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Last updated: February 19, 2021

Are you disappointed with the ROI of your sales and marketing efforts? Well, in this era of ever-changing trends, it can be difficult to keep up your sales game, but not impossible. 

Sales are no longer what it used to be in the past decade. Having said this, you already know how customers reach out to the internet for all their answers and are already quite sure of what they are looking for. 

You can keep your team and company updated by keeping a track of the change leaders who are revolutionizing the Sales Landscape. 

In this blog, we have created a list of the top 15 Sales Gurus whom you can follow to improve your sales by manifolds and get results.

List of Top 15 Sales Gurus You Can Follow In 2020

1. Ashish Pahwa

Ashish PahwaAssociate Vice President at JioSaavn

Ashish is a global ICT sales and marketing expert with over 14 years of experience in the field. He has expertise in working with sales managers and governing the entire sales cycle. Ashish is involved in the executive-level decision-making process. With his branding acumen, he has helped in devising engaging marketing strategies that bring in higher ROI. His out-of-the-box strategies that are market-ready have helped several clients in topping their sales and marketing game. 

You can follow Ashish Pahwa on LinkedIn.

2. Suman Julka

Suman JulkaDirector of Sales and Marketing, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

Suman Julka has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She believes in working with the team rather than getting work from them. She strongly motivates her team to work on their will instead of being pressurized by deadlines. Suman prompts them to initiate actions, thereby, helping them in building up their confidence which leads to cumulative growth. She ensures that the guests, employees, and the company are in a harmonized relationship to thrive. With her aim to ‘Be the Best’ in the industry, she has worked wonders as a part of the sales team of India’s renowned hotel chain. 

You can follow Suman Julka on LinkedIn.

3. Ritesh Mohan

Ritesh MohanHead of Sales, Vedantu

With over two decades of experience in the sales industry and working with multiple companies in different operations makes Ritesh Mohan a versatile sales expert. With strong data analysis skills, Ritesh has helped companies understand their business and target audience better thereby increasing the sales figures. He is known to be a team player who focuses on ‘How to do it’! 

You can follow Ritesh Mohan on LinkedIn

4. Saurabh Sengupta

Saurabh SenguptaFounder, Sales Design Institute

Alumni of IIT Delhi, Saurabh worked with Zomato as the Senior Vice President of Sales for six years. He is now the founder of the Sales Design Institute which focuses on B2B Lead Generation through LinkedIn. His company helps large and mid-sized companies in getting business through social networking. Saurabh helps enterprises in connecting with decision-makers to boost B2B sales.

You can follow Saurabh Sengupta on LinkedIn

5. Sriram Narayanan 

SRIRAM NARAYANANVice President Sales, India Channels & ROW at Automation Anywhere

Sriram is known to be a master storyteller and has helped craft narratives for target groups. He is an IIM, Ahmedabad alumni and speaks eight Indian Languages. Sriram has already worked across India, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and South-east European markets for 15 years. He is DMCA certified from Simplilearn and is a promoter of the Digital Disruption that is driving change.

You can follow Sriram Narayanan on LinkedIn

6. Prakhar Jain

Prakhar JainDirector of Global Sales at Whatfix

Prakhar Jain has a knack to experiment and design workflows from those experiments to multiply sales. Over the last five years, he has been able to increase the QoQ by 200-220%. Prakhar is also a blogger and is into start-ups and some of the clients he has worked with consider him a ‘genie in the bottle’ when it comes to getting things done. On LinkedIn, he shares insights on sales growth and career. 

You can follow Prakhar Jain on LinkedIn

7. Anmol Garg

Anmol GargFounder, Sales5X

A sales guy who also happens to be a stand-up comedian, Anmol Garg trains sales teams with the skills necessary to seal the deals as per the current market trends. His company Sales5X works with businesses to help create sales strategies and channelize the workflow to optimize conversions. He reads 52 books a year and his comedy content is mostly centered around entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing.

You can follow Anmol Garg on LinkedIn

8. Kamal Singh

Kamal SinghSales President, Consul Neowatt Power Solutions Pvt Ltd

Kamal Singh is an experienced growth leader with expertise in Industrial Automation, Electronics, and Energy domain. His leadership has helped organizations in scaling sales and accelerating revenue generation. Kamal experiments and implements these experienced processes to prepare business strategies that drive growth results. He believes in future technologies and stays updated with the factors that influence marketing trends and sales.  

You can follow Kamal Singh on LinkedIn

9. Mitesh Saha 

Mitesh SahaVP – Sales & Marketing, APAC & Europe

Mitesh has more than 13 years of experience in handling sales and growing revenue by motivating his team to cater to delighting customer experiences. He has won three awards owing to his extraordinary sales skills – Best AVP of 2018 Award, Extra Miler Award, and Top Sales Performer Award. Mitesh is highly skilled in people management and networking. With expertise in nurturing leads, negotiations, client research, and analysis, he helps the company top the sales game with strategic sales planning. 

You can follow Mitesh Saha on LinkedIn

10. Charoo Singh 

Charoo SinghDirector Solution Sales – Corporate Accounts & Education at Microsoft

A sales solutions provider, Charoo has worked to boost sales in Microsoft and Oracle and has over 17 years of hands-on experience in channelizing sales, licensing sales, asset management, and operations. She is an INSEAD certified Business Strategy & Financial planner. Charoo has also worked with the six Microsoft entities in India for the initiative of providing employment to people with disabilities. 

You can follow Charoo Singh on LinkedIn

11. Anthony Iannarino

Anthony IannarinoWriter, Salesperson and Speaker

An entrepreneur, acclaimed speaker, sales leader and book author, Anthony Iannarino has helped companies figure out their sales strategies through his blogging in the sales niche. He specializes in B2B sales and helps companies in preparing effective sales processes to scale business and accelerate growth. Anthony has also written three books that focus on driving sales and are comprehensive guides on selling tactics. He is also the founder and managing partner of two businesses that are into business recruitment. 

You can follow Anthony Iannarino on LinkedIn

12. Colleen Francis

Colleen FrancisLinkedIn Sales Influencer 2020, Award-Winning Sales Strategist

Colleen works closely with sales leads of companies to help them identify pointers that can drive sales and prepare sales strategies that give instant results. She has bagged various accolades as a sales strategist and was recognized as LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. Colleen has written two books so far on sales growth. She also conducts seminars and workshops to educate sales teams and equip them with the current sales tactics where the customer is the one driving the process. She has also been the Keynote Speaker in the Canadian Hall of Fame. 

You can follow Colleen Francis on LinkedIn

13. Jeb Blount 

Jeb BlountCEO at Sales Gravy & Author

As the CEO of Sales Gravy, Jeb helps organizations in developing the interpersonal skills of sales team to accelerate sales. He is the author of ten books on helping companies how to sell. Jeb emphasizes emotional intelligence for smart selling. He has been awarded as the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencer and Top 30 Social Selling Influencer. Jeb specializes in Sales Training and Development, SaaS sales, Account Management and Human Behavior. 

You can follow Jeb Blount on LinkedIn

14. Mark Hunter

Mark HunterKeynote Sales Speaker, Best Selling Author

Mark Hunter has more than 30 years of experience in Sales and with his sales acumen, he helps businesses sell and scale to grow. He is a keynote speaker and sales consultant and helps organizations in planning strategic sales processes to accelerate sales by closing better prospects. Known to be blunt and a powerhouse of energy, Mark works with companies that are ready to accept challenges that the digital disruption has brought. He has 12 awards and accolades in his name as the sales influencer and for his blogs. 

You can follow Mark Hunter on LinkedIn

15. Don Cooper – The Sales Heretic 

Don CooperSales Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Coach

Tired of the cliched selling advice, Don came up with his innovative and original ideas on sales. He works as a consultant with organizations in educating the sales team with out-of-the-box sales strategies. Don conducts seminars and workshops for corporates to teach them sales tactics that have helped them in increasing sales and revenue. He is the author of three books on self-promotion, addressing the marketing competition and pricing myths. 

You can follow Don Cooper on LinkedIn

We hope that this list will be helpful to get insightful information to plan better sales processes for your organization.


Shrushti K. Chaware Works as a Digital Marketing Executive, at SoftwareSuggest. She is a Sports lover and always curious to explore new stuff. When she is not working hard at work, she can be found writing, reading or just wandering.

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