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Last updated: May 27, 2020

The advancement in technology has majorly impacted the way we conduct business. With the rise in on-demand communications and more people working remotely, video conferencing has become a significant tool of doing business in the 21st century. Whether it is engaging remote workers, interviewing candidates for jobs, or collaborating across departments and locations, the video conferencing tool turns out to be efficient, cost-effective, and scalable.

As opposed to in-person meetings that take up valuable hours of your day in addition to the commuting time, teleconferencing can save the money and time spent on business travel. Moreover, it connects teams separated geographically, improves communication, and even productivity.

RingCentral Video is an integrated video conferencing solution that is built on the most secure business communications platform. Right from conducting HD voice and video conferences to its compatibility to work with any device, it lets you work from anywhere. With RingCentral Video, meeting remotely has just got easier. Let’s walk through its detailed review below and unleash its potential.

A Detailed Overview of RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is integrated into RingCentral Office providing users the ability to choose other modes of communication – message or phone- when desired.

As you login to your RingCentral account, you will be greeted with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard. This dashboard lets you interact with features like Message, Video, Phone, and Contacts. We’ll explore them all here.

1. Message

It lets you communicate with your colleagues seamlessly. Right from letting you send messages to sharing files, images, and links, you can accomplish everything from a single window. Furthermore, you can make notes, create tasks, access events on your calendar, pin important messages, and even install integrations. All of these are tucked in on the right panel for quick access and context as shown in the image below,

RingCentral message

In addition to one-on-one conversation, it enables you to communicate with broader groups and even external users outside the organization. Besides, you can mark conversations as a favorite, view colleague’s profiles, and set notification preferences as and when you want. If we keep it simple, RingCentral offers all that you manage on a separate messaging tool like Slack on its video conferencing platform.

  • Links: Whenever you chat with your peers, many times you share links or URLs. RingCentral keeps track of these shared links and lists them in this section. Thus, you can come over anytime and find the source effortlessly.
  • Files: Similar to links, all the files shared across conversations are stored here. You can even upload files from your system on this page by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Tasks: It gives a complete view of the tasks that you have this week and helps you prepare better for the next week. It also shows you the upcoming events and tasks.
  • Events: You can connect your Google or Office 365 calendar with RingCentral and easily get an overview of your schedule. This can help you join video meetings instantly and schedule new ones as per your convenience.
  • Integrations: RingCentral provides hundreds of pre-built integrations as well as open apis to integrate into other applications.
  • Notes: RingCentral lets you create notes, save them, and share them instantly. Others can review it and put their comments too. All of your notes are collected here.
  • Images: All the images that you share during your conversation are accumulated at this place so that you can find the one you need easily.

2. Video Meetings

Just connect your calendar with your RingCentral account, and start, schedule, and join meetings effortlessly.

RingCentral video meetings

  • Start: When you click on ‘Start,’ you will get directed to RingCentral Meetings, and a window, as shown below, will appear,

ringcentral video group call

You can explore each of its features and functionalities in our detailed RingCentral Meetings Review.

  • Schedule: RingCentral lets you schedule a video meeting, set the preferred settings, and sync it with your calendar.
  • Join: By entering the provided Meeting ID, you can join any RingCentral Meetings within the fraction of time.

With RingCentral Video, you can ensure,

ringcentral video desktop

  • HD Voice and Video: With industry-leading uptime of 99.99%, RingCentral ensures that you have your meetings with carrier-grade voice and video.
  • No downloads: Want to join or host meetings? Just one click from your RingCentral App or the browser, and you are all set! No technical overheads, no downloads!
  • Anywhere, any device: Switch your Live Meetings from laptop to mobile and vice versa with a single tap. Connect with your peers from any device and any place.
  • Screen Sharing: Allow one or more participants to share their screen simultaneously, grab important visuals, chat internally, and record the meeting.
  • Recordings: RingCentral also allows you to view the recorded meetings for future use.

3. Phone

Starting with your Call History to your Voicemail, Fax, and Texts, RingCentral provides you with a consolidated view.

  • Call History: You can view all the calls you made or received as well the list of missed calls here. As you hover on a particular number, you can delete, block, call, and send a text right from your call history. Moreover, you can navigate through the call recordings list.
  • Voicemail: All of your voicemails are collected here. You can listen to them, send your response, place a call, delete, download, block, or mark it as unread. Moreover, your voicemails can be transcribed as well.
  • Fax: Your received, sent, and failed faxes are enlisted here along with its status for a better understanding. You can view, forward, download, and mark them as unread, depending on your needs. Besides, you can also block or delete them.
  • Text: You can send text messages and attach files. Furthermore, you can have a conversation with yourself.

4. Contacts

RingCentral enables you to view your contacts, company directory, a specific group of teams you are a part of, and also search them from the given search bar.

5. Analytics

This represents a detailed analysis of your messaging, video conferencing, and office phone system reports. You can delve deeper into this section in our RingCentral Office Review

Summing Up

As more and more businesses adopt video conferencing solutions as their go-to communication mode, you could stand to lose your competitive edge if you haven’t leveraged a consolidated approach to all your communications needs yet. RingCentral video, with its impeccable enterprise-grade security, sees to it that every conversation remains private and secure. Moreover, its message, video, and phone, i.e., an all-in-one capability is what helps get things done faster. So, make a move and get started with RingCentral Video!

You can explore more about RingCentral Video on its website.

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