Smart Resources To Boost Your Organization’s Efficiency During the Covid19 Crisis



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Last updated: September 14, 2020

The rapid spread of COVID-19 will test organizations like never before. It’s time to rise above the competitive by innovating in all domains and staying resilient. Check out these vital technologies, tools, and resources that can help your business tide over this period, and keep the show running smoothly.

Top Discounted Software by the Companies to Curb the COVID-19 Crisis

Top Discounted Software by Companies to Curb the Covid 19 Crises

It’s important for organizations to leverage the power of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the best software tools in the market to promote a collaborative atmosphere and boost productivity.

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8 Reasons Why Virtual Phone System Is a Must-Have for Work From Home

Virtual Phone System is Must Have for Work From home

Remote work is the future in job arrangements. Find out how a virtual phone system can help your remote teams perform better and smarter.

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Work From Home: 17 Tools to Keep You Sorted


Is your organization prepared to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis? Check out these 17 smart tools that will ensure that your business remains on track in terms of goals, project management, and end results.

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Ways for Staying Productive While Working From Home


Are you finding it difficult to manage time and deliver results while working from home? Here are some smart hacks that will ensure that you remain at the top of your game and prove to be an asset for your remote team.

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How to Manage Employee Attendance and Time While Working Remotely

Manage Employee Attendance and Time While Working Remotely

It is always a challenge to mark employee attendance and track time for remote workers. Find out how to monitor employee time and attendance in a structured manner.

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9 Free Screen Sharing Software for Remote Workers

9-Free-Screen-Sharing-Software-for-Remote-WorkersScreen sharing is great for team collaboration and definitely makes life easier for remote teams. Check out the best 9 free screen sharing tools in the market that you can consider using for your organization.

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RingCentral Steps Forward To Combat COVID-19: Offers VoIP Solution Free of Charge

VoIP Solution Free of Charge

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all kinds of businesses deeply. RingCentral has taken the initiative of helping the global force stay connected by offering its premium VoIP solution free of cost.

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20 Best Mobile Apps To Ensure Effective Remote Work

Best-Mobile-Apps-To-Ensure-Effective-Remote-WorkIt is vital to keep the productivity of your teams high while they work remotely in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Check out this detailed list of the best 20 mobile applications in the market that can aid in team collaboration and engage your remote workforce.

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10 Best Virtual Meeting Software for Remote Teams in 2020

Best-Virtual-Meeting-SoftwareEveryone is working remotely these days – it’s the need of the hour! Virtual meetings and conferences are the best way to help team members communicate effectively and collaborate on projects. These 10 virtual meeting software tools can enhance productivity and streamline business communication.

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15 Best Free Alternatives of TeamViewer You Must Try in 2020

teamviewer alternativesThere’s no doubt that TeamViewer is one of the market leaders in the Remote Desktop software industry. However, there are tons of better free competitors that are equally good. Check out these 15 alternatives to TeamViewer that can enhance your work productivity.




7 Best Free Remote Meeting Software and Tips on How to Choose It

remote meeting softwareModern technology has made it possible for businesses to operate from multiple locations. Remote work is the new reality, and companies need to adopt the right tools to thrive in a flexible environment. Check out these seven remote meeting software that will allow your team members to collaborate seamlessly.

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Bottom line

Your business needs to be prepared in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Respond fast and think smart – adapt in such a way that your company emerges stronger with increased bottom-line results. Make sure to leverage the power of automated technologies and tools to create an action plan and ensure business continuity.

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