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Last updated: May 2, 2021

The customer support department is susceptible to the slightest of changes in technology. The transition from traditional call centers to a modernized customer service which uses solutions like knowledge base and live chat tools testifies to this. It is important to know that the scaling of customer support is not driven by technology but by the needs of modernized customers who use the latest technologies.

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Beside this one, there is another scenario that puts improving customer support using technology on the top of the priorities list. During business expansion, the influx of inquiries about products and services will certainly spike, especially when you try to penetrate a new market. In such a scenario, your customer support team will perform better if they are empowered by the latest technology and software solutions. This is why it is extremely important to keep this department up to date with the latest technological achievements. Let’s explore the available options.

Become Agile and Proactive with Live Chat Software

Live chat software is not the newest software solution in the market. It is updated with new features and can be integrated with other solutions. Hence, it is currently a recommended solution by the experts of customer service domain.

ProProfs GPThis software offers many benefits, ranging from increased savings and sales to enhanced customer satisfaction and convenience. Empowered by this solution, customer support agents will be able to quickly address the customers’ requests, handle more than one customer at a time and become proactive. On top of that, you will have access to reports and analytics tools. These will allow you to review chat histories, improve your service and discover pain points that need immediate attention.

Furthermore, live chat software provides an insight into the valuable visitor data, such as where they came from and how they landed on the website.

Enable Self-Service with Online Knowledge Base Software

If handled properly, this software technology can become the number one source of ticket deflection and increased customer satisfaction. Since there are many vendors in the market, it is important to do a thorough research in order to choose a solution that can help you achieve the customer service goals.

Here are some of the best practices that businesses should be aware of when it comes to the creation and maintenance of knowledge base:

  • In order to properly scale your customer department with this software, everyone in the team should be encouraged to share the knowledge and actively participate in building the database.
  • There should be a team in charge of censoring the entries, ensuring that only correct and actionable entries go live.
  • It is also important to write SEO-friendly content. By doing so, the searchability of the knowledge base will be better and the customers will find the solutions faster.
  • Make sure to use analytics and report tools of online knowledge base software to identify the most searchable terms and the frequently accessed articles, which will further provide you with opportunities for improvement.

Save Time by Identifying Patterns

When using customized software solution for the customer support department, you will gain access to powerful analytics and metrics that can be used to identify patterns in the workflow of this department. You will be able to see exactly how much time is spent per customer served.

For instance, you can build a database of greetings and goodbyes which can be used during conversations on live chat. In the end, this practice alone will save each agent several ours of precious time.

When you have the ability to identify patterns in the workflow of the department and customers’ inquiries, you can more efficiently use assets and resources within the department.

Gather Information from All Channels

There are technologies available that can help organizations gather and analyze info across all channels. We are talking about the data gathered by sales teams from the field, marketing teams, organization’s social media profiles, live chat logs and the reports generated by the online knowledge base software. But, how can this be of any help when scaling your customer support?

All this information, i.e. big data, can be used to identify the patterns in customer inquiries so that the new content can be made available on the self-service help desk. By constantly updating the help documentation and adding new files by following the practices that proved to be best, your customer service will witness overall improvement. When the majority of customers are able to solve problems by searching the knowledge base, there will be more support agents available to address the emergency cases that require special attention.

Efficiently Train New Support Agent Hires

Sometimes, as a consequence of business growth, no matter how updated are the technologies used in customer support, an organization will be forced to hire new agents. The onboarding process that takes place in an environment synced with the latest technology solutions is much shorter and less expensive than the one relying on legacy training methods.

The content in both internal and external knowledge bases makes for an efficient substitute for tutors, allowing new hires to quickly catch up with the departmental knowledge and best practices. On top of that, since all the solutions, we have talked about in this article are cloud-based and mobile-friendly, the learning process can take place while on the move.


As you can see, it is possible to diversify the scaling process in order to meet the needs of various customers. During the process of modernization and scaling with technology, it is important to leave legacy support options (such as a call center)available for loyal customers who prefer resolving their issues over the call. Big data analysis can be used to improve the quality of the call center service.

Always remember that the efficiency of customer support is not only measured by how efficiently the tickets are being resolved but also by the quality of the support service.

Robin is a Technical Support Executive with a combined experience of 6 years. He is well acquainted with various Knowledgebase tools and is currently associated with ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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