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Today, the overwhelming stress that accompanies being a student isn’t easy to manage. If anything, it’s made worse due to the existence of multiple elements of distraction: gadgets, social media, blogs or websites, movies, commitment to different activities or just anything that catches our fancy. Paying attention can become the most challenging task at hand. Today, studying effectively is a different ball game altogether. More often than not, our textbooks and notes are on our devices – the very embodiments of the distraction that we are trying to avoid.

In spite of this being the case, there are certain tools that aid productivity and can be used to improve our study and get more out of it.

These tools are referred to as self management tools because they allow students to plan their working time efficiently. They help keep students on track to avoid distractions and achieve higher levels of productivity. There are numerous benefits of these tools, ranging from helping users read faster to enabling them to avoid procrastination.

10 Unmissable Self Management Tools For Students

1. Flashcards

We are more caught up with our gadgets than ever before. Many of us take most of our notes on our phone. Flashcard apps were designed to take the place of sticky notes. They enable students to create flashcards containing the short and necessary information, quotes, dates or formulae which can be quickly accessed for revision and memorization before going into the examination hall, or for swiftly testing one’s memory.

A report in 2013 published by the Association for Psychological Science rated flashcards the second best learning tactic out of 10. The report classified flashcards under practice testing. Providers of digital flashcards like Voxy say that flashcards appeal to the kinesthetic learner who learns by doing, moving, and touching. It also benefits those who are auditory learners by providing audio flashcards. There are different Flashcard apps suited for the phone you are using. These include Studyblue, Quizlet, Brainscape and more. Unlike sticky notes, virtual flashcards can be used at any time and in any place. Flashcards work very effectively for students looking to master memorization with continuously repeated retrieval of information.

2. Evernote

As a student, it’s very important to stay organized. This is why the Evernote app was created. Evernote can work as a digital binder where students can save their coursework, schedules, lab work, and even group projects. This helps to keep them on track with any task at hand. It definitely boosts productivity. It allows them to save web articles or pictures of important diagrams which can be accessed easily. Evernote also allows you to take snapshots of written notes and make terms searchable. It’s a handy app for any student, allowing them to organize notes by type, and easily share the same in group study sessions.

3. Focus Apps

Surfing the net for research purposes is an easy task. That is, as long as you exclude the array of distracting websites and apps which often succeed in diverting you from the task at hand.

A self-management strategy that involves the use of Focus apps makes things much easier. A majority of focus apps require a list of the distracting websites or apps to enable it to block them thereby ensuring that your attention is placed on the research at hand. You can set limits on the time you want to spend on each app or website. Generally, focus apps help you stay motivated, focused, determined and increase your attention span. Blocking digital distractions is a great way to keep yourself focused as a student and using focus apps like StayFocusd, RescueTime, and Mindful Browsing can help students achieve the same seamlessly.

4. Google Search Shortcuts

The lazy spirit in us that keeps us from checking for additional information about a particular word or topic has been tamed with the Google Search Shortcut which only requires us to tap on the word with its definition appearing in another tab or to streamline our search thereby saving us the unnecessary time wasting. Also,  we can put an asterisk in front of the word we are searching for especially when we are not sure of the word we are searching for.

Google search shortcuts operate in a pretty basic and convenient way. Rather than going the normal route of typing all the things you want to search for, just by clicking on the keyword that centers around your search, you can get all the information you need. Even when you’re late on an assignment and need it done pronto, it will enable you to meet the need in time and give you the best information from a wide network database. Besides this, it’s a great way to understand complex subject topics you didn’t quite get in class. By searching the one keyword, you can get a quick summary of what the topic entails in a reliable manner.

5. SoundNote

In this age of digital frenzy, we must evolve with the world. If you are looking for an app that can multitask, get SoundNote. SoundNote is a self-management tool that enables you to record and type at the same time. It is important because for students who detest writing notes, they can always fall back on the recording made in class while making key points on the app and for also for the students who are unsure about what they wrote down in their notes, they can play the lecture recording for certainty. Similarly, it allows students to refresh their memory by listening to the lecture recording. The SoundNote app can add a lot of educational value. As a student, taking notes and studying is a very important step in acing a test or exam. To make the process easier and more effective, SoundNote can be your assistant. Besides recording your lectures in classes, SoundNote has a drawing accessory that helps you take down drawings to explain a phenomenon better. This can be very useful in classes like math. This productive app is very easy to use and saves recordings automatically.

6. Blinkist

Researching and writing can seem like a tedious task to many students. Some people detest that they don’t go the extra mile in getting more information about a topic taught in school. This situation can be avoided with the help of Blinkist. You can get all the study material you need on Blinkist. There are a variety of books on topics pertaining to the subjects you want to read. Rather than searching and scouring through multiple websites at a time just to get a particular topic material, Blinkist makes it easier. With Blinkist, you are permitted to read a free book per day, but upon subscription, one can read as many books as possible.

The best part about Blinkist is that it condenses books so you can read them in a short time. When you want to get a book that would help in writing your thesis or dissertation, you can easily get one on Blinkist. Sometimes, when I am done with all the work, I then get a website which specializes in dissertation writing services for request dissertation help, so that I get the best writing dissertation help for my work. You should try it too. Blinkist is a good way to economize your time and resources when it comes to getting reading materials for research. It gives detailed summaries that make your reading effective and faster.


Becoming a successful student is what many students aspire for. And to get to that height, it requires great productivity. Most times we are either not paying attention in class, or we do not just understand what the lecturer is teaching. Sometimes, our hatred for the lecturer gets in the way of liking the class, and we subsequently get stuck on our assignments. Even when preparing for an exam, it is impossible to get in touch with the lecturer at that moment. A self-management strategy to solve this is by using It offers you the liberty of choosing an expert in any course of study amongst the array of tutors after paying for their services who would explain and break down the topic to the basics for your understanding. The engineering help given by the experts of is splendid that in no time you can become a guru in the subject area yourself. By taking lessons in the courses you have a problem with, you’d gain better insight into the knowledge you seek to gain. It also comes with practical assignments and projects that can help test your performance as you go. It’s basically like an online tutor. Now, you don’t need to wait on your lecturers or friends to help with the subject. For an affordable price, you can order the subject area you want to be taught in and start your learning. It’s as easy as it gets.

8. Grammarly

It’s very important while writing to avoid errors and mistakes that are sometimes due to human nature. For this reason, it’s important that you check your work for errors. As a student, this will really help you to ace your SAT writing tests because you can also learn from the corrections. However, it’s tiring going through every word and sentence to check the spelling or grammatical syntax.

Grammarly is super effective when you are writing an article, essay or assignments in identifying errors, correcting punctuation mistakes, sentence structure, and grammar wherever necessary. It scans your long articles or essays checking for grammatical errors, which it points out with the suggested corrections. You don’t even have to start implementing those corrections. Just by tapping the corrections displayed, it automatically corrects the errors in the article or essay. Besides this, it is also a great plagiarism checker and helps you know how much originality you’ve got in your work. This app ensures that you never have to worry about grammatical mistakes again.

9. Padlet

Instead of reading alone, studying in groups have proven to be very effective because everyone can communicate their views and learn as a team. Plus what you hear from your peers always sticks more to your memory. Apps like Padlet have made this very convenient. Group studies are considered one of the most strategic self-management methods for students because it gives room for sharing of ideas, and the little jokes shared go a long way in aiding retention of material information.

Upon signing up to Padlet, the attractive app with its visual learning space makes it easier to share study notes, flashcards, materials and ideas. Padlet allows every student to take part. It doesn’t exclude anyone whether they’re shy or incoherent. It’s a great tool for even teachers to collaborate and discuss a topic for maximum and efficient learning. The app also makes it easy to assess group assignments or classwork all in one place. It also has a privacy option just in case you want to make some things exclusive to your group or class. On this app, you can easily access links to materials, assignments all in one place. It is also very easy to set up and customize.

10. Schooltraq

Being in school can be so hectic especially when you have something planned. Other things can just pop up from nowhere, and you’ve got to meet up. Sometimes you just get carried away or become overwhelmed with how much you need to do. For the student that gets busy or carried away with activities or can’t carry a daily written to-do-list and can’t keep up with assignments deadlines, or topics yet to be read, or exam dates, there’s an app just for you. Schooltraq requires you to fill in the details of your school life so it can keep track of all your school activities and reminding you as and when something’s due. It is a digital planner that you can carry around with you everywhere you go.

Writing your activities to do on paper works but what happens when you forget it somewhere. This is why you need Schooltraq. Just as the name implies, it helps you track everything you’ve got going on in school. It automatically syncs to your mobile device to keep you on track with your activities. You can even add assignments in easy, natural English, so you don’t have to waste time naming the task. The user-friendly Schooltraq dashboard helps you sort your assignments by due dates. It also has a weekly and monthly calendar tab where you can save any upcoming events you’d like to attend. This app helps you stay in line even when you’re busy.

The Bottom Line

Being a student requires hard work and a lot of effort. But in this age of technology, a lot of things can swipe our attention away, and this can make us start flunking tests in school. However, there are ways to stay on track and the tools discussed above give you, as a student a lot of leverage to work effectively. Using these self management tools the right way will make you more alert, smart and productive and can even make you a brilliant scholar. Remember, it takes hard work and determination to be a successful student. So without that, you can’t fully use these applications to your benefit.

The most important thing to take note of is that with these self management tools you can rest assured that you’ll be on track. Putting the apps on push notifications will enable you to be alerted any time something new comes up, or there’s a new task to be done. It helps you keep your tasks organized and makes you a smarter student. The key to productivity has been simplified with these apps. Make sure to use them effectively.

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