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When you are the owner of a business, building and managing your online reputation is essential, especially when you represent a highly competitive field of industry. Knowing how to properly manage your reputation online as a software development company provides advantages over your competition. Having a complete understanding of what it takes to manage an online reputation and working together with an online reputation management company is optimal for maximizing opportunities and the potential for success.

Follow These Reputation Management Tips for Software Development Companies

#Tip1: Streamline Your Website and Social Media Pages

Streamlining your website’s name with your social media pages is the first step you should take to improve your online reputation. When selecting a name for your software development company, research potential competition to verify that your preferred name is not used elsewhere online. Ensure your name is also available using top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Create page names that match with your website’s official URL to help improve your site’s SEO (search engine optimization) while also redirecting user traffic to the proper location.

#Tip2: Optimize Your Company and Domain Name

Once you have registered your domain and company trademark, begin optimizing your website to boost its search engine optimization. Use proper title and meta tags to appeal to your intended audience within search results of top engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Bing. Avoid overcomplicating your page titles and meta tags and instead, use relevant, trendy, and specific keywords and phrases for maximum online optimization. Building a proper online reputation is much easier when your website is fully optimized to target the demographics you intend to reach.

#Tip3: Create a Social Media Posting Calendar on Various Platforms

Create a designated social media posting calendar on each platform you use to represent your business. Due to the algorithms of social media sites, posting frequently with relevant, unique, and engaging content is essential to maintain and build your online following. Dedicate set days of the week to share various types of content, blog posts, and even promotions or online ad campaigns to keep your followers genuinely interested in the services your software development company provides.

#Tip4: Network With Other Webmasters

Networking with similar and relevant blogs along with other software-centric companies is another way to vastly improve your online reputation as a software development company. Reach out to webmasters and bloggers who share content that is relevant to your business to request link exchanges. Once you have established connections with other online bloggers and webmasters, learn more about guest blogging. Share guest blogs on relevant websites while allowing your partners and networking connections to do the same on your website for increased website optimization and free exposure.

#Tip5: Track and Monitor Search Engine Results

Keep track of search engine results that are most relevant to your business. Study search engine trends using tools such as Google Trends to gain valuable insight about your target audience and the demographics you are interested in. Compare your top competition’s websites along with your own to learn more about which keywords and phrases work best to drive traffic to their sites.

#Tip6: Frequently Research Trending and Relevant Keywords for Your Website

Research trending and relevant keywords for your website on a regular basis. Create a virtual spreadsheet to monitor the effectiveness of keywords while also keeping tabs on your own most popular blog posts and pages of content. Frequently review your website’s statistics to determine which style of content is driving the most traffic to your website. Spend time crafting content that is unique, in-depth, and extremely informative to attract new users to your website while establishing brand authority for your software development company online. Establishing authority in any industry is essential, especially when you are working in a highly competitive market.

#Tip7: Avoid Getting Personal When Responding to Negative Reviews

Regardless of how popular the products or services you provide are, it is common to receive backlash or negative comments from customers and clients who are simply unhappy with your business. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when receiving and responding to negative reactions online is to respond negatively or without professional cadence. Remain professional anytime you are addressing negative reviews or testimonials and avoid getting personal or lashing out, even if allegations or comments are entirely false. Address negative comments and reviews directly and with complete transparency to help build trust and confidence from others who are interested in the software development work you do.

A solution that can help you boost online reputation for software development companies is Rize Reviews. Rize Reviews provides a tool that helps software development company owners garner online reviews using different platforms across the web. Increase the number of reviews your company receives while maximizing your online reach.

#Tip8: Be Direct When Addressing Online Content With Negative Connotations

If you stumble upon a website or blog that is spreading false or negative information about your business, contact the writer or webmaster directly. In your message, ask how you can help to change their view or opinion regarding your software development company or simply request additional clarity relevant to the blog post in question. If you are unable to contact the author or creator of the negative content regarding your business, consider leaving a professional comment addressing the issue at hand on the post itself. Always remain professional anytime you are responding to a negative blog post or review of your company to avoid an online backlash that can lead to a loss of followers or a tarnished online reputation. Tarnished online reputations are extremely difficult to repair and rebuild and often require the help of online reputation management companies to get the job done right.

#Tip9: Don’t Forget Your Local and Offline Reputation

While it is important to manage your website and online reputation, it is also imperative to keep your local and offline reputation in mind. Research reviews of your company using services such as Google reviews and Yelp to learn more about how customers feel about your business and the services you provide. Respond to each review accordingly and connect with locals who are most loyal to your company. Request reviews and testimonials from past clients you have worked with along with current clients you have in your local community to help boost and improve your overall online reputation.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the benefits of an online reputation management company with these reputation management tips. It is extremely important when you want to build a successful software development brand and business. With the right online reputation management company, gain peace of mind while scaling your company and continuously outperforming your top competition.

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