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Last updated: February 22, 2021

Microsoft released its first major update for Windows 10, making numerous changes that improve and enhance the newest version of Windows. The new update builds upon the success of the original Windows 10 release by adding features and making it more stable and secure. Like the full version of Windows 10, the operating system update comes to users free of charge and promises to make Windows-based computers faster and easier to use at home and work.

Microsoft has done a lot to make the update easy to install and a pleasure to use. To help you understand their accomplishment, we have listed many of the key features of the update.

General Issues

Microsoft released the recent update, codenamed Threshold 2, to patch numerous flaws in the initial release and to add features that make the operating system easier and more efficient than before:

  • Faster boot time: Microsoft listened to user feedback saying Window 10 takes too long to boot and responded by reworking essential elements of the operating system to make it start faster. With the new update, Microsoft now says Windows 10 starts almost one-third faster than Windows 7 started.
  • Memory Management: Microsoft added a fix that makes Windows make better use of system memory. If you already tried the new operating system before and went back to your old one because you felt it was slow to respond – it has improved so much that you can’t notice “lag“ anymore.
  • Find My Device: Windows users can now locate their computers, tablets, and phones based on information uploaded to a user’s cloud-based Microsoft account. If they have lost their computing device, they can use a web browser to log into their Microsoft account using a different computer and learn the last-known location of their device.
  • Skype integration: Skype users can now easily make and receive phone calls, as well as use messaging through the Windows 10 interface.
  • Storytelling: Windows 10 now includes Sway, a digital storytelling application that helps users create interactive presentations. It was downloadable on the Store, but now it comes as part of Windows 10.
  • App installation options: Windows 10 users can now install applications to drives other than the default installation drive.
  • Start Menu improvement: Microsoft reintroduced jump lists to the Start Menu, giving users faster access to favorite and recently used applications.
  • Windows Activation: To help users of previous versions of Windows upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft changed the Windows 10 setup to allow users to enter product keys from their Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 installations. If you are using any of these, you can upgrade to Windows 10 and activate it with your existing key. Meaning you can do a clean install right away. Before you had to upgrade from your previous operating system first to get digital entitlement and could only then perform a clean install. If you’re not already persuaded on upgrading to Windows 10, look at some of the following improvements.


Why You Should Care About the New Windows 10 Update

Start Menu

The new Windows 10 Update gives the Windows Start Menu an improved look and added functionality. As a user types into the menu, the Start Menu now displays suggested apps. Microsoft augmented the Start Menu to make it capable of holding 2,048 tiles. Also, users can stretch columns in the Start Menu to allow it to fit up to four adjacent tiles.


With the new update, Windows reintroduced colored tiles to Windows 10. Also, users can now change the background on the login screen. In the Themes page, Windows users will now find all the familiar “Classic” options that went missing in the first release of Windows 10. Finally, Microsoft added new icons and other visual enhancements to the new Start Menu.

Tablet Operation

People who use Windows 10 on a tablet can touch-and-drag the handle found between two side-by-side applications to simultaneously resize both apps. Tablet users can now close apps by dragging them to the bottom of the screen.


The famous Microsoft AI personal assistant now works without requiring users to log into a Microsoft account. Although, you might want to still use a Microsoft account to get all the functionality that it offers. The updated Cortana can now track ticked events, including movies, sync messaging and phone call histories, and alert users about missed phone calls. Cortana can now initiate system shutdown after a period of non-use and recognize and understand handwriting.


Microsoft updated the brand new Windows 10 web browser with new performance and security features including:

      • Better security.
      • Improved performance.
      • Cross-device synchronization of favorites and reading lists.
      • Tab previews.
      • Support and synchronization for new HTML5, CSS3, and ECMA script.

A major downside, however, is that Edge still doesn’t support extensions so if you were thinking about switching to it, you might have to wait if you’re using any. Although this might seem strange to the user, Microsoft is doing this in order to keep you safe from adware that might come with the extensions in form of useless toolbars.

When Microsoft first released Windows 10, the business and personal computing community applauded the effective security and feature enhancements included in the new operating system, but there were also critics. How it ultimately unfolds, will it be a success or a failure, remains to be seen, but the new Windows 10 update builds upon Microsoft’s promise to promptly release new features and security enhancements, to make their computing experience second to none. Make sure you quickly install the new update, so you can continue enjoying the best-ever Windows version.

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