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Whether you already have an e-commerce storefront up and running or are looking for ways to launch an online business shortly, psychological sales tricks are something you should keep in mind going forward. According to Business 2 Community, 86% of customers are more likely to purchase if the process is straightforward and quick to do, while carefully positioned calls to action with clickable links can increase your sales by up to 45%. 

Psychological tricks such as these will ensure that customers feel welcome on your website and are far more likely to engage and convert as a direct result. With that in mind, let’s dive into several essential psychological sales practices, which will ensure that users spend more on your website and come back for more going forward.

Important Sales Psychology Tips to Increase Sales

1. Brand Storytelling & Personalization

For better or worse, your online store is one of many websites in a global market, making it essential for you to differentiate from the competition. One of the most necessary and easy-to-implement psychological sales tricks is to incorporate your brand into the e-commerce storefront. 

Depending on the types of items you sell, and the target demographic you aim to attract, your brand’s identity, visual elements, company goals, and mission statement can help a lot in terms of converting users into customers. Your brand storytelling elements should find their way into the landing page, navigation bar, as well as pages such as About Us and Contact Us to make the customers feel welcome.

2. Limited-Time Offers

Once your visitors are familiar with who you are and how they can benefit from shopping on your website, deploying additional psychological sales tricks should be straightforward. The so-called fear of missing out (FOMO) can be used efficiently on e-commerce storefronts due to its limited-time sense of urgency. 

It’s good practice to create a dedicated limited-time offers page on your website and place the links to it throughout the website, especially on the landing page itself. As an example of landing page design and deal positioning, you can check out Book Depository, a global e-commerce platform dedicated to the sales of printed books and their world-wide shipping.

3. Exclusive Codes & Coupons

Discount coupons and codes which offer exclusive deals (which are, in truth, available to a large number of customers can be a great addition to your sales strategy. If you want to avoid loss of revenue, which can result from excessive use of codes and coupons with your customer base, you can mark up the prices of your items slightly to compensate for the discount. 

Amazon features a good example of how discount coupons can be used to entice users into purchasing a plethora of items that they may or may not need at the moment. The secret of this sales tactic is only to make the coupons function with a select number of items that you want to push to the market (as seen in Amazon’s example), creating a win-win sales situation for your platform.

4. Bundled Item Discounts

Sometimes, specific items won’t sell out, no matter how discounted or featured on your landing page they may be. In this case, an excellent tactic for clearing out your warehouse space and selling goods at a revenue gain is to bundle them into packs for the customers’ convenience.

For example, if your e-commerce platform features baby equipment, you can bundle several related items into a package that will feature a slight discount and entice customers into buying in bulk. It will allow you to sell out items that are not as popular as your best-sellers simply by associating them with the highly relevant items on your storefront.

5. Expert Opinions & Reviews

People put a lot of trust and respect into experts’ opinions in regards to the items they purchase online. If your website is focused primarily on apparel and accessories, you can reach out to fashion experts and models on social media with offers of collaboration. 

You can team up with freelance content creators or find the best paper writing website for your marketing needs. They can help you write concise and sales-oriented quotes from the experts in question that will allow you to create an effective psychological sales mechanism for your online store. It will ensure that your customers have an extra incentive to buy your clothing or jewelry items simply because dedicated experts said that they are of good quality and trending right now.

6. Satisfied Customers’ Testimonials

Customers tend to respect other customers and their testimonials even more than those of industry experts. Since that’s the case, you should make it possible for users to rate, review, and comment on individual items, but only once their purchases have been completed. 

It will allow you to easily filter out irrelevant comments, which may have negative effects on future customers and their decisions to buy your items. A great example of customer reviews done right can be found on Etsy, since every product page featured on the platform features short testimonials and reviews of satisfied customers.

7. Recurrent Email Deals

Lastly, once a visitor arrives at your website, you should introduce them to an email subscription offer after a few minutes of browsing. You can state that they will become eligible for exclusive deals, sales offers, and updates from your online store going forward. 

Once you have a database of emails, both from existing customers and website visitors, you can create newsletters, limited-time sales deals, and other psychological sales content for them to take advantage of. Platforms such as MailChimp allow for centralized email campaign management, scheduled sending, and other features that will help you seal the deal with your email base and their consumer needs.

In Conclusion

The psychology of sales is all about creating offers which will allow your customer to save time and money by using your services. In that sense, it’s good practice to put yourself in your customers’ shoes when creating sales offers. 

What would a sales offer have to consist of for you to purchase that company’s product? What are some of the most attractive offers you’ve seen online and were tempted to dish out your wallet for? Let us know about your thoughts and experiences in the psychology of sales in the comments section below.

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