7 SEO Strategies To Improve Business During COVID-19


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Last updated: April 12, 2021

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Many industries are facing issues to keep their business afloat during the critical times of COVID-19.
The crisis has hit quite severely and across all realms of life, where businesses find it hard to sail their boat amidst the tough times. 
As per studies, about 61% of marketers believe SEO to be the primary key to online success.

Hence, it is about time for businesses to perform a slow paradigm shift towards several online activities, bringing about innovative SEO strategies for online transactions.

Why Incorporate SEO Strategies? 

With the primary aim to help sites attract a broader online audience, SEO strategies help to invigorate organic traffic. SEO tactics help improve searchability and visibility to gain more sales and build a better brand identity for your future products. 

Since organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic, SEO strategies help build trust and credibility with your potential customers. A good SEO blueprint also means a better user experience which ultimately helps increase engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Key Takeaways to Implement Best SEO Strategies During COVID-19

Adhere by a few of these fundamental SEO strategies that will help visitors to find your website among the first search results, 

  • Updating My Google Business Account
  • Target inclining topics
  • Stay abreast with Google Trends
  • Adjust short and long term objectives
  • Evaluate new keywords
  • Refresh content, and more

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1. SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business

Let us help you know seven key SEO strategies in detail that we have accumulated to help make a difference with your website ranking progress during COVID-19: 

  • Make Your Business Image More Perceivable

Today it’s not about to get the traffic – it’s about to get the targeted and relevant traffic,’ – Adam Audette, Senior Vice President, Head of Global SEO at Merkle. 

To get the online business on track, brands need to leverage their image online. Although it might look challenging, a few strategies can work, and here’s how :

  • Update product visibility schema

As per studies, 52% of consumers are likely to order more online in the upcoming months

Your online website is your storefront, and while you are facing a difficult time to channelize your products out to the customers, you can update your product schema on your website. This strategy helps businesses gain broader visibility and add detailed information on SERP.  

Product schema is all about structuring the data of your products, which will publish with your search result. Structuring data involves inserting codes into your product web pages, which helps the crawling bots of search engines to read your products well.

The markup language serves as an ideal way to give you the much-needed SEO boost. It is also a must for you to be aware that schema is an advanced technique that provides more specific details than the ordinary. 

  • Update Google My Business account

Google My Business has emerged as a critical strategy for local business SEO. Hence, do not forget to update your business account on Google to update customers about your changed business hours. 

It is especially beneficial for businesses whose owners had to close down their physical stores due to lockdowns as emergency measures. Thus, this is the best time to let your visitors obtain necessary information about your business and stay in touch through your online business account. 

Google My business Infographic

  • Screen COVID-19 related themes that apply to your business

You can strategize to build COVID-19 associated ideas, as applicable to your business. This will help your customers stay hooked on your website, with the pandemic being a significant interest.

Screening themes related to the pandemic relevant to your business can be instrumental in drawing significant online attention.

For instance, giant corporations like McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Audi, and Nike are promoting social distancing, which attracts customers to these companies more knowing that they are adhering to the pandemic guidelines for maximum customer safety.

Covid 19 themes

  • Target new trending search terms

Are you wondering how to attract visitors onboard? Why not make your website an informative space that offers trending search items for visitors to stay hooked on! 

Any SEO Marketing Company can help you acquire trending news to have your business covered and uplift its rankings.

2. Review Your Upcoming Content and Campaigns

The time of crisis deserves empathy and showing that through your campaigns can help give you a significant boost in your sales. A few eminent brands are adapting to the crisis and have pulled off different campaigns. 

Similarly, you also need to realize the act that the present situation demands and hence review the upcoming content and campaigns accordingly. Make most of the current times to adapt to short-term campaigns and materialize a long term brand campaign for the future.

For instance, Burger King knows that it is hard for burger-lovers to stay at home, and they usually always create marketing campaigns that showcase their burger joints. So with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, they decided to make things a little different while campaigning their burgers.

3. Target inclining topics

About 93% of online experiences tend to start with a search engine, and hence you need to target topics accordingly.

One of the best ways you can achieve a strong relationship with customers is by targeting broader themes, including trending topics. You can ask your research team to monitor COVID-19 related issues, which are primarily relevant to your business. The most common ideas that revolve around the pandemic are topics based on virtual themes, work from home, DIY, in-home activities, indoor routine, etc.

Furthermore, you can also strengthen the search by understanding the audience’s intent with the help of social data analyzing content tone, demographics, and traction.

4. Adjust short-and long haul objectives

It is time to make informed decisions by being aligned with the SEO trend of engaging a searcher. 

Align your objectives with the current SEO tactics that match the present-day business needs. It helps in witnessing improved progress in the long run with a direct positive impact on the business. 

Take your time and figure out the areas where SEO can contribute in the best possible manner, and create a tactical list of objectives that will take your efforts towards the goal while adjusting your short and long haul objectives. 

5. Evaluate a new list of keywords and refresh content

Content is undoubtedly the cornerstone of SEO, and Google wants a happy user, which is why it serves them with pages matching the search criteria. Thus, searching and evaluating a fresh list of keywords for your niche is hugely beneficial and can help improve the texts on the site – a lesser-known shortcut to success garnered online. 

Businesses need to seek the help of keyword generator tools to achieve a new fresh list of keywords, catering to the present times. Accordingly, you need to frame and optimize the content based on the keywords. 

With online visitors having a heap of questions amidst uncertain times, offering reliable and trustworthy content resources might serve as one of the SEO strategy winners.

6. Develop backlinks and form relationships

We understand how self-isolation has been traumatizing for individuals; however, networking can help you stay connected, and that too, with social distancing! 

If you are willing to expand the network online, do not forget about the backlink opportunities that offer a signal to Google to have reputable and trustworthy online content. You can take out time to write PR articles and guest blogs to add more backlinks to your website.  

7. Stay abreast of Google trends

It is 2020, and you cannot go wrong with this crucial weapon: Google trends! From creating well-drawn content to understanding the key marketing trends, staying abreast with Google trends can redefine your business needs and attain progress amidst critical times. 

To evaluate the present-day trends, you need to analyze your business type and keywords. Keeping that in mind, you can modify them and induce a stark change. 

Modifiers such as ‘indoors’ and ‘at home’ are extremely common, and staying updated with the trending keywords can help you identify the relevant trends and topics.  

Google Trends Result


Wrapping Up

These SEO strategies are just the beginning. If you can devote some time to any of these strategies with the help of any SEO marketing company, you’ll surely see a lot of progress on your business despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, depending on your business type, you can diversify your SEO strategies by accounting post-pandemic search trends, immediate relevance in your campaigns, and evergreen topics.

Priyanshi is a blogger and Digital Marketing Executive at Softwaresuggest. She's obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that's absurdly useful and effective Her hobbies are playing basketball and reading books in her spare time.

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