Restaurant Checklist for Reopening the Restaurants after Lockdown

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Last updated: August 25, 2021

The restaurant business was one of the worst-hit industries during the outburst of pandemic and subsequent lockdown series. All the industry players wished for was the means to restart and establish themselves after the global crisis. In such a situation restaurant checklist as discussed in this write-up is the only hack for the success of the business.

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So now, when the economy has slowly adjusted to the new norms, the restaurant owners have also opened their doors for people. But, customer behavior has changed a lot. People have made sanitation and social distancing a norm of their routine life. These call for few protocols which need to be adhered to by restaurants, if they wish to increase their footfall and ROI. 

Restaurant checklist for reopening the restaurant business after lockdown

During the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurant business suffered a massive hit, as people stopped availing themselves of outside food facilities. As a result, the industry players felt the compulsion to refurbish their restaurant business model under reopening guidelines, as mentioned below. In fact, the restaurants, which reopened under the new protocols, are speedily recovering their profits. 

1. Ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of the workspace

Cleanliness and sanitization of the workplace are of the utmost priority today. If not taken care of, even a speck of dirt mark can stale the credibility of your business within a few days of its reopening. Here are a few measures which, when followed, will add spark and shine to the looks of your restaurant.

  • Ensure a thorough back house and front house cleaning of the restaurant place. 
  • Clean and sanitize the areas which are under constant or even rare touch of humans.
  • Do clean the cash counters, countertops, and other points of sale.
  • Make use of food-safe cleaners and sanitizers in the kitchen and other areas where food comes in direct contact with the surface.
  • Ensure the series of wash, rinse, and sanitize for food-prep tools and small wares before use.
  • Clean and sanitize the shelves before restocking.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect all the hand wash and restroom areas.
  • Do swipe, mop, and sanitize the floor area regularly.

Once you are done with the entire cleanliness regime, make it a regular practice for your staff to maintain the cleanliness level. All this will make people more welcome to the place. 

2. Abide by the social distancing norms

Social distancing and contactless practices have become a part of the routine life of people. Individuals prefer the workspace, entertainment zones, and food places that respect such practices amongst their staff and visitors.

  • If you have a takeaway counter, you need to ensure that people maintain a distance of 6 feet amongst themselves. If needed, you can make use of barriers to strictly imply the distance. Increase the spacing between the in-house dining arrangement. And also sanitize the entire table and chair arrangement before getting the next customer seated.
  • Ensure the proper distance between staff and guests too.
  • Provide touchless hand sanitizers to visitors at the point of restaurant entry and inside the dining area, too.
  • Make use of disposable menu sheets or make a digital display of the menu to avoid repetitive contact with multiple customers.
  • Promote a contactless payment system.

3. Examine all the restaurant equipment

Examine all the restaurant order management systems to check if they are working smoothly. Do this check much in advance, so that you have time for a replacement if needed. Turn on the electrical appliances like refrigerators, coolers, air conditioners, and other such appliances and get them serviced if needed. 

Apart from the electrical appliance, the owner should also check if the gas lines and stoves are perfectly functional. Turn on the gas line and relight pilot lights on cooking equipment. If any fix is needed, get it done by a technician and then recheck the status of the equipment. 

4. Track food inventory

Your restaurant business had suffered a sudden closure. There are high chances that there are food items with expiry dates still lying on the shelves of your kitchen. Discard such stale items and restock the inventory. Ensure a fresh supply of all the cooking essentials in your kitchen. You don’t want to turn off your visitors because of foul-smelling and bad taste food items. Do you?

5. Train the staff

Now that you have incorporated a few new guidelines in the operations of your restaurant business, you need to make your staff aware of all this. Your staff needs to be trained regarding their self-hygiene, sanitization, social distancing, and upkeep of the workplace. Staff needs to wear masks and gloves regularly.

6. Get the mandatory inspections done

As a responsible citizen, you need to ensure that your restaurant technology can drive your business complies with all the local health guidelines of the area. Therefore, make sure that before the complete reopening of the restaurant business, get all the inspections by the local health department. Proper display of such inspection certificates also raises the trust level of the restaurant visitors.

7. Spread awareness regarding the reopening status of your restaurant

Now that you are all ready to open the restaurant doors, popularize and promote this news to your prospective visitors. Make use of advertisements on social media pages, radio, and local newspapers. Provide attractive discount offers to the first few customers in order to attract more and more customers. Promote sales through gift cards. Also, popularize your renewed certifications and new guidelines. 

8. Embrace Technology

Technology has been a savior for many industries during this pandemic time. Therefore, now that your business is on track after a long break, it is essential for you to embrace the technological solution. For example, one can make use of Restaurant POS systems for inventory management, CRM systems, accounting software tools, and more to integrate their business with the current trends of the market. All these solutions will help in easy tracking and maintenance of inventory and orders.

Final note

Reopening your restaurant might seem to be a daunting task at present. But with the above restaurant checklist and few technological tools in your favor, you will sail your business smoothly. People have relaxed to a great extent and are now moving out to experience the revamped market scenario post lockdowns. So embrace them with care. If you face any hurdle, we are always here to help you. Just share your requirements in the comment section below.

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