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Last updated: February 25, 2021

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eBay has announced two new visual search tools that will allow shoppers to find matching products from eBay’s catalogue. This enables shoppers to use pictures they have taken, saved on their phones, or may be found on the web, to locate similar products.

eBay visual search tools will return a list of items that are either a close match or like the photograph of the item. This is a major feat for eBay as it has more than one billion active listings on its site at any given time. eBay also suffers from a reputation for being difficult to browse through. This will hopefully make it easier for customers to locate products.


What is interesting about eBay visual search tools and which is the innovative technology that it utilizes? The tools called Image Search and Find it on eBay use advancements in computer vision and deep learning.

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How does it work?

Image Search takes the image that you have chosen, and then goes into eBay’s over one billion listings and find related products. Although visual search is a trendy new way to shop online, whether it works and hangs around is another issue. One of the problems is that when you’re looking at a fashion item in a photo, many times you want to find something exactly like it – not something only ‘visually similar’.

Though, what is deep learning exactly? It is a software program trying to mimic the human brain. The way it forms, the way it learns, and the way it responds. It’s inspired by neuroscience. It can be used for plenty of AI tasks that are extremely difficult to program. eBay has an advantage using this technology due to all the data they have collected over the years.

What this means is that as you search using these tools, the more intelligent the search engine becomes. Deep learning networks can be successfully applied to big data for knowledge discovery, knowledge application, and knowledge-based prediction. In other words, deep learning can be a powerful engine for producing actionable results.

eBay does have its competition with Amazon’s mobile app that allows users use photos or barcodes to search products. However, integration with Pinterest should help give eBay the edge it needs to stand above the competition. With the help of eCommerce software, it is easier to promote your business online too.

Find It On eBay and Image Search are only the beginning. As shoppers continue to search with pictures (instead of words), Find It On eBay and Image Search will get smarter, and improve on results. eBay says Find It on eBay is live now on Android, and Image Search is live today on both Android and iOS. These new eBay visual search tools are also sure to change the game for sellers as well, who will now find it more important than ever to stage a good shot. Turning to experienced influencers with the aid of applications like Neoreach will clearly be more important than ever.

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