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Last updated: April 13, 2021

For more than a decade, technology has evolved completely, becoming more complex & translating the way business works. Once renowned as a simple way to manage relationships is now a tech-backed strategy for compulsive business operations. Looking into the ecosystem of sales applications, SalesForce camouflaged as a “must have tool”.

Moreover, for upcoming start-ups, SalesForce Alternatives come in handy meeting the financial requirements and efficiently fulfilling the requirements.

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SalesForce integrates the features provided by the other software. This enables SalesForce to be an all-rounder. for this SalesForce leverages an integration tool- appexchange, with itself, which makes SalesForce shine among various other software.

There pops no doubt in SalesForce amongst one of the best SFA software, but a business has to look at the cost-effectiveness before opting for a CRM tool for their needs. Therefore, in order to help small businesses in a better way, we can have some alternatives to this product which could be affordable & helpful in assisting sales related work.

Take a look at these SalesForce Alternatives:

1. Pipedrive:pipedrive- sales force alternatives

A multilingual software to serve a small sales team. Pipedrive offers wonderful features that salespeople love to use it.

Cheap & efficient; this software works with all major currencies. It offers flawless integration with the Google apps suite (Docs, Gmail, etc.). Pipedrive has a marvellous interface offering timeline view that allows salespeople to organize their future events including estimation of the dates for sales. It also facilitates the sales manager by providing the feature of a master timeline that allows the manager to view the timelines of his/her team-mates. This enables the manager to manage the sales team efficiently. In addition to above features, it also allows the sales manager to manage the sales funnel and the team with the help of gamification.

If we look at the reviews, Pipedrive offers features for the continuation of the relationship after the close of the first deal. Well, Pipedrive is best suited for companies which focus only on sales & do very little efforts for the customer follow-up.


Cost effective. Available at $12/user/month regardless of the number of users and unlimited storage for contacts and other things.

2. Nimble:nimble- salesforce alternatives

Social media is considered as an essentiality in maintaining the relationships. What if your CRM facilitates the connection of not only emails but also social media accounts? Nimble incorporates all these features. The specialty of Nimble is its inbox feature. Nimble collects all your emails with clients along with your interactions with them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in an in-CRM message inbox. There is a setup of activity stream which facilitates you to view what your client and prospect have recently posted on social medias. One can even send messages on social networks from directly within the CRM. The awe-inspiring integration makes Nimble a one-stop solution for sales & customer relationship management. This can be a good for SalesForce Alternatives.


$15/user/month along with 5GB of storage and 30K contacts. The integration also include Freshdesk, HubSpot, Mailchimp, HootSuite, Constant Contact and many more.

3. Highrise:HighRise- salesforce alternatives

At very flexible price, Highrise was launched in 2007. The interface of the software is user friendly. There are no fancy features that might confuse a CRM beginner. It also provides features to integrate with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Mailchimp & many more making it one of the best software as the SalesForce Alternatives.


  • $0 up to two users with 250 contacts and no files
  • $24/ month up to 6 users which fetches you 5,000 contacts, 10 deals & 5GB storage.
  • $29/ month for single user, unlimited deals, 20k contacts with 5GB of storage.
  • $49/month up to 15 users fetches you 20k contacts with unlimited deals & 15GB of storage.
  • $99/month for up to 40 users earn you 30K contacts & unlimited deals with 30GB storage.
  • $149 , unlimited users, 50K contacts & unlimited deals with 75GB storage.

4. Insightly:Insightly- salesforce alternatives

This software has integrated project management functionality which sets it apart from other software in same category. It facilitates you to stay on top of customers in relation to your projects all-in-one. This software targets small business which is reflected in their pricing & light style.

This software also integrates with MailChimp.


  • $0, 2 users, 10 emails/day, 10 custom fields, 2500 records, 200 MB storage with online community support
  • $12/ user/month offers you 500 emails per day, 50 custom fields & 25K records with 1GB of storage, email support, business card scanner mobile app, onboarding sessions.
  • $29/user/month help you 2500 emails/day, 250 custom fields, 1 lac records & 10GB of storage with priority email support, business card scanner mobile app, onboarding sessions.
  • $49/user/month gives you 5K emails/day, 500 custom fields 7 2,50,000 records with 100GB storage with priority email support, business card scanner mobile app, onboarding sessions.
  • $99/user/month gives you 10K emails/day, 1K custom fields with 5lac records, 250GB storage with priority email support, business card scanner mobile app, onboarding sessions.

5. BaseCRM:GetBase- salesforce alternatives

Launched in 2009, this software provides impressive feature of sales analytic. The other lucrative feature includes call tracking and recording. It also analyses the recorded calls. Apart from these, Base’s mobile app is most searched if we go by the list of Android Reviews.


  • $25/user/month up to 5 users with 2GB of storage per user, a built-in dialer, task management, email automation, geolocation.  Integration with MailChimp and Xero among others.
  • $75/user/month fetches you 5GB  of storage per user with task automation, document management and sales forecasting.
  • $125/user/month gives you all above features in addition to 10GB storage per user, sales intelligence, lead scoring, autodialer, product catalogue & multi level permissions.

6. OnePageCRM:Onepagecrm- salesforce alternatives

with its roots in Ireland OnPage CRM’s objective is to deliver  “extraordinary user experience” for small sales team. This can be inferred throughout the design of the CRM. The option of lead clipping allows to collect information of leads from LinkedIn or Gmail with a single mouse click. Their mobile app is also there which facilitates salespeople in prioritizing their projects by providing instant reminders about the start, due date of the project among many others. The software also takes care to prompt you to set the next action so that you are encouraged enough to follow-up your clients in timely manner.


$12/user/month for everything. Well, if you pay them annually, they bring down their price to $11per month.

7. Nutshell:Nutshell- salesforce alternatives

The extremely customizable feature of nutshell makes it an interesting solution altogether. The user interface is undoubtedly intuitive facilitating enough complexity for an expert along with appropriate simplicity for inexperienced as well.  The software can be configured in such a manner that certain users can only see certain information. It can even update people by sending real time push notifications through email or app.


$20/user/month fetches you everything.


It is noteworthy that there are other inexpensive CRMs that focus on features like simplicity, user-friendliness etc. You can have sundry number of options for Alternatives of SalesForce.

Though Salesforce is CRM Market Leader and its starting price for teams including more than 5 people is $65/user/month but other CRM can prove to be a great help at the outset. Therefore, the above CRM are worth adopting for initiating your quest for CRM.

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