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Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: October 23, 2019

You may ask why it is essential to market on Reddit. Let me put this simply — when something ends up on the front page of Reddit, it starts spreading way beyond Reddit.

That is the reason why Reddit claims themselves to be the ‘The Front Page of the Internet.’ And you have to agree with them.

Most often, companies don’t tend to look beyond big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But the internet is a big platform, and Reddit is a great community where you will find a lot of influential people as well.

This article talks about how to market on Reddit. In addition, we will look at some of the successful marketing campaigns. Shall we begin then? 

How Does Reddit Work?

As I type this, Reddit ranks as the 13th most visited website in the world and 5th in the U.S., according to Alexa Internet. That’s huge! 

Reddit is an exciting mix of different types of content, such as news, cool links, social commentary, and more. To get started, you should know that Reddit is made up of a bunch of ‘subreddits’ on every category and topic you can think of. For instance, r/gaming talks exclusively about games or r/politics is all about discussing the worldwide political news. 

In short, as a Redditor, you subscribe to the communities of your choice.

If you want to post anything, the first thing you need to do is create an account. You can register without having to verify your email. However, it is recommended to verify your account because once you start posting or engaging, it will reflect on your ‘Karma.’

Karma is nothing but a score that reflects your credibility within the Reddit community. It depends on your participation level and positive contribution to the community. While it does have no direct impact on the rank of your content, but it is a good indicator of your status among your fellow Redditors. They can know if they can trust the information that you are sharing. 

Besides, choose your username wisely as it doesn’t allow you to change it once registered. And you can’t even transfer the Karma to any other account you create. 

Once the account has been created, you can then easily submit your content. Simply click on the “submit a new link” or “submit a new text post” on the right-hand side of Reddit’s homepage.

How to Build a Successful Reddit Presence for Your Brand

Creating a successful Reddit presence can benefit you in several ways. Most importantly, it can help you drive massive traffic to your blog or website. And secondly, it can help you expand your audience base. 

Before you start building your presence, you need to know how people use Reddit. There are two ways — 

1. Targeting Reddit’s Front Page

On the front page of Reddit, you will find a handful of default subreddits. Those are the subreddits the site will show you without any customization. Many users on Reddit don’t customize their experience. 

While getting on the front page is nice, it isn’t necessary to build your audience. However, it will definitely give you some noticeable boost. 

2. Targeting Specific Niche to Build Your Audience

Reddit gives the ability to select the subreddits that the users want to see and create a page that tailors to their personal interests. 

Typically, an experienced user will try to browse through Reddit by focusing on niches of their interests. So you might want to target specific communities to build your audience. 

Now that you have decided whom to target, it’s time to start creating your brand presence. Here’s how you can do it — 

Step 1. Create a Reddit Account

First things first, you need to have a Reddit account. Pick a username that either includes a brand keyword or your personal name. Attaching a real person to your marketing strategy makes you look authentic. 

Step 2. Set Up Your Account to Receive Alerts

Find subreddits that are relevant to your audience and interests. It’s essential to find out what people are saying about your clients. Many Reddit marketing software sends alerts when your chosen phrases or keywords are used. 

You can use that opportunity to quickly jump into the conversation when someone mentions your brand or is talking about products of your interest. 

Step 3. Post Quality Content

Before you post anything, you need to first dig all the subreddits that might be relevant to your brand. Look at what is being shared. The default front page is an excellent place to start, and then you can also uncover small, niche communities. 

When you start posting content on these communities, you need to understand that you are vying against everyone else for a position on that subreddit. So it obviously needs to be something good. It will automatically wave up to the top with all the upvotes. 

However, sometimes even after posting good content, you don’t get a lot of attention. Don’t be disappointed. Reddit marketing is not an easy task, but with constant effort, you will reach your target. 

Step 4. Be Consistent 

Be thoroughly active with your Reddit account. Check into Reddit daily and browse through the discussions. 

Remember, you can’t just be there to promote your content. You need to be equally engaging with other user’s content to build up your Karma. Start upvoting and commenting wherever you can. 

No social media platform gives you an instant ROI. You need to work consistently for it, and Reddit marketing is no different here. 

Types of Content That Work Right For Reddit

Whether you are posting for entertainment or educational purpose, Reddit users are looking for something new and exciting. Redditors love things that are funny, unique, cute, and entertaining. 

Some of the different forms of content that you can post to grab their attention are — 

  • GIFs

The latest trending form is GIFs. It is a bite-sized version of videos, popular in niches like movie scenes, animations, animals, events, and more. 

  • Photos

Images are mobile-friendly and can immediately grab attention. However, make sure you post high-quality and interesting pictures. For instance, users can quickly go ‘aww’ with cute dogs or cats’ pictures. 

  • AMAs

The next on the list is AMAs, which means ‘Ask Me Anything.’ Using this thread, you can invite users to ask a person any questions. Brands who have interesting stories to tell can find a lot of success here. Look for /r/askreddit,for example.

AMAs are also a great way to build your Karma. 

  • Drawings 

Drawings are also the right type of content, especially for niches like comics. It needs to be again humorous and exciting. 

  • News

Reddit is a strong platform to break any news. Sharing a piece of news in the specific communities can make you an instant hit. 

Remember, not all types of content work for every niche. You need to experiment and find out yourself which content is doing great for your brand. Post relevant information and get rewarded with a massive boost in traffic.

A Few Case Study of Successful Reddit Marketing

Here are some of the interesting stories of successful Reddit marketing and how they did it. 

  • Lenovo

Not so long ago, Lenovo came up with a fantasy football web series entitled ‘Tough Season.’ The main character in the series plays a game named ‘Computer Slap.’ In this game, he uses a Lenovo Yoga to destroy other computers. 

The series was promoted on Reddit, where Lenovo asked users to create their own 8-bit version of the game

They were trying to engage in the community with something natural rather than straight-up advertising. And they succeeded. 25 fully functional games were submitted and got more than 107,000 clicks. Everyone who participated got a prize — from laptops to Reddit t-shirts. 

  • Spotify

Spotify is a popular music app. What they did was they asked users more than thirty different questions regardings songs and the various emotions that it evoked. 

Well, the campaign instantly became a hit. The community created playlists that were over 10,000 submissions. Not only that, the brand managed to get 2300 comments and 450 brand interactions. 

The best thing is that Spotify could use that list to generate multiple Reddit-inspired playlists. 

  • Nissan

Nissan started a thread, “If you could have one thing from Amazon, what would it be?” by asking Reddit users to request their favorite items on Amazon. The brand promptly began purchasing. 

In this thread, Nissan received over 1,500 comments and requests on the post and also ended up treating users to 30 months of Reddit gold (the website’s premium membership).

A few weeks later, the campaign still continued. Nissan and a camera crew drove a large Amazon box around Wisconian town until some Redditor spotted the box. 

And thus, the post gained the top spot on Reddit’s front page.

Reddit Marketing Software to Watch Out

If you are looking to get your brand into Reddit marketing, you should definitely use the following Reddit software. 

reddit marketingReddit Dominator is an all-in-one Reddit marketing tool for marketers. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that automatically segment your market. It helps you spread your content to only like-minded individuals, leading to precise targeting and increased traffic to your website. 

In short, this Reddit marketing software helps you create a seamless marketing experience on Reddit. Some of its features include account management, dealing with the proxy setting, commenting and upvoting, and more. 

Reddit MarketingSocinator is a powerful Reddit marketing software that offers a range of robust features. It allows you to view all reports and statistics from time to time — for all the activities performed with your accounts. This helps in framing better marketing strategies. 

Furthermore, you can easily schedule Reddit posts directly to SubReddits or your own wall with their Auto Publish feature. In fact, it also helps you search relevant subreddits for your brand to help you grow your account. 

Some of its other functionalities are auto unfollow, full account and report export, and more. 

Reddit MarketingReddit Insight is a great marketing tool that helps you measure your performance level. It is a fantastic Reddit marketing software that gives you complete insights on what content is working best for you and what isn’t. 

It can also track data analytics for your Reddit accounts and posts. What’s more, you can view interaction — see the relationship between communications, controversy ratio, and total Karma per subreddit. 

Reddit MarketingReddit Enhancement Suite, or RES, is there to make your browsing experience a lot smoother. RES helps you store username/password pairs and switch accounts instantly while browsing Reddit. Furthermore, it has a feature — comment navigator, using which you can easily find comments by OP, mod, etc.

This Reddit marketing software comes with a long list of features such as keyboard navigation, intuitive RED Dashboard, and more. 

Reddit MarketingYou think you can find the most trending Reddit community by using only the search box. You are wrong. Try this Reddit List of 5000 top trending and active community to find subreddits.

This list helps you spot subreddits that might be worth investing your time.  


To conclude, Reddit is a platform that still holds a lot of untapped marketing potential. 

Reddit isn’t a place where you focus on building a following around your account, like in the case of Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Instead, it acts as a hub where you can get your brand in front of engaged visitors who have something to say. 

Redditors easily spend hours on the site, and they are always looking for something new. Give them what they want and build up your brand presence. 

To get the most out of Reddit, you need to start interacting. As a part of your Reddit marketing plans, always post unique and original content, ask for suggestions or answer other’s questions, comment on other’s posts, and also upvote relevant comments. 

So that was it!

Nilam Oswal
Nilam Oswal is a Content Marketing Head and Brand Strategiest at SoftwareSuggest. When she's not hard at work, she can be found wandering, reading, and just generally having a good time in life.

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