Salesforce Data Loader – The best CRM tool for Data Import and Export


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Last updated: July 29, 2021

Salesforce Data Loader is a collaborative feature of Salesforce.  This client application platform has gained mass popularity, especially amongst large data file users. It eases the transfer and slight update of bulk files. Currently, the CRM tool is featured in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience Packages. Salesforce is the best CRM tool for data import-export.

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CRM software is to upgrade the nature of a relationship between a business and its customers. Customer Relationship Management system permits clients to track messages and log calls, join dates and records, stay told of services conveyed and undelivered services directs drives catches and subsequent meet-ups and order issues and possibilities. Currently, the CRM tool is featured in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience Packages.

Salesforce tool is written in Java and is fully open source. Over the years, it has been used to meet both medium and large data management. The data management system owes its success to a number of factors.

Important Factors of Salesforce CRM Tool Data Import Export

The pros of Salesforce Data Loader

There are many reasons that make this interface a preferable choice:

  • Supports large files of up to five million records
  • User-friendly interface that allows for simple data import and export
  • Interactive user interfaces with a variety of features
  • Supports data processing in both Salesforce and
  • Easily integrated with major Operating systems including the latest Windows Versions and Mac OS

Using Data Loader

Using the data loader is possible in two major ways. Firs one is, you can make use of the user interface that requires specification of configuration parameters, the necessary CSV files for importation and export and the field mappings. With data loaders like Salesforce data migrator, you can also use the command line although this is only possible with the Windows Operating System. Using command line comprises specification of data sources, mappings, file actions, and configurations. This option is useful in automating of the Data Loader Processing.

The data loader works on a simple basis. During the importation of files, the system reads, extracts and loads information from CSV files and database connections. On the other hand, data exportation involves output of Comma separated files.

How useful is it?

Ideally, this software is for data transfer. It is particularly critical in importation and exportation of large files. One can use the feature to insert or delete salesforce records. Additionally, it is also suitable for update and exportation of salesforce database. The user-friendly wizard interface makes it make easier CRM tool data import export within salesforce file records.

Deciding on Data Loader Usage

Not all file management cases are suitable for use with this interface. There are different circumstances that call for the use of this tool. One would need to use data loader when handling the transfer of files exceeding 50,000 but limited to 5,000,000 records. Data records exceeding five million might not be ideal with this interface.

You might also want to use the legal CRM solutions data import export when in need of loading an object that is not yet supported by the impact wizard. It becomes more convenient to use this Salesforce feature as compared to other interactive interfaces when handling certain objects.

Salesforce CRM tool data import export is also suitable for users who would like to export their data for purposes of backup. Import Wizard does not reliably support this feature so the data loader will ease the work. If you would like to avoid duplication of the uploaded records, however, it might not be the best choice for use. In this case, you might want to consider the use of Import Wizard.

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