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Nilam Oswal

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Last updated: June 15, 2021

The importance of great visuals and images on social media platforms cannot be disputed. Posts with images get way more traction than those without any images. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your social media reach, you must pay very close attention to the quality of the images that you post. It is not just enough to use high-quality images; it is also important to optimize them for each social media platform for maximum impact. One key factor in ensuring that all your images appear as they should is by sizing them correctly for each social media channel.

Social media networks revamp their designs every few months and it can be very daunting to keep up with updated image size specifications for each platform. You may have the perfect picture on your page only to find that a few weeks later it has been auto-resized, appears pixelated and does not look quite right. With so many platforms, getting your images to look good on all of them can be a challenge.

To this end, we have created the following infographic which contains all the various sizes and dimensions you need to bear in mind for various social media platforms.

Social Media Image Sizes Infographic

Is it really important to refer to this infographic and size images correctly, you ask? Let’s take a look:

Dimensions of Images on Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook

Facebook updates its designs and image dimensions very frequently. The best way to keep up is to future-proof your images. Apart from ensuring that you always upload the highest quality image, try and stick to Facebook’s recommended formats to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

2. Twitter

Tweets with images get more click-throughs, likes and retweets than tweets without images. Issues with images can dilute the impact of your tweet significantly. It’s best to stick to the recommended image sizes for best results.

3. Instagram

The visual nature of this platform needs no introduction. While Instagram, originally preferred square images, it now supports horizontal and vertical image orientations as well. While this lets you get creative with your grid, it is also tricky to get these dimensions just right.

4. LinkedIn

Images and visuals can make even the most technical, seemingly drab LinkedIn updates more interesting. With LinkedIn, you must be careful to look at your content on multiple devices before you finalize the size of your images. Sticking to the recommended dimensions is a great way to ensure that your images have a uniform appearance across all kinds of devices.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest, like Instagram, is also, if not more, visual. Whether people are doing up their home or planning a wedding, at some point, they are very likely to turn to Pinterest for inspiration. It’s a great platform for businesses to lure in buyers with the help of great images. It’s crucial to get your images right for desired results.

6. YouTube

While YouTube is all about videos, the right images can make the best first impressions. Your profile picture, channel cover image, and preview thumbnails can gently nudge people into watching your videos and subscribing to your channel.

7. Tumblr

Tumblr does not really need you to think about image resolutions and sizes. It automatically resizes photos for you. However, if you do not want that or are simply looking to speed up your upload process, keeping image size and resolution specifications in mind may come in handy.

So, go on and refer to the infographic the next time you upload a picture on any of these social media platforms. It will make the process much simpler.

This infographic will help you in understanding your employees’ performance and teach you how to make time tracking right. Note that you can use this approach in every situation independent of what tools you use.

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