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Technology has perked every aspect of our lives. In doing so it has made processes faster and more efficient, with the expectation that humans match up to that speed too. This has led to an astounding rise in competition, right from the early stages of school. Parents across the country have come to rely upon coaching centers in order to set the foundation of success for their children. Keeping in mind their packed schedules, both parents and students need to be up-to-date in their communication and connect with the coaching center.

At the same time, coaching center owners must manage their institution in a way that enables them to impart quality education while also ensuring adequate remuneration to their staff, and efficient operations overall.

This task is certainly not as easy as it seems! But that’s where a coaching class management software comes in. This is a tool that helps coaching center owners make sense of the countless elements involved in running their institutions successfully. From collecting fees and disbursing salary to managing schedules, admissions, and exams, informing parents about the performance of their ward and keeping track of inquiries and expenses, a coaching management software can do it all.

Smart Classes is your modern-day coaching center companion. It delivers world-class features at an unbelievable price and does so while constantly innovating and improving its services. Why choose Smart Classes over other coaching management software/apps available in the market today? Let’s check some great features of Smart classes.

Features of Smart Classes

  • Mobile Application

Smart Classes is a fully mobile platform. This means that all the stakeholders: the owners, teachers, students and their parents can access the Smart Classes functionality from their smartphones. It’s incredibly convenient and enables all parties to stay up-to-date. Whatever device students, faculty, or parents are comfortable using, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops, Smart Classes is easily accessible on the same.

  • Competitive Pricing

Smart Classes brings world-class features to users, for unbelievable prices. It is affordable, coupled with robust features that would be appreciated by all types of coaching classes, from new entrants to established names. The price structure is such that it caters to new coaching centers as well as established ones, allowing the software to be competitive as well as scalable.

Moreover, Smart Classes provides the guarantee that it will charge the same price that users initially signed up for, even if the price is revised in the future.

  • Brand Management

There are many software applications which give you the option to include your brand logo/watermarks on receipts or study material if you want to. But the makers of Smart Classes will enable you to go a step further in elevating your brand. You can make users truly aware of your coaching center brand by getting your branded mobile app. Smart Classes provides customized mobile apps to clients who wish to impart a fully branded interface to their users by paying a minimal cost.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the core functionalities of Smart Classes:

Why Do You Need Smart Classes?

1. Inquiry Management

Manage your present and prospective students from the very first point of inquiry. You can track the student’s journey from the inquiry stage, take the action required, and update the status accordingly. Schedule calls, manage follow-ups and set priority levels for each prospective student based on their level of interest. Convert each potential student to a registered student in no time.

Inquiry Smart Classes

2. Student Management

Register new students easily, and import old student records (if you’re a new user) seamlessly with Smart Classes. Multiple classes/batches can be assigned to the students. The faculty members can take their attendance (subject wise or batch-wise) and share relevant documents/learning material with them from the mobile/web app.

Attendance Smart Classes
The students can access the same on the student mobile app or on their student web account in Smart Classes. The whole process is convenient and easy to handle for the staff and faculty.

3. Fee Management

Managing fees can be quite a hassle. Especially when it comes to Indian coaching centers where there is a myriad of discount criteria, loyalty offers, fee structures, and installments. From remembering to take the fees for each student, to keep an account of how much a student has paid until now, managing fees can slowly become a nightmare if not handled efficiently. It becomes even more difficult when a large number of students is involved.

Luckily, Smart Classes has the most efficient and flexible Fee Management Module. The user can see the amount of monthly fee collection at a glance as well as the amount of fees to be collected on a particular day right on the dashboard.

Dashboard Smart Classes

  • All you have to do is set up the fee structure for individual courses of your classes/batches. You can set up discounts for your students and calculate installment amounts and dates automatically.
  • Once you collect the fee installment from the student, you can print a receipt for the same. The students and parents can download the receipt of the payment from the Student app and see the updated fee status.

fee collection - Smart Classes

  • Once the installment is received, set the next payment reminder process and set the reminder on auto alert.

    You can manage the total receivables from each student under the Fee Collection section. The best part of this module is, it fires the reminders and fee received intimation automatically.

4. Exam and Student Performance Management

Here comes the most vital part of any student management system. Faculty members can create manual/offline tests or online MCQ tests from the system.

For manual tests, all they have to do is select the standard and subject, set the total marks and schedule it. The notification for the same will be fired to the relevant students & parents as soon as it is scheduled.

Similarly, for MCQ exams, the teacher can create and schedule the exam from the system.

MCQ Exam Smart Classes

Smart Classes supports Unicode, so you can set tests in multiple languages. The students can appear for the test from the system, even from the phone app. The paper will be checked automatically and answer key will be displayed to them instantly.

For offline tests, you can enter the marks once you’ve graded the tests.

5. Staff Management and Time Table Management

Of course, it’s not all about students and exams. A coaching center has to keep track of its staff and expenses too, in order to stay profitable. Just like you create students, you can create staff members and assign rights to them. They can access parts of the system in accordance with the rights assigned to them.

StaffRights Smart Classes

Staff attendance can be taken within the system. Staff members can also log their attendance via the app. The attendance of the staff can be taken lecture wise or on an hourly basis. Under Reports, go to the Staff Attendance Report to see the full details of staff attendance over any period of time.

Staff Attendance Smart Classes

Smart Classes provides this functionality throughout the system – though it is generalized, it gives the classes ability to manage their operations the way that they want to. You can manage staff rights and give specific staff members the rights/access to specific parts of the software. For example, if you have an admin staff, you can give them access to Setup, Fees, Expense/Income and relevant parts of Student and SMS management. Similarly, for a faculty member, you can give access to Exam Management and parts of the Student section but not to the Support Request or Expense/Income section.

As for Time Table, you can view the existing time table for your coaching center and make any changes under “Manage Time Table”. If you want to add a new section to the existing time table, go to the Add Time Table and add a new time table slot. The faculty member that you have assigned the new slot to will be notified as soon as the slot is confirmed and added to the time table.

Timetable Smart Classes

6. Expense & Income

Just like fee collection status, the Smart Classes dashboard also gives an overview of the total expenses incurred so far, and the expenses incurred on a particular day. Under Expense & Income, you can create and manage income and expense types as per the needs of your coaching center. The individual Income and Expense reports give you the details of each an every transaction incurred under these heads throughout the period. Know where you’re earning from and find ways to control unnecessary expenses by taking a close look at these reports.

7. Efficient Communication system

Finally, coming to communications, Smart Classes provides two main modes for communicating with students and/or parents:

1. SMS
2. In-App Notifications

You can opt for in-app notifications if you’re sure that all/a majority of your students are using the Smart Classes mobile app. This functionality is provided free of cost.

efficient communication system Smart ClassesAs for SMS, a fixed number of free SMS messages are available to the user, depending on the plan. Beyond that limit, the user can opt for SMS plans in accordance with their budget. Get a detailed look at the various SMS plans offered by Smart Classes here.

AutoSMSSettings Smart ClassesFaculty members/owners/admin staff can send messages or notifications to students regarding general updates, changes in timing, fee reminders, test/exam reminders and more. Moreover, you can set up automated SMS messages or notifications for admission inquiries, exam marks, birthday messages, absence, student ID and password for the app, and any other relevant occasions. These are fired automatically. So, for example, as soon as the exam is graded by the faculty member or as soon as the student finishes an automated MCQ exam, the marks for that particular exam will be sent automatically to the student (and to the parents, if need be) immediately.

8. Reports

Smart Classes provides a robust reports suite, wherein it makes available the relevant reports for each stakeholder: faculty, staff, students, and owner.  We’ve already mentioned a few key reports earlier in the review. A few other important ones are mentioned below.

  • Student Performance Report 

The Student Performance Report gives an overview of his/her performance in tests and attendance. Under this section, the teachers, parents and the student herself can track her performance from the time she joined the classes. This enables all the stakeholders to understand exactly where improvement is needed and accelerates action on their part.

Performance Report Smart Classes

  • Student Attendance Report

 This report enables faculty members and parents to track the student’s attendance and gauge the lapses if any.

  • Fee Status and Fee Collection Reports 

These reports intimate to the admin and accounts department exactly how much has been received from each student, how much is still pending and the total received and pending amount from all the students combined.

  • Pending Installment Fee Report

 Here, admin staff can get the exact installment amount and the due date of an unpaid fee installment. A reminder can be intimated to the student and her parents for the same accordingly.

PendingFeeReport Smart Classes

  • SMS Status Report: This report helps the owner and admin staff see the status of the messages sent in the past 2 days. They can accordingly set their plan usage and upgrade their current plan if the need arises.

With that, we come to an end of this comprehensive overview of Smart Classes.

Managing coaching centers or tuition classes, especially multiple branches, can become chaotic if you don’t have the right systems in place. If you’re looking to bring efficiency to your coaching class management, this is one software that you can rely on. Get the best tools and see your center for learning grow into a center for excellence! To know more about Smart Classes, you can always visit their website or look up its profile on SoftwareSuggest.

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