Selling Online Has Never Been Easier!


Misha Uppal

Senior editor

Parul Saxena

Chief editor

Last updated: May 2, 2021

With advancements in technology, e-Commerce is booming and this provides a great opportunity for every business, regardless of its size. All brands are going online and if you haven’t started selling online yet, now is the right time to do so.Looking for eCommerce Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best eCommerce Software solutions.

Below are some incredible reasons for you to get on the e-commerce bandwagon immediately:

  1. Selling online results in low set-up costs and overheads as compared to a physical store.
  2. There are no restrictions on customers who want to buy your products. They can get your services and products anytime anywhere.
  3. You can access all analytics needed to help you reach a greater audience. Sales, Orders, Customers, Geographic areas – everything can be tracked very easily.
  4. You have complete control over the store at all times, time management becomes easier and you have the flexibility to scale your business whenever you feel ready.
  5. Customer relationship management also becomes much easier as you can track the behaviour of customers and maintain all that data in one place.

In spite of all these reasons, many small and medium businesses fear that they need technical knowledge or will have to make a large investment in order to set up an e-store. They worry that they need design skills to set up an aesthetic store. But that is not the case.

We do admit that there are challenges that come with online selling, however, today, there are smart ecommerce platforms that help store owners overcome all challenges and take care of EVERYTHING needed to get started with and grow an online business.

One such e-commerce platform which makes e-commerce simpler is Twikster. It is a feature rich, mobile friendly, hosted e-commerce enabler which is soon introducing TwiksterSocial.  With this, Twikster will become the only platform to address one big concern of e-commerce store owners – how to drive traffic to the store, get more customers and increase sales?Selling Online Has Never Been Easier!

Using TwiksterSocial, a store owner will be able to do the following –

  • Post great CONTENT to over 10 social media platforms at once. The more content you post, the better your SEO.
  • Interact with your CUSTOMERS where they hang-out and give them offers to drive them to your store.
  • Analyze the PERFORMANCE of your brand on all social media platforms and google analytics from one dashboard – simplified so you can understand it better.
  • View what your COMPETITION is doing and keep up to speed with them.
  • Track what customers are doing on your store and see where they are coming from – so you can manage your AD SPEND accordingly.

How To Start Selling Online in 5 MinutesWhat about the other challenges, you ask? Below are the other common issues faced by online sellers which are taken care of for every Twikster powered store.

  1. A complete solution for all your E-commerce needs, be it creating a store, managing social media, team specialists helping you get started on marketplaces, logistic provider tie-ups and other complementary service partners.
  1. Starting your business free of cost and allowing you to grow at your own pace. It is a pay as you go model, one that no other platform offers.
  1. 40+ colors and design options with different layouts for your website which can be customized as per your requirements.
  1. Payments are also taken care of as Twikster stores come ready with many different pre-integrated payment gateways for you to choose from. Twikster takes care of technical details and ensures that the money goes straight to your account.
  1. For every product that you add, Search engine optimization with support to add meta titles and descriptions, tags, friendly URLs and image alt tags.

So, with a smart platform like Twikster and the support of multiple ecommerce experts at your disposal, all you have to do is sign-up and get started with your online business. Create. Socialize, Grow!

Misha holds a Master degree in Marketing and bachelor in computer application. She works as a content & marketing executive at SoftwareSuggest. She likes travelling to hill stations and reading novels. Follow her on twitter.

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