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Last updated: March 23, 2020

With digitalization paving its way in the educational sector, the way knowledge is imparted is also revolutionizing. Information gathering and communication have become easier. Moreover, schools and colleges are now able to deliver a better learning experience to students through technology.

SIPSNITYA, a complete educational ERP, was built with an aim to reduce the concerns and challenges that the educational system is facing nowadays. With smart analytical tools, bulk alert systems, online payments, biometric attendance, bus tracking, and a lot more features, SIPSNITYA is fueling the efficiency of educational institutions. With its footprint across India, it is now expanding in the international market. Let’s hear from the CEO himself on SIPSNITYA‘s inception and its future plans.

In conversation with Sreegith C K, CEO at SIPSS GLOBAL INDIA

How long have you been working with this product?

From 2014, we began solving the operational management puzzles along with academicians while engaging and researching. In 2016, SIPSNITYA evolved. By January 2020, it has undergone 200+ revisions across its 3 major versions.

SIPSNITYA is a complete academic management service offered as SaaS. It is very lightweight in terms of technical as well as commercial aspects. Moreover, it is easily adaptable for educational institutions, especially schools and colleges.

We started our marketing activities in the neighboring district Kodagu (Madikeri) of Karnataka. A good number of adoptions reciprocated the success of our efforts. Today, the majority of the schools in the region uses SIPSNITYA for their daily academic tasks. This includes attendance management, class diary, fees management, bulk communication, alerts, notifications, and much more along with the routine tasks like exam schedule, time table management, circulars, marks, and grades processing, management of projects, assignments, etc. Well, these are just a few of the widely used features of our academic management service, SIPSNITYA.

What is the most interesting thing about your job?

We work with the upcountry/rural market in special, where digitalization is in its growing stage. Interacting with struggling customers who need to face a lot of challenges, especially financially, embraces SIPSNITYA as an assistive tool to improve their challenges. This makes many customers feel great in implementing ERP for their institution, and we can get the real meaning of job satisfaction from them by accomplishing their needs. Our bulk communication service is being widely acknowledged with its effectiveness and ease of usage from any device without any extra cost on usage, along with the availability of unlimited text message service over SMS in the regional language, which is making many of our customers to address the critical need more effectively, which in turn, is assuring no challenges for our renewals.

Are there any ideological principles that your organisation follows to maintain the brand value?

We are establishing well in many markets now, so the brand value is very important. We are not selling software rather a service that doesn’t exist without your satisfaction. Hence, if we won’t implement and deliver a world-class service that always improves like any other IT/ Mobile service, we won’t exist.

We know it better so you can depend – Cloud-based SaaS delivery, 24/7 monitoring of servers, storage and network, proactive service delivery, unlimited onsite visits, deployment assistance such as data migration/training, etc. in simple words.

“We commit only what we can deliver – and always try to deliver beyond our commitment,” which reflects in our reach of almost 1300 institutions across South India and catering approx a million parents in four years. SIPSNITYA is the third version of our educational solution and a matured service delivery from us.

It is slashing down many online IT services for educational institutions into one. Being proactive is what we strive hard to always maintain.

Considering the pace at which the SaaS market is growing, how important is it to keep innovating to stay in the game?

The best part of our offering is the availability of new features and customization at no extra cost. Every fortnight, a minimum one revision is what all our customers experienced so far. This makes customers engage more with us.

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