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Last updated: July 1, 2021

Companies are using Sales intelligence software to use sift through data – both internal and external – in order to improve their sales processes and increase sales. With the help of excellent Sales intelligence software, companies can improve the number of quality sales leads by sifting through voluminous data to identify hidden opportunities and provide their sales force with an advantage over the competition.

Such software is increasingly used by executives in the marketing and sales departments to lay out long-term sales strategies, usually with the help of their CRM solutions processing the external data and generate actionable lists of quality prospects and databases of the right contacts.

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Key Benefits of Sales Intelligence Software

  • Better target your marketing and communication by customizing them for prospects and increase your chances for upselling and cross-selling.
  • Quickly find the right contacts from the vast amount of internal and external data.
  • See your sales revenue grow substantially by increasing automation, never to miss deadlines, important events, and data accuracy.
  • Gather and use deep insights about your customers’ purchasing preferences, your competition, and their place in the pecking order.
  • Centralize, automate, and control workflows and data for mature contacts, as well as for cold calling.

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Major Features of Sales Intelligence Software

Some of the significant features of Sales Intelligence software solutions that we compare for you are as follows:

1. Integration with CRM

It may seem that Sales intelligence software functions and features are overlapping with your CRM solution. Sales Intelligence tools are not redundant but complementary to the capabilities of a CRM solution.

Sales Analytics and Intelligence Reporting

2. Data Cleaning

Without proper cleansing of the lead data, you cannot expect any solution to mine it for reliable and actionable insights. Sales Intelligence solutions perform data cleaning to help consolidate scattered information about contacts, eliminate errors, minimize redundancies, bring the data up to date, and correct the format of the data needed for processing and presentation.

A good Sales Intelligence platform will detect such anomalies as you are importing the data into the system and present a detailed report on all of them to be processed separately while offering intelligent suggestions based on context.

3. Social Media Mining

With browser extensions or plugins available from most Sales Intelligence software, you can easily import the social connections of your sales force directly. This also helps to cleans the data and to bring it up to date.

You can also create fresh leads in your solution for the sales force to start working on, based on the targeted lists with their preferences and interests already known. The most common plugins mainly target LinkedIn as it is the largest professional social network.

4. Technology Prospecting

If you are dealing in providing technology solutions to your clients, leading Sales Intelligence solutions can help you with technology prospecting. You can set up notification alerts for when the contract for specific technology is coming up for renewal at your target company and then offer a better solution or better deal to make you their preferred vendors.

5. Identifying Prospects

Working with the lists of leads can be frustrating even for the most motivated sales teams if the conversion rate is meager. This happens because you dump the leads onto them and expect them to deliver results without prospects.

Sales Intelligence tools help you to curate qualified lists of prospects derived from targeted contact searches. Your sales force can target prospects based on their industry, geography, annual revenue, technology readiness, and other such criteria.

Identifying Prospects

6. Deep Insights

If your sales team can have any insights into the prospect before picking up the phone to call them, they would love it. With Sales Intelligence solutions, you can gain deep insights on your prospects before the initial contact is made and tailor your communication based on their requirements.

AI-powered Sales Intelligence tools can give real-time contextual information on each prospect and help you recognize their future actions based on past behavior. Proper knowledge about their position in the decision chain, market share, and even knowledge of shared connections can help close the deal faster.

7. Lead Management

Lead management is a complex process with many steps. A good Sales Intelligence solution helps you with:

  • Nurturing existing leads with more profound knowledge.
  • Building and executing strategies to acquire new leads.
  • Provide filters to apply on leads for targeted campaigns.
  • Help your sales force assign lead scores based on customized rules, dispositions, and past interactions.
  • Generate real-time notifications and alerts whenever there is an action taken by the prospects in your sales funnel, when they face any difficulty, or when they leave the process in between.

Global Sales Intelligence Software Market

Top 5 Sales Intelligence Software

Without further ado, let us discuss the best five solutions in the Sales Intelligence Software category based on our extensive review and clients’ feedbacks. For your benefit, we have listed the solutions in the order of their rankings.

1. LeadPyramid


LeadPyramid is the only provider that verifies the phone number and email address in real-time, even before data is visible to the customers. This helps overcome the most significant challenge any sales force comes across – missing data disrupting the continuous work.

LeadPyramid has proven time and again to boost your productivity by filling the gaps in missing contact and contextual data for prospects. With the complete picture for each lead available in real-time, the sales teams are assured of better results due to their ability to create a genuine connection with their leads; sales managers can deliver efficiency and sales revenue boost.

With trustworthy contact and leads data for your business, you can build strong relationships with your prospects and turn them into loyal customers. LeadPyramid updates your contact database with legitimate data from Social Networks like LinkedIn or API integration to your CRM solution.

The Chrome and other browser extensions help you consolidate data from all these resources with minimal effort and zero errors. You can also search and verify the contact information of your prospective clients on Social Networks, as LeadPyramid would scan their profile page within the ambit of data privacy regulations.

Major Features

  • Verified Email Addresses
  • Verified Phone Numbers
  • Save to LeadPyramid CRM
  • Team Management
  • Export to Excel
  • Bulks Contacts
  • Dedicated Success Manager
Pricing (annual pack)
EnterpriseCustom On-demand

2. Lusha


Lusha is a widely used Sales Intelligence tool that helps professionals create a quick and genuine connection with their contacts, leads, and potential candidates. With Lusha, you can build trust using its diverse tools.

With the free browser extension, you can search for business contact details like email & phone number by simply visiting their LinkedIn profile page. With a high accuracy rate, they create a large dataset for you to explore and exploit.

When you can reach the right contact person in the target company, you can close deals faster. Lusha can also integrate with most CRM solutions like Salesforce, Outreach, and Hubspot.

Major Features

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Export contacts
  • Prospecting
  • Save contacts to CRM
  • Bulk data enrichment
  • Team management
  • API access
  • Dedicated success manager
Pricing (annual pack)
EnterpriseBuilt to scale, Custom

3. RocketReach


RocketReach boasts of its superior AI and machine learning tools to sift through and distill thousands of public data sources and discover verified email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles for you.

With API-based services, they can seamlessly integrate with external tools like Salesforce & Zapier and automate your workflows. RocketReach can help you solve business needs like sales enablement, strategic marketing, analytics, and market research. Their Chrome extension allows bulk lookup with a single click.

Major Features

  • Find Professional Contacts
  • Comprehensive Professional Data
  • Always up to date
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Workflow integrations
  • Online Support
Pricing (annual pack)

4. Contactout


Contactout prides itself in offering exclusive access to contact details that others cannot deliver. The source, store, and update their contacts datasets first-hand. Seamless integration with Outreach CRM allows it to find verified email addresses on LinkedIn and Github.

Their AI-driven search engine can sift through vast amounts of public profiles in a privacy-compliant manner from social sites like LinkedIn and GitHub. You can save lead profiles directly from LinkedIn to your dashboard, organize them, and share them with your sales team. Running targeted email campaigns allows you to automate and engage with prospects with less effort.

Major Features

  • LinkedIn sourcing
  • Save profiles
  • Search portal
  • Email campaigns
  • Engage prospects 10x faster
TeamCustom Pricing Starting at $5000+

5. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo takes pride in delivering B2B intelligence that you can rely on to locate and engage ideal buyers and close deals faster. They provide an end-to-end solution for your go-to-market strategy by providing an accurate and holistic view of current customers, potential prospects, and sales opportunities.

With diverse features and seamless integrations with third-party tools and browsers, ZoomInfo can automate your workflows, bring efficiency to operations, and more control for managers. It offers lead scoring, territory planning, sales prospecting, targeted outreach, and much more.

Major Features

  • Comprehensive professional and company profiles
  • Direct phone & verified email addresses
  • Tailored prospect lists & alerts
  • Location & corporate hierarchy data
  • Department org charts
  • Mobile phone & personal email addresses
  • Purchasing Intent Data
  • Company Attributes
  • Dynamic data-driven workflows
Pricing – On Request


In recent days of info overflow, it isn’t calm to know which data is vital and which is unrelated. Having the correct data at the precise time is a test that every company is facing. It’s only when you’re able to know who you should mark and how you can connect with that person, that you’ll be able to initiate development.

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