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Learning is a continuous process. The pace at which the technology is evolving, each new day there’s something that makes the existing technology outdated. Hence, it is imperative to update your organization and employees with the knowledge that the market competition demands. But training employees, that too in a huge company is no less than a Herculean task. In such situations, the Learning Management System comes into the picture.

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What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS is a software that is used to create a centralized eLearning system for organizations. It can be deployed on the company’s site or can be availed as a cloud-based service. Learning Management System usually covers the induction of new employees to the organization’s system, has domain-specific learning modules, and technology updates to upgrade employees’ skills.

An LMS system ensures that organizations don’t spend resources unnecessarily in training employees. Such an online learning system also asserts that the progress of employees is tracked and employees can be kept abreast of the current trends. LMS automates the knowledge cycle in organizations with clearly defined metrics and goals as per employee roles and designation.

But, if your LMS is not updated, imagine what the growth of your organization may look like! Scary, right?

Look for these signs that indicate you need a Learning Management System for your organization or there’s a high need to update the existing system.

Why Do You Need Learning Management System 

1. Cluttered Learning Resources

Imagine this scenario; there is a new software in the market and your sales team has to get on board to learn the new software. You had a Video Tutorial along with PDF reading material on the guidelines for using this new tool. But somehow, it seems to be misplaced in the team document pool. You are at such a loss because now you have to scavenge for resources online again resulting in wastage of time and efforts.

If you have an LMS system, you don’t have to go about looking in heaps of documents for tutorials. Learning Management System declutters your existing paper-based learning system and empowers you to educate your resources and clients with eLearning modules accessible across the organization. Upgrading to LMS can reduce the overhead on the organization in terms of time and money spent in educating employees either through classroom-based training or separate VCs.

2. De-centralized Learning in Organization

As an organization grows, everything scales along. The need to update the knowledge resource pool is also on an upward scale. Not having an LMS to create, curate and distribute your learning resources can result in knowledge hazards that are irrevocable. Now imagine that you have to train a whole set of the newly arrived batch of employees and you don’t know where the orientation documents are!

Investing in the right kind of LMS can take you a long way in scaling smoothly and seamlessly. All the learning resources are centrally managed and can be availed and shared with anyone with just a few clicks. Employees can now learn at their pace without disrupting the normal flow of work in the organization as the learning materials are accessible anywhere.

3. No Mobility of Learning Resources

In today’s world when time management is the key to the success of learning, upgrading and working at the same pace as competitors, if your Learning Management System is not updated, you are bound to fall back. You must empower your workforce to update their knowledge with interactive learning modules that are accessible even outside the organization.

Providing mobile access to your Learning Management System can work wonders for your company. Your employees can open and learn from the mobile app of your LMS and gain knowledge on-the-go while commuting or in their leisure time. This mobilizes your learning resources and ensures the flexibility of learning that makes it far more desirable and productive than classroom-based training.

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4. No Track of Employee Training & Performance

How do you keep a track of whether your resources are completing the assigned training or if they are scoring at par with the standard requirements? Without a formal system for learning in place, organizations are in the dark about the actual progress and impact of the training created to update and empower resources with the latest technologies.

With the help of an LMS, you can easily keep a track of employee’s progress and assign them to various training sessions. Employees can create their profile, get a personalized dashboard for their training, and can add and update courses as they want. This not only channelizes the entire learning system but ensures that whatever is said is done.

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5. Time Used In Training Management 

Imagine a scenario in which you want to train a batch of 30 employees. Calculate the time that your administration department has to spend on booking the right room along with hiring training professionals or for a VC-based online training. After this, tracking the results of the training and employee performance is a time-consuming process.

Having an LMS in place can reduce the extra work on your administration department by automating a majority of these tasks. You can easily schedule training and inform groups of employees through broadcast emails. Further, the progress can be tracked and results can be delivered in the form of employee reports. Management can also prepare individual training workflows department-wise for different sets of employees to schedule training throughout the year and set learning KPIs.

6.  Time-ConsumingTraining Remote Resources

Work has changed its form over the years. Employees coming to the office in the morning, sitting and working at their assigned desks is in the past now. Cloud-based systems have empowered people in working from anywhere. In such a situation, it is difficult to train your remote resources and it might also happen that everyone is not on the same page in a project, resulting in further anomalies. Also, if you want to delegate training to your on-site resources through the base office, it is altogether tasking.

Learning Management System makes it easier to distribute and make your knowledge base available to everyone just the same way. The remote workforce can seamlessly access all the modules just like the employees working in the office. This reduces your time, energy and money as you need only one set of learning systems for all the resources of the organization, irrespective of their location.

7. LMS Doesn’t Comply with The Industry Standards

For certain businesses, complying with industry standards is a must. The learning process will be strictly scrutinized by centralized organizations governing these sectors say, Healthcare Management. In this scenario, employees have to complete certain listed training and certifications within a given time frame with a minimum score. Without an LMS system in place, the threats of non-compliance always linger about.

A Learning Management System ensures that the management can schedule and track such compliance-based training easily. This also reduces the overhead on the admin department with easily trackable progress metrics and reports of employees’ performance.

Final Words

Reading so far, if you feel that your organization is going through what is listed above, it is about time to get a Learning Management System or update your existing LMS. Check for the multiple options available in the market and decide upon the one that best fits your learning requirements.

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