we discussed above, this software can a Help Desk Management System in the following ways as well:

1. Eliminate the manual intervention to the bare minimum and hence decrease the response time and increase efficiency.

2. Identify all the frequently encountered problems by accessing the knowledge base created by the software from the previous encounters. This can help the company create an FAQ page to reduce customer inconvenience and unnecessary load on the customer service department. This knowledge base can further be used to implement preventive actions and policies by rectifying the earlier flaws and bolster the help desk management system.

3. Ensure a quick and consistent action to any customer complaint by engaging multiple technicians at the same time.

4. Address all the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by assigning different complaints under a particular SLA to respective work department. This ensures premium customer service to each and every SLA.

5. Automate the repetitive or routine problems, identified through the Knowledge Base, under standard protocols, so as to free up the resources for other productive tasks.

6. Escalate the difficult problems to higher command in the value chain when needed.

7. Create a DASHBOARD to access all the relevant information for the problem on a single screen.

8. Conduct CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Surveys) and apply analytics on the already resolved problems, maintained in the records.

It is safe to say the industry today is competing on making their help desk management system better and more efficient than their competitors’ system. Some of the Best Help desk software, currently available in the market are given as below:

1. Freshdesk: It has a free trial for 21 days and after that, a user has a wide variety of monthly/yearly packages ranging from $19 to $89.

2. Salesforce Essentials: This software’s services are available at the basic price from $25/month and a variety of packages can be chosen from, depending upon the convenience.

3. Zoho Desk: The software provides its users with 3 basic plans from free trials to up to $25/month/agent.

4. Wix Answers: The software provides a 14 – day free trial and then offers the services at various affordable packages.

5. Vision Helpdesk: Currently available in US, UK, and Europe, the company provides packages starting from $12 to $48 per agent/month.

Bottom line

It’s imperative for businesses, large or small, to start implementing the Help Desk software into the work culture. As every competitor is offering the best services/products, good customer service is the USP you can create.

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