Why Remote App testing is the need of the hour in the new normal

Parul Saxena

Parul Saxena

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: August 10, 2021

Mobile app and web applications being the primary source of communication between the customers and vendors, organizations across the different verticals are having mobile applications and web applications as the primary source of communication between the customers and vendors.

Hence to make sure that the application is bugless and works seamlessly, brands are focusing on mobile and web application testing. But with the popularity of the apps, customer demand and expectations have also risen. Hence they need a technological solution that is faster, qualitative, and also convenient. Here Remote testing platforms can be a solution. So let’s discuss Remote testing platforms and its needs.

The need for a Remote testing platform

Remote testing platforms are generally cloud-based testing platforms that can be used from anywhere and at any time. Being cloud-based testing platforms, the entire interface is virtual including the mobile or laptop devices hence a lot of bucks are saved in investing in physical device lab and devices.

Due to the unprecedented times like the covid, today remote testing platforms have become a necessity, Likewise, there are many factors in today’s time demand for a remote testing platform. So let’s discuss all the points inclined to the need of the remote testing platforms.

Best for geographically separated teams 

Nowadays there are no organizations that have a single workstation. Workplaces can also be miles and countries away. Hence having a remote testing solution is a must in such a situation. Also, there can be employees in a single project who are miles away from each other.

Also, there might be a situation where projects need a collaboration of teams that are geographically separated. Hence remote testing platforms can be a solution to this. As employed can work from anywhere and at any time and can also interact through collaborative tools like Jira, Github, Slack, Zoom, etc.

Good for business continuity 

We have been experiencing an unprecedented time like covid from last year. Where remote work was the only solution. There can also be situations where employees are geographically shifting. During such situations having remote testing platforms is extremely important so that the business continuity does not get affected.  Employees can work from any part of the world and also they can collaborate easily by integrating collaborative tools.

Employees can work 24/7 

Web and Mobile application testing might require employees to work and collaborate even after working hours. They might need to monitor testing feedback 24/7. Having a remote platform that can be accessed 24/7 is a great boon for employees as they can engage with the platform at any point in time. They won’t be bounded and also have flexible working hours which would increase their productivity.

Can outsource the testing resources easily 

In mobile and web application testing, you never know when a sudden requirement pops out to outsource the resources. There might be a sudden need for more manpower or you might need a consultation from an expert, or even if your organization is planning to hire crowd testers.

The outsourced resource can log in to the platform and collaborate with the organization and perform testing. Even important documents like analytical reports can be shared via collaborative tools. 


Remote working is a new normal. Hence remote application testing is high on demand and especially during such unprecedented times as the pandemic. For mobile application testing and web application testing, the remote cloud-based testing platforms are the best as they save a lot of investments in physical device labs and the complexity in networking, provides 24/7 access from any corner of the world, the flexibility in the working hours benefits the employees, high demand issues from the client-side can be taken up at any point of time and you are connected to you clients 24/7. Hence all these factors make remote cloud-based testing platforms the best.

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