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Last updated: May 15, 2021

It is the festive season again, and everywhere you go there is a spirit of joy and celebration. People are looking forward to celebrating their favorite festivals with their neighbors, colleagues and family members in their societies.

This should be a great experience, right?

Well, the truth remains that many times society members just can’t manage the challenging task of planning for festivals efficiently. They are unable to allocate resources, make proper seating arranging, cater to members and keep them engaged in a systematic manner. This often spoils the festivities for society members and results in a high level of dissatisfaction.

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So, what’s the solution? The best thing to do would be to leverage the power of technology to go about arranging festivals for your society like a pro. Most advanced countries use sophisticated tools that are powered by artificial intelligence to help society members manage daily operations productively. This helps in streamlining routine affairs, automating tasks and reduces the overall administrative burden.

What Is Meant By Society Management Software?

Societies have traditionally been managed by a board of elected members where all major responsibilities were divided for smooth management. You may wonder if you really need an automated system to handle your society? The answer is a resounding yes!

Societies are a huge responsibility to manage. With the burgeoning population, most societies have expanded to take the form of mini integrated townships. Managing all the tasks related to their smooth functioning becomes a mammoth exercise for committee members, and they struggle to find the time and energy.

Investing in a sophisticated tool that automates common functions can be a comprehensive solution for all modern housing complexes. A community management platform manages all major community issues and ensures that there is seamless task flow management. It handles working capital, security, festival management, member registration, and maintenance. These automated platforms manage the mundane day-to-day activities of housing complexes and are ideal for all kinds of societies – small, mid-sized or large.

How Can You Plan Your Festival Celebrations Efficiently?

Living together in modern housing societies means that you spend all happy times together. All community festivals are celebrated together and events are planned well in advance. It is important for committee members to have foresight and plan for all the small intricate details that are associated with these events. It automates all the heavy-duty work so that members can concentrate on actually enjoying the festival celebrations. Here are some compelling reasons to get the best society management software in the market this festive season,

1. Ticket Management

Most societies hold grand celebrations for festivals where everyone comes together under one roof. In such cases, they may issue tickets to residents, members and allow for a fixed number of guests to come. Software that specializes in housing complex management facilitates the sale, and issue of tickets to members in a structured manner. With the advent of technology, most modern residential management tools can also generate and print bar-coded or QR coded tickets. This ensures that only authorized society members or their guests enter the event, and tightens security measures. Handling the tickets and registration for any society event is a time-consuming administrative task. Using an automated society management solution can make life easier and aid in streamlined ticket management for all festive activities.

2. Resource Allocation

Any community celebration for festivals or society events requires a lot of thoughtful planning or things can go wrong at any stage. With limited resources, it is essential for society members to ensure that these are utilized in the most constructive way. Housing management solutions make sure that all common assets and resources are distributed in an equitable manner and monitor their movement. Furniture, tenting, vehicles, electricity back-up, stage equipment, and finances are all tracked efficiently so that there is no misuse. Having a society management system will reduce the wear and tear or damage to society resources as there will be a higher level of ownership and responsibility. It is a smart medium through which you can maximize the utility and usage of society resources.

3. Security

One of the biggest concerns for any event or festival planning committee is the security aspect. They do not want unwanted persons attending the function as this may be a security threat for society members and residents. Getting software that is automated gives controlled user access so that proper tickets are issued only to authorized members. It also maintains complete data privacy and hence keeps all sensitive member information such as contact details secure. This makes sure that all festival celebrations and events go off smoothly, without any miscreants or trouble-makers in the society premises. Security is important, and investing in a professional community management platform is a potent asset that can help your festival activities go smoothly without any glitches.

4. Stage Scheduling

In many festival celebrations, children and other local artists want to give performances in a structured event. Managing the stage schedule, equipment, lighting and mic management can be a tough task for society members. Stage scheduling is handled effectively through society management tools, and a detailed log is maintained to keep track of the order of performances, stage time and artist name. It can even help in automated dressing room time allocation, and keep a record of all stage equipment so that there is no loss or damage. Getting an automated residential management software is a sure shot way to make your event a super hit without any hassles!

5. Optimum Communication

One of the biggest challenges for managing festival celebrations is to maintain open and transparent channels of two-way communication with members. While planning for festivals, it is essential to keep information flowing between members, vendors, suppliers, and administrators. Society management software can help in structured communication by sending messages, emails, and alerts about upcoming festivals. It can calculate approximate attendance levels, and clarify any kind of queries that society members have about the guest charges, timing or program. These customized solutions will optimize communication and ensure that all stakeholders are well informed about upcoming festival celebrations.

6. Vendor Management

Planning for festival celebrations involves a lot of preparation and this requires the society administrators to liaison with local vendors. Housing complex management systems compare the fees of various vendors and proposed timelines so that society committee members can choose the most suitable one. They prepare invoices and handle all the financial dealings with the vendor. Most society management solutions have an advanced system of document management. This ensures that all vital documents such as contracts, purchase orders, and invoices are maintained in electronic format. Keeping track of vendors can be tiresome and time-consuming, especially when there are so many things to be handled during planning events for festivals. Getting a mechanized platform will ensure that vendors can directly upload their documents on the system, thus saving time and effort in the long run. 

7. Mobile Connectivity

In the current fast-paced digital era, everyone has a smartphone. Society management software enables members and residents to download a mobile app so that they can log in to the system at any time. It boosts mobility, and allows residents to remain up-to-date about any festival celebration even if they are on-the-move! Similarly, the committee members and administrators can remain in touch at any time of the day. This helps them make important decisions and builds up team collaboration by improving accessibility levels to the maximum.

8. Account Management

Inefficient management of finances can lead to a lot of misunderstanding and confusion amongst society members. The best part about professional technological solutions is that it brings about tremendous transparency in financial operations, hence there is no doubt in the minds of residents about any unethical activities. Any kind of fees, donations or money involved in festival events is handled seamlessly and records of all financial transactions are maintained. This makes it easy for the treasurer of the society to keep track of any bills, maintenance charges or payments that have been made for festivals or event celebrations.

Living in a community is all about coming together and celebrating festivals or momentous occasions in a spirit of harmony. While this may sound great, it is touch to implement as a million things have to be arranged by administrators. Hence, getting a society management system is a smart solution that will surely reap a fast and impactful return on investment.

While it is difficult to make the transition towards automated technology, there is no doubt that any organized residential complex will surely benefit by investing in customized software. They have a diverse range of excellent functional features that make community living safe, hassle-free and systematic. Most credible software providers will quickly personalize the complete society management tool to will suit your specific requirements and fit within your financial budget. Another beneficial aspect is that society management platforms are extremely user-friendly and users will require no special technical training.

So, do not wait this festive season. Make sure that your society gets a state-of-the-art society management platform to plan all festivals and community events efficiently!

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