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Last updated: June 26, 2020

Two main factors for the growth of the business in the modern world are making your customers and your employees happy. If the sales process is simple, the customer will have less time to think about whether they need your product or not, and they will buy. To create simple solutions and great user experience, you need great teamwork which is based on communication and organization. Basically, you will need a few affordable  (software on demand) SaaS tools. There is software for accounting, marketing automatization, customer retention, collaboration, email organization.

Large companies tend to use on-premises software solutions and tools. But, cloud-based software is affordable and easy to use if you have started your business.

What is more important, the best companies out there are not using one Software-as-a-Service tool. According to recent research data, 70% of business owners are making moderate to significant investments in this kind of tools. Software on-demand tools with general-purpose can adapt to every type of business.

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Whole market of SaaS tools can look overwhelming at first. But, be sure that your competitors are already using them, and taking over the market. That is the main reason why you should explore this world of opportunities and find the best SaaS tools on the market.

Best Small and Medium Business Software

The software solutions that I will mention in this article are the first choice for many companies across the globe. Their main features are adaptable to different niches. They have different environments, and over time you will find out that some are more suitable for you than the others. But the most important thing is to try using them and read all about their features, so you can have the best user experience. I have chosen these since I had the opportunity to use them, and I will highly recommend them for small and medium businesses. 

1. SaaS for sharing your ideas – Slack

Companies nowadays use the workforce from all around the world, and the online platform for sharing documents and ideas is a must-have. Slack is one of the most used hubs that is free, and also very easy to use. Besides its ability to have a huge amount of users within the company, it also has the option to create a profile for guests from other companies. They can share their thoughts and files in different channels of Slack and then leave after the meeting is over.

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Another cool thing about Slack is the possibility to integrate it with your Airtable, or calendar app. Also, you can use Slackbot to ask your employees basic day-to-day questions about the project and stay updated. Possibilities are endless, and if you are willing to explore them, find Slack tips and learn how this can be more than a chat app with awesome emojis.

2. Software on demand for project management – Basecamp

When the team starts growing and new clients start knocking on your door, it can become overwhelming to keep an eye on every task that needs to be done. People tend to put files, charts and meeting reminders in the wrong channels, and with the right project management tool, you can arrange this.

To avoid mistakes, and track the productivity of your team you need a fine project management tool such as Basecamp.

Looking for Project Management Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best project management software solutions.

Also, this software can show you who is accountable and it turns out that it helps with productivity. When you create a to-do list and assign a task to a colleague, this app will track the progress and remind them every day about their responsibilities.

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While I was writing this article, I realized that even NASA is using Basecamp, and that is quite a reference, so I will leave their quote here.

“We’ve had less confusion with task responsibilities and deadlines, which has increased productivity and efficiency.”
-Dale Lavine, NASA

3. Customer Relationship Management system

An adequate CRM system can help you with creating solid and long term relationships with customers by tracking their actions. Yet, it is not enough to collect data about your customers. If you can’t see what the customers are looking for, or doing on your website, you can’t respond to their needs. And that is why a good CRM is important. It not only tracks, but it also shows all those data organized in one place.

By choosing a SaaS CRM system you can avoid all the hassles that come with the On-premise type of software. One of the major benefits of having a SaaS tool type of system is that you don’t need to worry about maintenance or security breaches, it’s all taken care of by the software provider. This is especially convenient for small and medium businesses that might not even have an IT sector.

A cloud-based tool can help companies run all marketing campaigns, target and track results, create customer-centered content, and increase sales just as good if not better than the On-premise one.

4. G-suit Office Software for burdensome work

I am sure that everyone who uses the internet, knows all about Google and Gmail, but I am not sure how familiar G-Suit software sounds. This package includes well-known Gmail, Hangouts for chat, Drive for data storage, Sheets, Docs and Slides for collaboration. It helps remote teams to work on their content while using Drive and Google Docs.

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Google Sheets have the option of sharing with members outside the company if needed, but their best feature is the possibility to use all those cool Excel formulas from the Office package wherever you are. Then again, there is a world of possibilities when you get to understand how to use third-party software with basic G-suite functions.

5. Referral Marketing software for customer acquisition and retention

If your customers are happy with your product or service, they’re likely going to tell their friends about it. A simple conversation that starts with someone asking “hey, where did you get that?” can end up landing you a new client.

Referrals happen organically, and most of the time, they go unnoticed for business owners; which also makes it almost impossible for them to do anything to incentivize them.

That’s where ReferralCandy comes to help. ReferralCandy is an app that allows online stores to create and easily run a customized referral program for their businesses.

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Once it’s set up, it works on autopilot. Referral rewards are sent out automatically and business owners can keep track of their revenue, new customers and purchases from their dashboard.

The way it works is simple. Each individual customer gets an unique referral link that they can share with their friends. When a friend clicks on the link, they’re taken to a landing page with the offer (eg. “Get 15% off your first purchase”) and the coupon code they can redeem at checkout. Once the friend completes the purchase, ReferralCandy tracks the whole process and automatically rewards the customer who made the referral.

ReferralCandy is one of the veterans in the referral marketing software space: They launched their tool in 2010 and have served over 30,000 businesses, generating almost $200M in referral sales.


As I mentioned earlier, the world of SaaS tools is ever-evolving and quite interesting. Tools for small teams are usually free. So if you don’t have a lot of data or employees now, you can sit back and enjoy these simple solutions. When your business gets bigger, you won’t have to change the way you organize your team or the tools you use. Simply upgrade the ones that you and your team are already used to and continue building your empire.

Himanshu Singh is a Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest, He is well versed in software platforms like eCommerce, project management, document management. He is also interested in domains like Machine Learning and Semiconductors. In his spare time, he enjoys Guitar, Badminton, and Photography.

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