How Reviews can be a Turning Point for Business Software Vendor



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Last updated: August 5, 2021

Yelpification of the business software has reached a tipping point. The reviews of the user increase conversions because they can eliminate any doubts which the potential customers may have about a product. They can even help in product selection.

It has been observed that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. User reviews are proven sales drivers and something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase.

These reviews are proved to be great for SEO. Customers are the backbone to any of the marketing industry. But to have the reviews for the products is equally important. Customers are basically the backbone to any marketing industry. Let us have a look at the following points to increase the sales by asking for a review from our customers.

  • Reviews important for B2B buyers.   It has been found in a survey that 70 percent of the people who responded that business services reviews were more important than reviews of personal services. Two-thirds of the respondent said that reading reviews significantly impacted their purchase decision.
  • Reviews improve quantity as well as the quality of prospects for software companies. It has been observed in recent months that companies with reviews get far better sales opportunities from SoftwareSuggest than those without any reviews. Genuine buyers take the time to read reviews of the software which is an important factor in increasing sales.
  • Negative reviews are equally important.  Many of the software purchasers said that no software or a company or a product is perfect and therefore they trust a software product more if it has a handful of negative reviews mixed with positive reviews. So having only positive or glowing reviews don’t give a prospective buyer the potential view of working with your product or team will be like.

How Reviews can be a turning point for Business Software Vendor

Make it Simple to Churn out the Best!!

There are ample product pages that are niche or newly released which have yet to attract customer reviews. To attract the reviews from the people who haven’t used the product make it simple and nice.

To offer the customers the simple things one option is to leave a quick rating out of five or ten and provide a useful summary score to add to the product pages.

The other way can be to ask users to give different aspects of products a rating.

Benefits of writing a review

  1. Sales can be increased: Online review given by any customer about any software gives a direct impression to the new users about how the product is which ultimately increases the sales of the product.
  2. Better Understand and Serve your Customers: By getting an online review of the product you can also know whether you are doing the right job or not. This would allow you to better serve your customers and better resolve any issue if they have. This will create a positive experience for the customer and will help your business in the future.
  3. To Improve your Rankings: When a review is written on your site, it is being reviewed by the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo !! and more. This helps in improving your website’s ranking.
  4. Help Create the Engagement of the Consumers: Many a time it is seen that online review pages have become active social communities where consumers leave reviews and keep coming back on the review page to see whether others have made any comments on their post. Sometimes they even come back to see whether what other consumers have to say about your software product in general.
  5. Increase in Marketing: It actually happens that a handful of positive online reviews can offer your business benefits that a simple marketing campaign can’t.  They can even be termed as micro-marketing campaigns.
  6. Reviews Attract more Reviews: When a product or service has already received a review, it motivates other visitors to write their own feedback. So a review can prove to be a good opportunity to gain another view.
  7. Do allow your Consumers to give you points and Create Customer Loyalty: Those Customers who take time to write a review for you should feel that they are important for you. Then they will be more loyal to your business and they will keep coming back year after year. Once they write an online review, they will have trust in your business and thus, they will be able to provide a positive feedback to your business.

Thus by compelling your customers to write a review about a particular software product of your company would ultimately prove to be a positive perspective for your business. Now there shouldn’t be any doubt, the reviews from your customers will help you increase your overall market of the software product.

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