8 Top Sales Tools Every Startup Should Be Using


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Last updated: April 19, 2021

Business Development and Sales are the most daunting task for startups!! Entering a new market, pushing up bottom-line results, converting prospects, and managing customer feedback is a handful of task for every organization. Without enough sales, startups can’t generate the funds they need to survive, grow or attract investment. Luckily, there’s an array of great sales engagement tools & platforms to help automate, improve or simplify the sales process using sales tools.

Top Sales Tools for Entrepreneurs


Device Compatibility

Steak an extremely innovative Chrome extension transforms your Gmail inbox into a CRM platform! It is the most novel idea ever, since nowadays most sales tools and customer service-related conversations happen through email. Using Streak, you can neatly categorize your prospects into different ‘boxes’, so that you can store and track your conversations with them. It has also enabled the design of multiple pipelines with various stages (lead, contacted, demo, closed) right inside the Gmail, to keep track of emails where each of your contacts are in the sales process. Its hidden value for startups lies in utility features such as scheduled emails, email templates, and the ability to email 500 people/day straight from Gmail.

Looking for Sales Management Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best sales management software solutions.


Device Compatibility

This is a free Chrome add-on that provides accurate information about a contact in a sidebar based on an email address. Rapportive automatically make available the contact’s job title, location, picture and social media profiles associated with the contact. These chunks of detailed information aids the sales tools and sales team in establishing a personal connect and engagement with prospects , leading to better sales conversions. Rapportive also helps startups develop their own strategies on dealing with prospective sales, based on the analysis of the retrieved data. This absolutely free tool is a surely a boon for all startups!


CallHippo - The virtual phone system

CallHippo, the most powerful and easy-to-use VoIP based Virtual Phone System, which takes your business productivity & sales engagement to the next level. Get Local or Toll-Free Numbers of more than 50+ countries around the world in just a couple of clicks. CallHippo app provides real-time information and analytics about the users. It allows teams to collaborate on calls and seamlessly share information among them, allowing managers to make data-driven strategies. Setup your support center in less than 3 minutes.


Device Compatibility

Boomerang useful sales tool is a lifesaver as it allows you to draft and schedule an email. Imagine that a prospect’s information is fresh on your mind after a call and you want to ensure you get in touch with him/her ASAP, but you also don’t want to bombard the prospect with a message right away! Well, Boomerang will draft your follow-up response right after the call, but schedule it to go out at time convenient for you and the prospect. Boomerang largely improves communication with prospects, while reducing the time investment and manual effort expended for sales tools & sales communications.

Email Hunter

Device Compatibility

Email hunter expedient sales tools is the easiest way to find professional email addresses. You just need to give a domain name and get the list of all the emails related to it found on the internet. This is a powerful and useful tool for marketers and sales managers as it helps them access data, plan targeted customer campaigns and communicate with prospects. It is a free and open-source interface, and a must-try tool for any budding enterprise.


Device Compatibility

This is a simple email plugin that lets you track if your prospects are opening your emails. It also lets you mass customize messages in order to catch the attention of prospects. ToutApp’s powerful suite of tracking, template and analytics allows sales managers to follow up in a highly personalized way. It has a 15 day trial version absolutely free of cost!


Device CompatibilityThis software easily imports all of the basic contact information from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, Google+ etc. Sales managers can easily organize the important contacts through Nimble and engage with them in a personalized manner. Nimble also tracks all business opportunities generated through lead management functionality. The best part is that all features and benefits of this software are available through a free trial.

HiverHiverHiver turns your email inbox into a simple, powerful collaboration tool. Hiver (Shared Gmail Folders/Inbox for Support and Sales) helps your teams collaborate right from their email inbox, helping your Support, Sales, Project Management, Recruitment and Operations processes become more efficient. Hiver gives you two simple tools to collaborate from your email:

Shared Labels in Gmail: Add a label to an email conversation in your inbox, and it appears in your colleagues inboxes with the label attached, within minutes!

Shared Notes: Shared Notes on emails keep track of what is going on in an email thread. Hiver is tightly integrated with Google Apps and Gmail, and is available on the Google Apps marketplace and the Chrome webstore.

These simple, free and quick interfaces could be a perfect way to boost the sales of your start-up and thrust it in the super-league.

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