Reasons For The Rise In Demand For Online Business Accounting Software

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Last updated: August 10, 2021

Owing to the demand for computerized systems in financial management, the global accounting software market is expected to show significant growth in the years to come. Business accounting software demand has also risen because of the ongoing shift from traditional financial statements to using online accounting programs. 

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Initially, in the traditional financial management system, accounts were simply limited to preparing ledger, balance sheet, payroll, etc. But today’s computerized business accounting software integrates with supply chain management software, human resource management, customer relationship management, and other reporting applications too.

It automatically keeps track of financial transactions and generates reports and dashboards based on them. So irrespective of the size of the enterprise, online accounting software is trending in the market for monitoring the respective financial transactions. 

What is online accounting software?

Online business accounting software is also known as computerized accounting software or web-based accounting software or cloud accounting software. It helps finance department professionals to manage and take advantage of automated accounting data analysis. Hosted on a remote server, the user sends the data to the cloud where the data gets processed and is then sent back to the user for official use.

Features of cloud-based accounting software

  • It is accessible via the internet or a cloud-based service provider.
  • It is accessible across all the smart tech internet-based devices.
  • The same data is accessible to multiple users at the same time.
  • Ensures data recovery and data backup.

What are the reasons for the growth in the business accounting software market:

Cloud Accounting Software


With the increasing demand for cloud-based business accounting software, industries are experiencing cost-effectiveness and reduced processing time. Leading accounting programs deliver real-time business analysis with consolidated financial reports.

The accounting software reports provide quantitative and qualitative insight on market size and growth rate, too. Too many benefits are glued to one single online business accounting software tool. 

Also, there is a projection of a massive increase in cloud-based accounting programs by 2026. Here are some pointers which clarify the reasons behind the upsurge in the demand for computerized accounting software in the market.

Anytime and anywhere access to financial data

The user can get access to financial statements anytime and anywhere with web-based accounting software. He does not require installing the updates or download the updated version every time there is a system upgrade.

Because of its web-based platform, such software comes with flexibility as its unique feature. Some online business accounting software also comes with their respective mobile applications, which further enable ease of remote access. 

Real-time data available

The most common and significant advantage of computerized accounting software is that the data is accessible on a real-time basis. There is no need to update the data manually, every time. The reports are prepared considering the latest data information.

All this provides an up-to-date view of the current financial market too. This also makes it easier for enterprises to access real-time financial data as and when needed. 

Saves time with automation

Automation of work always saves time and money in the long term. There is minimal manual interference. Technological advancements relieve the person from executing repetitive tasks. Also, it becomes quite easy to extract financial reports and execute data analysis speedily.

The accountant is no longer required to prepare ledger and vendor reports every time. For certain repetitive tasks, there are pre-designed formats that can generate results when needed. 

Ease of collaboration

Using a web-based accounting software tool makes it easier for any organization or businessperson to collaborate with his accountant. When given access to the accountant, he can generate the reports as and when needed without wasting his and your time.

You can also provide restricted access if needed. Also, web accounting software can easily be integrated with other cloud-based software tools for the overall success of the organization.

Accuracy of financial operation

The computerized accounting software comes with security and automation features, which further ensures the accuracy of financial transactions. All the user needs to do is enter the information in a well-categorized manner.

With proper entry, the user can extract the financial reports easily and in the most accurate manner. The user does not require to be well brushed with accounts formula to get accurate financial statements. Everything gets done automatically. 

No requirement for installation

There is no need for any separate setup of hardware devices for the use and installation of online accounting software. Everything gets hosted online. Unlike many other software tools that need individual licenses for use on each computer, computerized accounting software is readily available on a web browser or mobile app.

This also saves money spent on the IT team to do jobs like software upgrades or deal with other technical issues.

Ease of technical support

Ease of technical support is the prime benefit and reason that drives the need for cloud-based web accounting software. In case of any technical issue, the user has access to the support team at all times of the day from any remote place.

The support is available in any of the technological formats like chat, tele-support, email, and more. This saves them money and time which otherwise would have been wasted in hiring an in-house IT representative to specifically deal with software issues.

Paperless working environment

During the traditional days of financial management, accounting work was recorded on paper only. But not anymore. With stacks of file and account statements compressed in form of digital data, the finance department has become almost paperless.

There is no hassle and fear of paper documents getting misplaced, torn, or lost. Also, with a cloud-based accounting software program, the accountants are no longer required to enter the data manually on paper and then transfer it to the system. Everything gets done directly thus resulting in a reduced risk of manual errors and loss of significant business data to a wide extent.

Safety and security of data

A cloud-based system ensures the safety and security of data. Cloud accounting software makes use of encrypted data to rewrite the information in code language and store it in the cloud. Cloud accounting software can also take your business to the next level. Web accounting software thus offers the following security measures to the user:

  • Secure premises
  • Staff security
  • Off-site automatic backup server
  • Regular security audit
  • High-level digital security software
  • Multiple segregated networks
  • Multiple built-in user authentication methods
  • Dedicated anti-malware staff
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Automatic updates

 Ease of tax compliance

Today business houses prefer the use of online accounting software tools, to enjoy the perks of tax compliance. Web-based accounting software eases the job of streamlining the accounting transactions at every stage.

As a result, the professional is relieved from any tax-related stress. The much-advanced online accounting software has inbuilt tax rules which take care of the regional tax guidelines. The tax submission reports get prepared digitally, with no manual interference.

Checklist for the purchase of the best online accounting software

The top of the shelf online accounting software needs to have some or all of the below-mentioned traits. 

  • Ease of 24*7 remote access.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Easy management of accounts receivable and online sharing of invoices.
  • Availability of pre-designed invoice templates. 
  • Ease management of accounts payable. 
  • Ease of integration with business bank accounts to automate expense tracking, journal entry, and so on.
  • Inventory management and tracking.
  • Ease of creating financial reports.
  • Comes with a dashboard that depicts a well-integrated presentation.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Automatic tax calculation and compliance.
  • And more!


Cloud-based enterprise accounting software installation is indeed one of the best decisions a business professional can make. It enhances the functioning of the process and also improves the success rate of the business.

Today the accounting software developers are making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to further automate the financial process of the firm. For more information on software updates, stay tuned to and have access to the best of the virtual world.

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