RingCentral Steps Forward To Combat COVID-19: Offers VoIP Solution Free of Charge



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Last updated: May 21, 2021

The rapid COVID-19 outbreak has created an alarming health crisis that the world is grappling with today. As WHO (World Health Organization) declares it a Pandemic, a wave of fear, panic, and distress has run over the globe. Schools have been closed; companies are encouraging employees to work remotely; dozens of cities are sent under lockdown as a precaution to prevent the COVID-19 spread. Besides impacting humans, it has introduced new challenges for the business environment too. This calls for a practical, measured, and informed approach from the leaders.

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While companies are scrambling to get the systems in place to enable effective remote working, healthcare institutions are struggling to communicate effectively with the patients. Similar is the situation for educators and other industries.

It’s a difficult time, and we all need to be together in this.

RingCentral, a leading global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solution provider, came forward with a helping hand in this crisis.

RingCentral: Enabling Effective Communication & Collaboration Platform for Distributed Workforce Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

RingCentral recently announced that it would provide its most sought-after product – RingCentral Office – free of charge until the COVID-19 crisis tides over.

Who benefits with the offer?

If you are an educator, healthcare provider, or a non-profit organization owner impacted by COVID-19, RingCentral will help you get running in no time with RingCentral Office.

How will you benefit from the RingCentral Office?

RingCentral Office is a complete suite of cloud phone system that comes power-packed with a plethora of functionalities. This platform helps you connect and collaborate with your team effectively while staying productive and safe.

With RingCentral Office, you get everything you need in a unified desktop or mobile application. This includes:

1. HD Video Conferencing

While COVID-19 restricts you from having face-to-face meetings, RingCentral can help you seal the deal while sitting at home through its Video Conferencing feature. You can share your screen as well as host participants from across the globe in your meetings.

2. Messaging

With team messaging, file sharing, SMS, and more, RingCentral makes collaboration even better. You no longer need to surf your inbox to search for an attachment. RingCentral has got everything at your fingertip.

3. Phone System

Being the powerful cloud phone system provider, RingCentral comes with a range of calling features that makes connecting with clients effortless. Right from Call Forwarding, Call Flip, Call Recording, and Call Screening to Voicemail, Paging, Internet Fax, and many more, it provides every bit to make your communication more effective.

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Why is RingCentral the best deal for you?

RingCentral poses all modes of communication that a non-profit organization, healthcare providers, and educational institutes require to combat the COVID-19 effects on their daily operations.

On one side, where it enables teachers and students to profess e-learning via screen sharing, on the other, it facilitates healthcare providers to check up with their patients using its phone service. Additionally, non-profit organizations can also continue imparting their services via phone and messaging.

RingCentral FREE

In addition to those mentioned earlier, even the new users of RingCentral impacted by COVID-19 can get free access to RingCentral Office. This includes conducting a video conference with 100 participants. Well, the existing customers of RingCentral with the following plans – Office Essential and Standard – can also make the most of this video meeting participant limit.

Final Words

Setting up a RingCentral solution is remarkably easy. In fact, you can enable it in minutes.

Being a global workforce by itself, RingCentral perfectly understands the importance of staying connected. Thus, considering this as its duty, RingCentral decided to help the educators, healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations with its communication and collaboration solution.

While we pray for the world to tide over the COVID-19 outbreak soon, we do hope to keep your work running.

Stay safe, work remotely!

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