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Shubham Rajpara

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Last updated: September 1, 2021

The goal of project management is to offer a finished product that meets the ideals of the stakeholders. In addition, the project manager aims to develop or reform the given brief in reality. 

This can be a complicated business at times since there is so much preparation, implementation, and monitoring to do. However, various project management software available in the market can help you meet your project management needs. 

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Project management tools assist project managers and teams meet customer needs while staying within the budget, schedule, and scope requirements. PM tools can be a great help if chosen correctly according to project needs. However, with the myriad of features available in project management software systems these days, it becomes more complicated to decide on one. 

Sometimes project management software can be complex, which results in wasting a lot of precious time. The learning curve for these tools is also very tedious. In fact, it is probable that even months later, the majority of your staff still will not have figured out how to utilize the PM software properly with project management hacks

But, not to worry, in today’s article, we would see some simple project management tools which are not only easy to use but also require very little training in order to use them.

1. TeamGantt 


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TeamGantt is a scheduling tool that makes project scheduling smooth. It has a timeline chart which might look challenging. However, they are very easy to use. You can create a chart for your project with just drag and drop ease. TeamGantt is also useful as all associated discussions and files can be tailored for a specific project or job. Thus, the tool helps you save a lot of time and deliver effective results within your budget. Best of all, you can seamlessly collaborate on your Gantt chart or project plan with your clients as well as colleagues. 


    • Simple drag-and-drop functionality
    • See multiple projects on a single screen
    • Offers task management and allocation
    • Generate Project health Reports
    • Check out List view and Calendar view 
    • Comparison of planned timeline vs. actual timeline
    • Mobile friendly
    • Easily access and view project history

2. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan

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Toggle is a simple and attractive project management software. Your team can start using it from day one without any prior training. Toggl has a planning timeline, team timeline, and board features that you can utilize to manage your project, depending on your Project Management approach. The timelines will ease project planning and help you reach short-term and long-term goals. 

For example, tasks should be moved to the schedule for planning projects. The timeline can also include color-coded milestones, which make it look beautiful. Team timelines let you track the workload and availability of your team. Also, if you prefer using Agile vs waterfall methods for your project management, boards can be useful to manage your task workflows. 


  • Organize recurring tasks
  • Toggl Track integration tracks time spent on one particular task
  • Permit role-based access permissions to guests and outside team members
  • Notifications on changes in tasks and plans
  • Favorite a timeline or board for easy access
  • Helps track individual work from “My Work.”
  • Assign timeline and board tasks to more than one team member

3. Basecamp

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One of the most commonly used and well-liked project management tools is Basecamp. It is a remote team working tool with simple project management functionality. Basecamp may be a good fit for you if you need simple task lists and collaboration tools. In Basecamp, project management is done using simple task lists. It assists you in assigning a task and also sets a due date for it. Task workflows can not be customized, and hence, you would find tasks in the To-do list or Done tasks. Comment sections and notes can help the team communicate and share information related to the project. On the given project calendar, you may also plan milestones or key events. 


  • Notifications when tasks and projects change
  • Set work hours to prevent alerts from appearing outside of certain times
  • “My Stuff” screen helps you see all tasks
  • Scheduling of projects
  • Space for documents and file storage
  • Real-time chats
  • Allow easy access to clients 
  • Generate detailed task reports

4. Trello

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Trello is another simple project management tool. Visual task boards are one of their best features to help you in managing projects. You may also use timelines, tables, and maps to display your work. You can build custom workflows using Trello boards. Each board is separated into different steps of the workflow. You just need to drag and drop a job to the next process to alter its status. Custom attributes, one or more assignees, and color-coded labels are also available in Trello. Trello cards are your gateway to better-organized work, allowing you to manage, track, and share every aspect of your project with others.

Trello’s simple features allow any team to rapidly set up and adapt processes for just about anything, from meetings and projects to events and goal-setting. 


  • Easy, Drag, and Drop Editing
  • Offers in-line editing
  • Easy management with Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  • Has a progress meter checklist
  • Houses a card records archive
  • Easily upload and attach files
  • Add-ons known as power-ups improve Trello board’s functionality
  • Set up automatic to manage repetitive tasks
  • Integrate with other well-known third-party apps

5. Timely


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Excellent time management is crucial for good project management, and fortunately, Timely enables you to do just that. Timely is a time tracking application that people like using because of its attractive design, intuitive interface, easy features, and strong protection of individual privacy. Automatic time tracking helps you keep track of how project time and budget are utilized. In addition, Timely’s central dashboard accumulates various project activities, making you know that everyone is working to your priorities with a balanced workload.

Effective time budgets and team capacity bars provide you complete visibility of resources without digging for information. When it comes to managing team resources, Timely is unrivaled. From meeting deadlines to recognizing who’s on the verge of burnout or who’s willing to help out, Timely helps you know it all. 


  • Time tracking
  • Project tracking
  • Integrations
  • Easy Review calendar
  • Notifications

6. Notion

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Known as an all-in-one workplace project management software, Notion operates as a wiki team, notes, and the answer for document management. It also has rudimentary project and task management software functions. You may use Taskboards to graphically manage projects with Notion. In order to manage projects, you may also utilize basic worklists. To adapt your workflow, you may quickly adjust customizable boards. In addition, you can also clearly define the start and finish dates for your projects. The major advantage of Notion is customization. You can customize it according to your field type.


  • Customizable task boards
  • Central Documentation, All in one place
  • Communication through comments and file attachment
  • Add tags, transfer tasks to coworkers, establish due dates, and more
  • Tasks and Projects
  • Templates
  • Multiple Views
  • Powerful Note-taking

7. Hitask

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Hitask is another basic program for project management. It’s very much the same as Basecamp. Moreover, Hitask offers several other functions like time-tracking and repetition. It helps you in organizing projects, tasks, and various events. Simple task lists might help you keep track of your tasks. Task workflows cannot be modified, though. Tasks can thus either be done or done in a to-do status. You can assign assignments to your coworkers. You can also get informed when the status of the task changes.


  • Task Creation via email
  • Managing daily, weekly, and monthly recurring tasks
  • Time management and timesheet reports
  • Synced with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • File Sharing
  • Robust Reporting


According to PWC, digital project management software increases performance and found that 77% of high-performing projects use project management software. This means project management software is imperative for project success. 

And businesses that don’t realize this will set themselves up for failure in terms of time, effort, and money. To put things into perspective, for every $1B invested in the US, $122M was wasted due to lacking project performance

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