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Last updated: May 18, 2021

Managing a salesforce and optimizing their productivity has been a problem for many businesses. Without a salesforce performing to its full potential, companies cannot retain their market shares or surpass them. The problem becomes more complex when it comes to sales teams behind pharmaceutical and healthcare products since their processes are as complicated and specialized as their products and consumers’ requirements. 

Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue of such firms through intelligent software solutions tailor-made for their high-end sales teams. SANeFORCE is one such organization that has created highly-specialized applications for helping pharmaceutical and healthcare sales teams optimize their productivity and improve customer relationships.

In conversation with Mr. Arjun Durai Rajasankar, Director of SANeFORCE;

We were fortunate to have Mr. Arjun Durai Rajasankar, the director of SANeFORCE, among us, to discuss his and his company’s journey so far and plans for the future.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Please share your professional journey with us. How has your work experience and learnings shaped your vision?

I was always inclined towards being a businessman since childhood. When I was nearing completion of my MBA, I thought about the businesses I should focus on. I made a list and started working on the next steps. I tried a lot of ventures, but eventually, I found myself leaning towards product development. A businessman has to go through many ups and downs, but the most crucial aspect is that you keep going. In the last 10 years, I’ve learned more about the things I shouldn’t do. Now I stand at a place where I am able to make better decisions and guide my company towards my vision.

What was your thought process behind the inception of SANeForce?

My fascination with product development was the core reason behind SAN eForce. I was always keen on knowing the thought process behind developing a product that inclined me to establish SAN eForce.

Where do you see SANeForce 10 years down the lane?

The road map of a company has to keep evolving with changing times. I’d prefer having short term goals. I write down what I want to achieve at the beginning of each year and work towards it. At the end of the year, I retrospect on things that went wrong to take corrective measures. Evaluating current trends is essential, and we need to be in sync with the customer’s expectations.

Why did you specifically choose to work in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry?

A good deal of CRM or SFA products were available in the market during our inception. But the gap was that they were generic SFA products that could not cater to the pharmaceutical industry. Only a customized Sales Force Automation product can cater to the Pharmaceutical Industry. The functioning of the Pharmaceutical industry is unique and requires a tailor-made solution. We used the opportunity to develop our product. The learnings we have gathered over the years are invaluable, and it has aided immensely in our product to evolve.

What new developments can users expect from your product in the coming years?

Digital engagement is going to be critical for the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are currently working on a platform for the same. Well-guided content and data management are also in progress. Apart from SFA, we have launched a payroll product that can be either a stand-alone application or integrated with SFA. We are also developing a CRM product which we have planned to launch next year.

How do you manage to keep your team’s morale high during these challenging times?

We need to keep engaging with our team regularly. New opportunities will keep arising, and we need to guide our team to explore it. I also motivate by putting in more effort during these challenging times.

If not for SANeForce, what would have been your venture?

I would have been in construction. Even today, I love to see how a property develops, and I am fond of spending time at under-construction sites.

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?

Now opportunities are aplenty in the market but what is lacking is the focus. We keep getting diverted from one to another easily. I believe if you focus on one goal and work towards it, you will definitely achieve it. We need to keep going, no matter how hard it gets. We should learn from our mistakes and make sure we don’t make them again.

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