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Updated 17/04/2020: This post has been updated with latest Social Recruiting tips to attract Best Talent.

Social Recruiting is a term that is floating in the recruitment market nowadays. According to wepow, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search. Hence, recruiters are shifting their focus on choosing the right talent through social media. Providing you some social recruiting tips with the help of an infographic.  These would help you in attracting the best talent for your organization thereby enhancing the overall productivity.

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Companies often use social media to build a positive brand image and enhance engagement with their target audience. But did you know that you could also use social media platforms to recruit the best talent from the market?

The trend of social recruiting is here, and it’s creating a huge buzz in the market. In fact, it is not surprising that 84% of companies use social media as an effective recruiting tool.

While we may have heard of the term social recruiting, let’s delve deeper to understand the concept better. Social recruiting basically refers to a hiring strategy that relies on social media channels to the source, interacts with, and hire the right candidates for your organization. 

While most companies do not use social recruiting as a standalone strategy, it has a positive impact if used alongside traditional recruitment methods. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are some popular social media handles that can be used to actively source prospective employees easily.

Job seekers rely heavily on checking social media pages to come to know about opportunities in the market. You will be missing out on a huge chunk of the talent if you fail to have a rock-solid social recruiting strategy.

7 Tactics for Organization Employer Branding

Here are seven tactics that your organization can use to improve employer branding on social media platforms and gain the maximum marketing return on investment:

1. Highlight Your Company Culture

If you want to increase the chances of getting good candidates on social media, it is important to build a strong online reputation for your company. Highlight how your organization respects employees, has a positive work culture, and emphasize all its great benefits.

You should aim for prospective employees to forge an emotional connection with your organization. Talk about the good stuff that your organization is doing for it’s employees, and make sure to showcase that it’s a great workplace. Be consistent about your brand’s vision and messages – this will help you to attract the right people who will be a perfect match for your organization!

2. Revamp Your LinkedIn Company Page

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of social media channels in the virtual world, but LinkedIn seems to top the popularity chart. In fact, 91% of employers use LinkedIn for their social recruiting campaigns; hence it makes sense for companies to optimize their LinkedIn pages.

Write a brief main message about your company, and ensure that your description includes the main keywords that people may use to find your company during online searches. Use LinkedIn as a strategic tool to broadcast vacant positions, and focus on the type of prospective candidates that you are on the lookout for – it will definitely help you get the right people for the right job!

3. Promote Employee Advocacy

Organizations do not need to rely on reviews from external stakeholders, as their employees are the best brand ambassadors. Depends on your existing employee base to spread the word that you are hiring people through social media, and have them talk positively about their job experience.

Organizations are leveraging the power of formal employee advocacy programs to share their work culture, and inform prospective candidates about job openings. People seem to trust existing employees more than advertisements or reviews from other sources, hence advocacy sure shot way to get in more applicants from the available talent pool!

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4. Utilize Social Recruiting Software

There are many technologies out in the market that can help your social recruiting and channelize it to be more result-oriented. These automated systems can be used to sync all your organization’s social media accounts so as to have a more unified and structured approach.

Social media recruiting software can reduce a lot of the routine tasks by automating content management and scheduling posts at a specific time. This enables human resource personnel to save precious time that can be used for other strategic decision-making or key tasks. Most modern service providers can customize social media recruiting solutions to meet your exact business requirements, and make sure to provide an affordable, user-friendly and flexible platform that gives a high return on investment.

5. Get On The Right Social Media Channels

While it seems like the obvious to get on LinkedIn or Facebook for your social recruiting efforts, make sure to look beyond these traditional channels. 

Make sure to know your target audience so that you can post in the right platforms and attract a larger base of prospective candidates. For example: Instagram is a great platform to lookout for designers due to its visual appeal and creative content. Similarly, there is a social media solution known as AngelList that is the equivalent of LinkedIn for start-ups and can be used to build a creative team.

You need to tap niche communities on the correct social media channels to get the best talent in the market. So, take your time, research well, and then only proceed with your social recruiting endeavors.

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6. Share Relevant Quality Content

The kind of content that you share for your social recruiting campaign can have a massive impact on the final outcome. If you only talk about the positive aspects of your company all the time, it may come across as fake or superior. 

Make sure to share informative articles, blog posts, employee reviews, and personal videos to engage potential applicants and attract them towards your organization. Share a healthy mix of humorous news posts, local events, industry trends and job openings to make sure that your audience remains interested. After all, you do not want your social recruiting posts to get lost in the sea of virtual media and content – so keep them relevant and maintain high quality!

7. Have A Simple Application Process

Nothing is more boring for job applicants and discourages them more than a tedious application process. Recruiters need to abandon age-old processes of job application such as filling forms and essay writing. 

In fact, nowadays most social media platforms have embedded job application features that enable candidates to apply for a job in just a simple click! This makes it fast and convenient for potential employees, and keeps them interested in the whole process.

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Using social recruiting will definitely improve the quality and quantity of your job applicants. However, your social media recruiting strategy should be planned well so that you can leverage the power of technology to the fullest.

Remain as innovative with your content, personalize your hashtags, and strive to create a great reputation for your company in the virtual world. After all, we have now reached the stage where social recruiting is not just a fad or passing trends – it’s a must-have tool and can transform your human resource management dramatically!

15 Social Recruiting Tips Proven to Attract the Best Talent

Hope you found the aforementioned tips worth pondering over in order to hire the best talent through social media. Do let us know which one proved to be most helpful to you. Your thoughts are welcome in the comment section.

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