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Last updated: December 16, 2020

Since several components need to come together to create a good workplace, businesses need to consider various factors to ensure the smooth functioning of a firm. Since the number of tasks business owners have to ensure every day is overwhelming, most of them have to rely on specialized office management software to get the job done.

The rise of process management software has indeed been a boon for organizations. 44% of workspaces already have some form of digital software being used. Not only do they automate and smoothen menial and repetitive tasks, but even complicated tasks like asset and helpdesk management systems are also now simplified with the use of technology. Even in times like these, where the pandemic has impacted almost all types of businesses, technology has come out as a savior, helping organizations continue operations smoothly. The positive thing about challenging times is that it allows us to evolve stronger. 

2020, therefore, saw a surge in the use of workplace management suites and various other software to facilitate remote work and distributed teams. Several software are created to help organizations increase mobility and make the best of their resources. This review will focus on SeQure Suite, an integrated office management tool with several modules to help smoothen essential business functions.

This review will focus on the following:

What is SeQure Suite?

SeQure is a smart office automation and utility tool designed to improve and smoothen several business operations. It provides businesses an operational advantage over several processes and smoothens them, making the lives of business owners and employees easier. 

Created by Heptagon, a solution-driven digital technology provider known for SeQure Suite features four key modules(as of 2020)to help modern employers, which are given below:

  • Visitor Management System
  • Office Asset Management System
  • Helpdesk Management System
  • Flexible Seat Management System

Sequre Review

let us have a look at the key modules to understand how they can be helpful.

Main Modules of SeQure

1. Visitor Management System (VMS)

Managing the inflow and outflow of visitors inside office premises can be difficult for a business. An unknown or unchecked visitor can put an organization at a lot of risks, and yet, having certain visitors inside the premises from time to time might be essential. However, tracking visitors is a costly and time-consuming affair and requires personnel or costly gadgets for tracking visitors.

Considering the above challenges, SeQure created an intelligent and cost-effective Visitor Management System for organizations of all sizes. It has simplified its VMS through an integrated app called ARA to help with visitor invitation, tracking, and approval. 

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Rather than having separate equipment or apps, which incurs additional costs, SeQure’s VMS uses a QR code-based checking system. This, along with face-identification technology, allows for contactless authentication, a definite plus today due to the Covid-19 situation. Additionally, it also allows employees to check their visitors’ temperature recorded at the gates. 

Let us now discover how the entire SeQure smart VMS process works. 

After receiving an employee invite, a visitor scans the QR code shared to receive an OTP (One Time Password) on their phones. The visitor can fill in details regarding the person they are visiting, the purpose of the visit, and their assets. The host receives a notification via both Email and SMS that their guests are here to visit them. The guest also gets a tiny URL informing about their guest’s approval or disapproval.

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Once an employee gets a link upon guests’ arrival, they can either approve or reject their entry, and the visitor is immediately notified about the same. Thus, the entire process is digitized, streamlined, and done without any contact or intervention required. Visitors also get a favorable impression of your company and it reduces their discomfort and delays.

2. Helpdesk Management System

SeQure also features a helpdesk management system to assist employees facing problems. Using the SeQure mobile application, employees can raise tickets for any concerns that they have. The user can add their exact concern, the department, the category and subcategory, and the priority of their concern in the ticket raised. They can also provide the asset’s ID (e.g., keyboard, mouse, computer) for which the concern is raised.

The employee raising the complaint ticket can view the person assigned to their ticket. Employees are also notified about the estimated time is taken and the date for the concern to be resolved. The person in charge of resolving the issue is notified about the user and the ticket to be resolved. After the issue is resolved, the person in charge of closing the ticket has to put an update that the concern is resolved. The admin can then mark them as complete based on the resolution provided. 

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SeQure’s helpdesk system also has various escalation levels if a ticket raised is not resolved within the timeframe given. At any given time, the user can see the number of tickets raised and their status. The admin can view the status of all tickets submitted by various departments and view the actions taken on them in real-time. Depending on the action taken on the ticket, the admin can save the ticket as open or in-progress. 

Visual pipelines of the tickets allow the assignee to easily slide (Drag & Drop) the tickets through various stages and the tickets raised can be in one of the four stages mentioned below:

  • Open: This signifies that a ticket has been created and is yet to be taken up.
  • In-progress: This implies that work is currently being in progress on the ticket raised.
  • Awaiting Approval: This shows that work has been done on the ticket and the resolution provided is being evaluated by the admin before final approval for closure.
  • Closed: This indicates that the concerned admin has approved actions taken on a ticket, and they have marked it as resolved.

The above process ensures that employees’ concerns are met in time, and none of them are left unresolved.

3. Asset Management System

SeQure provides an affordable asset management system that helps keep track of a company’s movable and immovable assets. Every company asset can be made to have a distinct ID, and new IDs for assets can be created based on the location or department. The image of all assets with their names and product IDs can also be taken for easy identification. 

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The system also allows assets to be tagged to a particular individual or a group of individuals in an area. Assets can be saved into the system with additional data such as model numbers, vendor details, invoices, and location. Moreover, a separate QR code can be generated for each asset. The QR code of an asset can also be scanned to raise a ticket against it in case of any problem.

SeQure also allows it’s admins to check the status of each asset registered. Admins can also filter assets by location, floor, etc., and check their logs and history. 

Additionally, reports for one or multiple assets can be generated in excel through the system. Such reports can come in handy during the full and final settlement of employees. It also allows for several 3rd-party integrations for several asset types to be tracked easily. 

4. Seating Capacity Management

Given the present scenario where a hybrid workforce system is being introduced, several employees are forced to work from home, and organizations are only allowing a section of employees to work from the office, SeQure has created a system to maintain the sitting capacity within an organization while maintaining social distancing. 

If an employee wants to work from the office on a certain day, they can apply for a ‘Work From Office’ request through SeQure’s Flexible seat management system. The managers (admins) are immediately notified about the request. Managers can view all the seat requests made for a particular day and approve them based on employees’ reasons and business priorities.

Once the managers/admins approve their access requests, a QR code is sent to employees that they can use at the gate or reception to enter the premises. The exact seat number and floor slotted to an employee can also be mapped through the system. What’s more, the seating capacity management software also integrates with Google Maps to guide employees to their seat location. SeQure Flexible seat management solution will enable organizations to comply with the latest governmental norms regarding workforce management, work from home restrictions, data privacy laws, etc.

Why choose SeQure Suite? 

There are several reasons for organizations to choose SeQure Suite, which are enumerated below:

1. Affordability and Flexibility:

SeQure has been created to help organizations of all sizes improve their processes. Thus the pricing has been kept affordable and it comes with flexible plans. Moreover, you can choose to deploy only the modules that you need from the four mentioned above. Suppose you need just the VMS and seating capacity management modules during the pandemic; you can only choose to pay for them and deploy them on your systems.

2. Beautiful and User-friendly UI

SeQure is designed with a user-friendly minimalist interface to help both employees and employers simplify tasks without much training. This saves both time and additional effort.

3. Easily and quickly deployable

SeQure can be deployed within an organization in less than an hour and needs no additional hardware or devices to be installed

4. App-based support

Another key advantage of SeQure Suite is that it provides most of its support via smartphone applications (iOS and Android). Thus the modules are easily accessible and can be used from anywhere.

5. Scalability: 

Since it is designed to keep all types of organizations in mind, SeQure makers ensured that as an organization grows and needs more features, the company can provide them the same. Thus, you can begin using one of its modules and add others as your organization grows. Additionally, if you require any additional features, you can request them to customize the application as per your needs.

Final Verdict

SeQure the lightest integrated office management suite created for front-office operations. Currently, it simplifies and unifies four very critical operations, namely VMS, Seating Capacity Management, Employee Helpdesk, and Asset Management Systems. It is an asset-light software that offers app-based support and removes the need for additional hardware. SeQure supports integrations and it is scalable, user-friendly, deployable in minutes. Investing in SeQuire Suite can give businesses a competitive advantage and improve key bottom-line results, making it a must-have application!

You can know more about SeQure from its website or its SoftwareSuggest Product Profile Page.

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