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School administration is certainly a challenging task – in fact, it involves a number of complex activities that need to be performed in a seamless manner for smooth execution!

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SaviSchools is a revolutionary online school management software that can prove to be a holistic end-to-end solution for your institution. It possesses advanced specialized features that can manage all intricacies of the daily functioning of an educational institution and can help school administrators by promoting efficiency in their routine operations.

A cloud-based ERP system, SaviSchools is a comprehensive school management system, that can help you develop a multilingual school website, and also has a customized application for students and parents for complete 360-degree visibility.

The school management software specifically supports CBSE curriculum, however, a school following any other curriculum system may also utilize it for all their educational activities. SaviSchools can help institutions to develop their own customized websites, with banners, curriculum and admission procedures, so as to extend their social reach to parents and other vital stakeholders.

SaviSchools is indeed an all-inclusive integrated school administration system that has the ability to handle all the diverse activities of a school, right from admissions to evaluation, meal-tracking, library management, and transportation.


And many more…

Let’s have a detailed review of the SaviSchools features:

1. Attendance Management

Marking attendance accurately and in time is a huge ordeal for many teachers – SaviSchools fully automates the procedure as student attendance can be marked online by simply clicking on the student’s name. It also utilizes biometrics system and smart identity cards to make attendance quicker and more efficient.

SaviSchools can filter out essential information and display day-wise/class wise summary of attendance, thereby making it highly convenient for teachers and school administrators. It also has the ability to send class or individual student notifications to parents regarding any important attendance information, to make sure they are updated in the real-time.


Summary of Dashboard


Attendance with few clicks


Attendance Summary for a given date range

2. Evaluation System

With the coming of continuous evaluation policies, recording and managing the assessment marks of a large student base is surely a complicated and daunting job for teachers.

SaviSchools makes the process of handling student evaluation highly streamlined by enabling teachers to record marks of a student according to the examination and subject. Teachers can view evaluation records of students according to class, section, subject or examination – empowering them to have complete control over the evaluation process!


Detailed Evaluation Module

3. Flexible Fee Management

SaviSchools has a well- rounded fee module which contains the fee structure month-wise for different classes and has specialized templates for yearly quarters to make fee management better organized. The complete fee structure is pre-fed in the system and is accurately calculated according to class, bus route, and other student activities – making sure that there are no errors or miscalculations.

SaviSchools enhances complete visibility in the fee management procedure – fee schedules, paid amounts and pending installments can be tracked and invoices can be immediately generated, thereby making the whole operation smooth and simplified!


Detailed module to manage Fee

4. Admissions Module

Carrying out a fair, rational and effectual admission process is an important factor that definitely helps in building an educational institution’s credibility! SaviSchools has a well-structured admissions module that deals with all vital activities related to the admission process – right from processing the online applications, to communicating information about the admission test and sending the final results to parents.

School administrators can enter specific criteria for selection of students and assign weight to fields such as admission test marks, staff-child preference and age limit of the child. The system automatically generates the admission list according to the mentioned criteria; however, the final authority for admission lied with the school management – making the whole process highly competent and well-organized!


Manage admission from online application to shortlist for admission

5. Student and Parent Portal

SaviSchools provides a great visual portal for both students and parents to receive important information and keep the line of communication between the school and parent clear! Parents can log in to the portal and receive updated information about their ward’s attendance, marks, and class performance.

Students can also check for any assignments or projects that have been uploaded by their teacher on the portal, and even have the option to submit their homework online – enhancing transparency and flexibility to a large extent!


Many modules which can be accessed by parents

6. Student Management

SaviSchools is the perfect school management software suite as it can help your educational institution keep a complete and holistic record of all student data. There are a number of fields with respect to student information that can be customized according to organizational requirement.

Important student details such as name, address details, contact information, health and vaccination records, attendance, class, section, bus route, invoice status, marks and report card entries can be stored collectively at one place and viewed by school administrators at a glance!


Details Student information management

7. Communication through E-mail and Messages

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced educational environment, parents want to play an active role in their child’s education and remain up-to-date on vital information. SaviSchools makes it possible for the school management to send important messages to the parents – they can be sent to the entire class or individual messages can be sent to a particular student’ parents.

It also maintains a log of previous instant messages sent to parents as a record. These notifications and alerts make sure the parents receive essential communication from the school and makes sure that they have all the information they need at their fingertips!


8. Staff Management

Another major administrative burden for any educational institute is keeping an accurate and inclusive record of staff information. SaviSchools simplifies staff management by having a well-structured staff master that contains all important information about the staff members.

It also has the ability to take online staff attendance, where they can check in and check out – thereby maintaining an attendance database in a convenient manner!


9. Online Fee Payment

SaviSchools facilitates the fee payments of students through online mode, thereby saving a huge amount of time and money for parents. Parents just have to log on to the system and pay through the online payment portals with their credit/debit cards – making the whole process cashless and digital. It greatly enhances convenience, speed, and flexibility in the fee payment process!

10. Library Management

With a growing emphasis on reading – modern school systems have given a lot of significance to managing well-stocked school libraries. SaviSchools is highly useful in managing the smooth and efficient functioning of a school library as it can maintain an online account of every book, magazine, and CD in the library.

Members can view the availability of an asset, put in a request for a particular book and even reissue books through the library module. It makes browsing through the library a super easy task – making sure young readers enjoy the simplified process!


11. Meal and Activity Tracking

SaviSchools expedites meal and activity tracking for play schools and junior schools – making it possible for school authorities to keep a record of the daily food served to students along with the timings. All school activities such as extra-curricular events, excursions, class-visits and sports activities are also recorded in a systematic manner.

12. Transportation Management

A major task of school administrators is to monitor and track transportation facilities of the student base to ensure that they reach home safely. SaviSchools has a specialized transport management module that maintains the updated bus numbers, driver details, route information and bus timings. It is also planning to include real-time tracking of buses so that parents can get to know the exact location of their child and monitor the commute in the real time!

13. Franchise Model

Schools who have established themselves sufficiently well in the market usually opts for Franchising. This is where this feature can be extremely useful.

Head offices can have a complete control over the franchise activities. The model will make sure that the loyalty points are calculated correctly, there are no dues pending from both the parties, fees are properly managed, there are no errors in the accounting sheets and a lot more to avoid the confusion that usually arises while maintaining multiple entities of its kind.


All these power-packed features are just what any school needs for faster growth and development!

14. Mobile Application

SaviSchools has developed an innovative and user-friendly application that can be used by parents to get all important information just through the click of a button! The application can be used by parents to monitor their ward’s academic performance, check attendance status and get to know the home assignments allotted by teachers. It is the perfect way for parents to get up-to-date information about the school activities in a convenient, flexible and speedy manner!


Final Verdict

SaviSchools is a diverse and sophisticated school management software suite that will surely cater to any daycare, school, junior college or tutoring classes requirements! All the stakeholders involved in the educational process – teachers, school administrators, parents, and students will definitely reap massive benefits through this well-structured and diverse software.

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SaviSchools provides a holistic set of tools and carves a roadmap for school administrators to seamless run the institution and maximize efficiency, productivity, cost-savings, and ingenuity!

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  1. This application is robust and userfriendly having all the necessary tools to automate school. This is a must purchase solution. Speciality is the app for parents. In todays scenario parents can watch and analyse the performance of his/her ward easily.


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