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A construction company has to interact with various stakeholders such as builders, customers, vendors, contractors, and tradesmen on a daily basis to make varied business decisions. But that’s not all.

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They even take care of sales, finances, accounting, budgeting, inventory, marketing and promotions to ensure that the project is completed and delivered on time. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is must for projects to run efficiently.

Managing people, assets, equipment, materials and third parties is the key area that needs attention and Real Estate ERP Software does that job! It looks into the context of time, cost and quality and delivers solutions that can help firms with project management.

Signs you need construction software - SS

It is understandable to be apprehensive before making the plunge of investing in a construction management software. It costs a lot of money and requires making changes in the current functioning style of your enterprise. Furthermore, implementation of a new software also requires training your managers. Having said that, these trivial factors should not stop you from investing in a construction management software.

If you still have doubts, here are a few signs that will help you make the decision:

1. Time spent on paperwork is too costly for you

As a project manager, your main skill is managing the construction projects. However, your job role requires you to manage people and also take care of sending out invoices, completing paperwork and multitasking. Do all these ancillary tasks take up a majority of your time? Do they force you to work overtime? Are you always lagging behind in your paperwork, which delays your projects ultimately? Then you need a simple Construction Management Software. This software comes with inbuilt templates for invoices and spreadsheets that can help eliminate your paperwork. It can reduce the paperwork mess on your desk and you will never again lose any important paperwork. Document management can be a mess-free affair for you, leaving you with ample time to spend on the construction site.

2. Internal communication is weak within your different departments

A construction company can function smoothly only if different teams communicate effectively. Do your projects get delayed due to miscommunication between your different teams? When there is a delay in information relay, it can push project deadlines further away. Every minor delay can ultimately lead to project failure. For situations like these, construction management software offers options that allow better collaboration among teams. Different user groups can access project files and be updated on the move with the progress of all teams. Since all the information is stored on a cloud system, users can access this information on the move. Moreover, all the project information is updated in real time. Therefore, incomplete and inaccurate information is never circulated amongst teams. Thus, teams that work on-site too can access this information on their mobile devices and tablets. If an email update is sent out, teams across locations can receive it and respond to it immediately. Take the leap before you begin your next project and increase your entire team’s productivity with CRM for real estate developers and builders !

3. Budget is never your best friend

Busting a project’s budget is easy. As a project manager, your biggest concern will always be managing finances. With prices of raw materials fluctuating often, it is critical not to bust the project’s budget midway through the construction schedule. Construction Management Software comes equipped with cost tracking tools that can monitor your expenses. Over and above that, it provides a real time review of budgets. Thus, as a project manager, you can look at your budget status every day and make appropriate adjustments in costs immediately. Thus, cost control can be more efficient. Furthermore, the software can also create a reminder schedule for the outstanding payments to creditors and from debtors. It can also create estimates based on quantities given. This eliminates any calculation errors in calculating costs.

4. Missing deadlines is common but not desirable

Missing project deadlines is highly undesirable. It leads to cranky unhappy clients and can affect brand reputation. At times, it can also lead to legal consequences and public embarrassment. Project managers that have missed deadlines in the past, pay high prices for the same. When one team’s productivity decreases, multiple teams suffer from inefficiencies. To curb this problem, construction management software introduces various solutions. Firstly, it provides information on demand. Any clashes or bottlenecks on-site can be detected right away. Also, a work schedule can be created to keep the entire on track. When the work schedule is not being followed, the teams responsible can be identified and immediate action can be taken.

5. Accounting and invoicing often takes a backseat

Maintaining accounts is often an afterthought for managers. Nevertheless, it is important to send out invoices and make payments on time. An integrated system will allow managers to control receipts, invoices and payments and match it with the working capital available. Payrolls too can be integrated into this system, which allows the manager to keep in check the wages budget.

If you as a project manager face one or more above-mentioned problems, it is time to switch to a construction management software. There are many options available in the market and you can compare them on SoftwareSuggest.

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