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Last updated: May 11, 2020

Tackling unplanned downtime is a huge challenge for most businesses organizations. It’s definitely not easy to keep a tab on all your critical network technology all the time. Your IT department has to remain proactive and catch any technical glitches before they wreck havoc by destroying customer experience and causing delays.

Why not harness the power of technology to monitor your servers, networks, and cloud infrastructure? It’s a tedious task to perform manually, hence organizations should go ahead and invest in automated website monitoring tools. This will enable your business firm to track the uptime level and performance parameters of websites, so that you can deliver an exceptional client experience.

Now, if you are convinced to invest in a professional all-in-one monitoring solution, it’s important to choose the best available in the market. Here is a rundown on Site24x7, a leader in the field of IT & Cloud infrastructure monitoring, that will help you make an informed decision.

Introduction to Site 24×7

Site24x7 is a comprehensive SaaS-based monitoring platform that is designed to monitor full-stacked solutions such as servers, networks, cloud services and performance of applications. A diverse variety of on-premise and cloud resources can be monitored through a single unified console, making it a flexible and intuitive tool.

Site24x7 will help your organization keep a real-time track of uptime status, monitor performance, and effectively troubleshoot problems in critical business services. Your organization will be able to gain visibility over servers, networks, public and private cloud services, and also optimize the end user experience of websites and web applications.

Prominent Features of Site24x7

1. Website Monitoring

Site24x7 can empower organizations to manage the uptime and performance of its websites from more than 110+ locations all over the world. Users need to simply enter the webpage URL, and configure the frequency settings for checks and geographical locations – Site24x7 will monitor the availability of your websites, and immediately send alerts in case of any downtime incidents. If the website is responding, users can measure the time taken for the website to respond to get a clear picture about performance.

response time

If your website is experiencing any downtime, Site24x7 will generate a message under the ‘outages’ tab and send it to the concerned manager. Users can receive an alert through email, instant message, or a phone call, depending on notification profile settings.

dashboard website

Site24x7 also allows users to manually configure escalation settings if a downtime is not getting resolved repeatedly. Users can configure settings to prevent threshold violations – it is possible to enter threshold time limits that should not be exceeded while the website is loaded. This enables clients to enjoy a faster and better experience.

notification profile

2. Webpage Speed Browser

This useful feature allows you to check out the performance of every element on your webpage. Hence, users will get to know if there is a particular image or data component on the webpage that is delaying the load time of the site.

webpage speed browser

The Site24x7 webpage speed browser is a useful tool that enables you to extrapolate website performance by providing a split-up view of various components such as status, size, response time and load time, using a real web browser. This helps the user to understand what components are delaying the load time of the entire page, so that they can take required action, if needed.

3. Server Monitoring

Site24x7 has advanced server-monitoring capabilities with customizable settings. It supports Windows, Linux, OS X, Free BSD machines and Docker Agents and once you select the server type, you will be prompted to download an agent. Site24x7 will provide a device key that has to be entered while installing the agent. The agent will perform the actual monitoring and send polled information to the Site24x7 central server for analysis.

One great aspect about Site24x7 server monitors is that they allow users to drill down deep, and track a number of vital metrics. You can monitor your CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk idle and busy percentage, and network usage. It serves as a comprehensive solution to monitor resources on your server, and also allows users to track critical services and processes on Windows and Linux servers.

server monitoring

If you want deep visibility on a wider range of performance parameters, you can check out the 50+ out-of-box plugin integrations provided by Site24x7. These advanced plugins enable users to track hosts, devices, protocols, services, and applications, thus giving key insights and data. You can also create a customized plugin by setting threshold values and get alerted for specific configurations.

4. Application Performance Monitoring

Site24x7 enables you to track the entire stack of applications so that you can optimize client experience and get to the root cause of any problem. The APM insight agent is a smart tool that tracks the performance of applications in real-time, and supports various platforms such as Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js.

APM insight tracker helps users to identify slow queries using traces, and provides a comprehensive view of all database operations. It captures any kind of exceptions and identifies errors as they occur, so that proactive action can be taken at the earliest. Site24x7 also enables users to compare and observe application performance over various time periods, and receive alerts as soon as there is a hint of trouble on the application monitors.

application performance monitoring

5. On-Premise Poller

In case you have a secure environment and need to monitor the performance of internal resources, the best thing to rely on is Site24x7’s On-Premise Poller. This lightweight agent helps to monitor internal servers, networks, and resources that may not be connected to the Internet. It is perfect to monitor company intranets and data components such as blogs, database servers, CRM systems, payroll applications, and network devices. You can get alerts too – the On-Premise Poller can send instant notifications within a minute in case a monitored resource experiences downtime or outage.

on premise poller

6. Cloud Monitoring

While Site24x7 does an excellent job of monitoring on-premises resources, it is equally competent in managing cloud resources. It supports both AWS and Azure, however the former ranks higher in popularity and frequency of usage.

AWS monitoring supports various services such as RDS, EC2, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, and RedShift. Users can view the server and AWS performance alongside one another in a single unified view. It is simple to configure threshold profiles and notifications for AWS resource monitors, and receive real-time updates for all your cloud resources. This gives reaction time and enables users to manage any unexpected complexities.

custom dashboard

7. IT Automation

Most IT departments waste a lot of time on repetitive manual tasks – all this can be avoided by investing in Site24x7 and automating IT workflows. It leads to faster deployment, lower costs, and reduces human error.

Site24x7 has various IT automation tools that can resolve performance degradation issues. You simply need to setup threshold breach settings and based on the configuration of these settings, the data center will send an alert in case of violation or a change in monitor status. It enables you to react proactively, rather than wait for manual intervention. For example: One of the simplest tasks, disk cleanup can be performed automatically when a set threshold limit is crossed.

IT automation

In addition to its advanced monitoring capabilities, Site 24×7 has numerous other ancillary features that add up to make it a must-have business tool. It has unique custom dashboards that enable users to compare various performance metrics across multiple monitors for specified time periods. Site24x7 also has an anomaly dashboard that notifies users in case of any fluctuations or unusual spikes in services, against the standard benchmarked values. It can help you find undetected issues in your IT infrastructure, and take the required action to get back on track.

anomaly reports

The Final Verdict

Site24x7 is an exceptional monitoring solution that tracks performance metrics, logs and traces through one unified console for various layers of IT cloud architecture. Not only does it have vastly advanced monitoring capabilities, but it also comes power-packed with complementary features that further increase productivity and reliability.

Site24x7 has flexible pricing plans that are ideal for all kinds of business organizations. If you are mulling over the decision to get a website monitoring solution, take the plunge and invest in Site24x7. It will give your business tremendous visibility over all vital IT performance standards, and ensure that you provide a stellar client experience by avoiding any kind of downtime or outages.

Site24x7 is surely a must-have product that can boost up all your bottom line results instantly! You can know more about its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page or visit their website to get a free trial.

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