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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Social media marketing strategy for eCommerce store With an increase in the usage of internet and smartphone users, who’re seeking to make purchasing decisions via the web or smartphones, we could see how most of the companies which are a part of brick and mortar are evolving into click-and-order model. And of course, the term e-Commerce is now becoming intertwined with mobile commerce.

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Eventually, more businesses are seeking to expand on the web, be it a fashion category or grocery-based store, now the companies want to serve all their products with just a tap of a button. What’s next, studies show that more customers want to shop with ease and thus shopping online while seeking discounts on a wide range of stores. If you are anything like that, find the best Paytm offers and Jabong coupons, and discounts on everything and from all the online stores that have their presence in India at one place – GrabOn.

Here are 3 major ways where any business in the eCommerce space can seek to create brand engagement and take countless opportunities for eCommerce platforms, especially via social media. Top Strategies to grow your eCommerce business in 2021.

3 ways eCommerce platforms can engage via social media

1. Inspiring Content

You know, consumers don’t specifically shop at an exclusive store. Before they make their purchase decisions, they generally head to visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, or Polyvore to get in some inspiration. And let me tell you, this inspiration requires content. Presenting products to customers involves two phases: either showcasing the list of products with the help of content or presenting content early in the purchase cycle. So that before they had made their minds, the inspiration can let shoppers buy it.

Here are some of the best practices for inspiring your users to buy stuff online through content are:

Want to post on Pinterest? Remember the key to get more users is to pin your content from your website or blog to Pinterest boards. And then implement the Pin button across your website.

When it comes to Instagram, focus on posting beautiful photos of the products and celebrity-inspired photos directly to your account.

Experiment with photos, videos, questions, links, express with emoticons, share timely content, have a competitive intelligence plan. You may also see progress while launching the campaign and optimizing your tags accordingly with timely content updates.

Engagement is a big part of social media marketing success. This is possible with intelligent curation of content for your followers to consume from your social media account. Use an app like Crowdfire to find interesting and engaging pieces of content relevant to your followers that give them a reason to keep coming back to check your latest updates.

To name, the above are very few tips that an eCommerce platform software can take advantage of to engage their users or fans on Facebook or other social media marketing strategy for eCommerce.

2. Community to Share Content

I know creating the most inspiring content for every product that you showcase on your platform is not easy, and especially if your platform has thousands of products under one category. The best way to scale up your creative content is to explore the various communities, find a different set of online shoppers. Find out groups where you see people who are passionate about your brand. Find the right content for such a group.

For example, on Pinterest, you can look for persuasive users on the web in one place. This is the right platform to enhance relationships with those users who have a maximum number of pins and of course their own personal blogs to post your content.

Also, the content your blog holds that is being shared on social media has to be of that original value and good quality to encourage interaction. So, bring in those blogging strategies and enhance your growth smartly.

Similarly, when you are working with Instagram strategies, always make sure that you identify users with the highest number of follower accounts. This is because the most active users on Instagram can help generate more users present in their network. As a company, send users some free stuff, ask them to post their photo tagging your company, and have them share on their timeline.

3. Paid Media Programs

The key to success which is followed by most top eCommerce platforms is – try to get the support of organic searches and efforts through paid media programs. Paid campaigns can drive a higher share of the audience in less time. Remember that your campaign should drive in target users. In addition to this, brands should also work on recommendations on the social site’s model. This can actually help the user in buying decisions, while the e-commerce platforms and companies that have an online presence can take paid marketing as an opportunity to drive brand awareness. There are tools like a social wall that can become an add-on to these paid campaigns.

So if you are seeking to take advantage of increasing revenue and users through social media, make sure you have already addressed some of the important decisions on time – perfect site design, mobile, search engine optimization, social media strategies, paid marketing strategies, and more.

Sravanthi is an engineer by education, amateur writer by hobby and content developer by profession. She is a shopping enthusiast with an affinity for shoes and punk music. Being an employee at GrabOn, her job accelerates her passion for everything she loves.

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